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Carla de Villiers

Married on Mar 16, 2019 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


I would have to say EVERYTHING. We decided from the moment we started planning that our day was not going to be your traditional or conventional weddings. This was about us and what we wanted, we don't need to conform to the "norm" we did what we wanted when we wanted.

The Honeymoon


Unfortunately not - we focused on having a special day with the idea of honeymoon later when finances would allow for such. We now have something to look forward too.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Wedding dress: I had a very good idea of what I wanted, but couldn't find it anywhere. Simple lace, flowing bottom with no puff!! So I had my dress made for me, by Unique Brides (Annemarie Tiedt) – who envisioned just what I wanted and did such an amazing job!

The Venue

We got married in Middelburg - Cabbage and Rose Country Venue. Most of the guests slept at the venue and some not far away in Middleburg. We made a weekend of it, so most of our guests arrived the day of the wedding, slept over and the celebrations continued over to brunch the next day.

Wedding Elements

When you working with such a stunning venue you don't need much in the decor department. The venue was so beautiful, we decided to keep it very clean with greenery, succulents, a couple Proteas, Gypsophila and lots of candles. I was fortunate to have such creative and talented friends and family. Together we made all the flower arrangements, wrapped of wreaths for the service and strategically placed fairy lights in at the main areas (Reception, Ceremony and bathrooms etc.)

My Groom And His Groomsmen

We decided against having groomsmen.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

We decided against the idea of bridal party.

The Wedding Planner

No planner needed, I roped in Family and friends to assist where needed.

Food & Cake

Our food formed part of the venue package. There were so many delicious options to choose from, we decided to join the venue for an arrange tasting day to put our final choices together.

The Wedding cake, I made myself. When we started planning, I mentioned that was something I wanted to do, in order to save some money. I love baking and playing with new ideas, and the idea of baking and decorating my very own wedding cake, I was sold on the idea. Although my husband was very nervous for my sake, as i am a perfectionist that suffers with OCD.

The Reception and Entertainment

We did not take any lessons, no. My Husband has done dance before, so we practised with a couple of different ideas a couple weeks leading up our special day. I was a little nervous, but for him it comes so naturally, he calmed me down and turns out we didn't need any lessons at all.

Wedding Services Used