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Monique Klaasin

Married on Feb 23, 2019 in Garden Route


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Magical Moments


I have dreamt about this day for as long as I can remember. I envisioned the kind of wedding I would one day have, and the man that I would one day marry... On the 23rd of February 2019, my dreams came true!

Meet Mrs Monique Klaasin and my gorgeous husband, Bazil :)

We were dating three and a half years before he popped the question on Table Mountain, Cape Town. I was speechless. I could not speak, so much so that he had asked me three times "will you marry me" - before I was able to hold back on tears for just enough time so mutter "YES".

I couldn't wait to start planning my wedding! With the date finally decided upon, the theme of a beach wedding was a given, so all that was left for the soon-to-be Mr and Mrs, was to find a venue! After weeks of searching, I finally came across De Vette Mossel in Mossel Bay and I knew this was it!

Shortly after discussing De Vette Mossel as an option for our ceremony and reception to held, husband and I packed the car and set forth on our oh so exciting road trip to the Garden Route. Needless to say, the moment we seen the breathtaking oceans views and sandy shores, the mother-city boy and "groot-gat" girl finally had a venue!
Bazil and I knew that our destination wedding would be the ideal opportunity for both families to spend some quality time together, and fall in love with idea of us, and our families becoming one :)

The Thursday before our big day, we hosted a gathering at the mansion were my family and I had been booked in. It was a wonderful evening filled with laughs, jokes and hidden secrets about the bride and groom.

The day was not as we had planned, but it was definitely so much better than we could have hoped for! The cloudy skies had opened up and as I walked along the beach to meet my handsome future husband as he greeted me with uncontrollable tears, I was swept away by the magnificent natural views of the ocean and mountains, coupled by the joyous faces of our guests who had travelled from all over South Africa.

As Bazil and I "jumped" into marriage as the minister pronounced us husband and wife (we adding a special twist from one of our favourite movies, Jumping the Broom) and sealed it off with a kiss, our guests congratulated us by throwing our biodegradable popcorn confetti, before making their way upstairs to our welcome drinks for some mingling.

Our newlywed photoshoot was tons of fun. I didn't mind at all that my wedding dress was completely wet and covered in sand, as Bazil and I ran along the ocean and into the water for our forever photographers; the first photographers captured as Mr and Mrs Klaasin. I still love hearing myself as a Mrs.

The rest of our evening was spectacular, for both the couple and our guests. With 16 different buffet style food served on the open fires, to our amazing saxophonist in the background, it was extremely difficult to ask our guests to eventually leave when the venue had closed.

The Honeymoon


We definitely had a honeymoon for the books!

It was my dad's birthday the Monday after our wedding, so our honeymoon only started on the Tuesday. Monday we took my sisters' kids to the beach and tidal pools at The Point in Mossel Bay, where I swam with two sharks at the aquarium. The birthday boy and my mom sat with an ice cold beer as he watched and appreciated his family being with him on his 62nd birthday.... and his daughter's honeymoon!
As the last remaining family left on Monday, my nephew was really heartsore to be leaving us behind. As he greeted Bazil and I could bye before travelling back to Kimberley with his parents, he looked back to us and said, "this was a lekker honeymoon"!

The honeymoon got a lot more complicated. Bazil and I travelled along the Garden Route, starting in Mossel Bay of course and ended in Port Elizabeth, before making our way back home to Bloemfontein on Sunday.
The travelled road was breathtaking. The weather didn't bother us. The rain drops and cloudy skies contributed to the romantic get away we were heading for...

We stopped at as many places as possible to take pictures, but the highlight of our trip was hiking up the Tsitsikama Mountains at Stormsrivier. We hadn't appreciated beauty or nature like this, until this day.

Our honelymoon was filled with activities that Bazil and I love: the ocean, food, cocktails and relaxation.

...the twist to all of this you may ask? Well my parents were with us! Luckily we were in separate cars. Stayed at separate accommodations, only spent the days together and that they are a fun bunch of older folk! They made our honeymoon even more special!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My wedding look was elegant and princesslike. This was one department I refused to compromise on. My amazing sister and bridesmaid organized my something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue into my look.

Hair Brief: At the time of the wedding, my hair hung on my bottom. I had been growing it long enough for my big day to ensure that my stylist had enough to work with. And she sure did! I chose a soft, elegant up-do to showcase the front and back details of my dress, as well as to avoid the irritation of my hair blowing all over during the ceremony.

Hairstylist and Make-Up Artist: Chervon Adams (Meraki Studio)

Makeup Brief: A natural look, with smokey eye

Wedding Dress Brief:My dress was purchased from a boutique in Johannesburg. It was not the stye I had pictured, but fell in love with the way it fit my body and the look on my husband's face meant that he was equally happy!

Shoes: What shoes?

Jewellery: White Pearl earrings and bracelet (something new and something borrowed from my mom and sister, which was given to me in the something old jewellery box which my sisters and I had given my mom)

Lingerie: Garter (something blue)

Perfume: Gucci Bamboo

The Venue

Our ceremony and reception was help at De Vette Mossel in Mossel Bay. Our guests were booked in and around Grootbrakrivier - close enough to be able to drive home after the party!

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Health & fitness: I am a banter. I incorporated banting meal plans with Herbalife products and I trained 5 days a week to help me tone and lose the extra weight.

Skin: I didn't do anything different other than add additional face masks to my weekly at-home spa sessions.

Spa treatment: Two days before the wedding my mom, sister, niece and myself had our nails and eyelashes done at The Purple Orchid Spa in Mossel Bay.

Wedding Elements

The colour scheme chosen was subtle and complimented the natural beauty and scenery around us. Our décor was wooden and rustig, with a touch of red here and there to match my lips! I am not much of a flower person, and with the already done style and vibe of our venue, there was no need to add any extras!

Service Providers
Bouquets & buttonholes: My new mommy had these mode in Cape Town
Décor: Daddy dearest and my brother-in-law made all our additional table decor
Welcome drinks, snacks & cake: Good friend, Wendy Eksteen :) We had an alcoholic and non alcoholic punch, with cheese and crackers. There was no real need for much more as our guests needed to keep some space in their tummies for all 16 dishes which would be served shortly.

Lighting: The open skies, twinkling stars on the sandy shores and firepits were all the light that we needed!

Dj and Saxaphonist: Caywin Jantjies and Caleb Cupido

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The dress code was casual, yet smart beach wear. Our handsome groomsman were dressed in white shirts and beige chino pants. We added some extra style with the bow-ties and suspenders.
My dashing husband on the other hand, handpicked his suite from Bride & Co.



Bride&co is your one-stop wedding and evening wear retail store.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

The same went for my bridesmaids - easy and beachy :)

Marriage Officer

As Bazil has joined my family's church, we were fortunate enough to be married by the Georg Methodist Church, Reverend Zonno.

My Captured Moments

Elmine Botha did all our photography for the day. Family and friends also contributed to our hundreds of pictures as they helped capture our moments throughout the day. Lloyd Naidoo, a family friend, surprised us with his video camera and managed to capture it all for us :)

The Wedding Planner

There was no need to pay for a coordinator. Between myself and my sister, and "blue bible" - we had it all under control!
My sister was amazing. She, along with my bridesmaids, managed to arrange my epic Las Vegas themed bridal party, managed the production line of all the décor that needed to be made and kept me from becoming a bridezilla. I highly recommend her services for any party planning!

Wedding Transport

Our transportation? Definitely was not necessary. I arrived at the venue with my dad and we strolled along the beach before walking down the isle.

The Reception and Entertainment

Our saxophonist, Caleb Cupido, welcomed our guests to the ceremony and reception. Our DJ, Caywin Jantjies kept the guests entertained and on their feet.

There was no time for any dance lessons. My husband and I danced in our living room while I prepared supper and my dad and I, well, we just winged it!

Wedding Services Used



Bride&co is your one-stop wedding and evening wear retail store.