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Johanna Grunewald

Married on Nov 9, 2019 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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Magical Moments


It was a drissling day, but like they say. Rainy days are a Blessing on your wedding day. The host did everything for us and we decided to stay in a camping site....we love camping and as our honeymoon was at Drakensburg Timeshare we wanted something different.
During the ceremony it rained. When we went outside for photos it stopped. We continued to the Reception where it started raining again until the end of the evening. Everything was was the first time people told us that it was a wedding they attended where everything was perfect and to see that the Bridegroom was as calm as can he said...."I know what I want." Close to the end of the evening we decided to ask the waiters/waitresses and the host to join us on the dance floor.

The Honeymoon


Yes We went to Goodesens @ Fairways Timeshare in the Drakensburg for a week. We went with a tour group from Underberg to enter the boarder at Lesotho....which both of us has never seen. We also entered the highest bar in the world.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My dress was a princess in a Fairy-tale and my hair was curled but yet left in length with a vail.
My dress was designed by Ligita Wedding Gowns in Kempton park (082 830 0938). I had my fitting appointment and when I looked at the dresses I loved the second one and it was EXACTLY what I wanted. I fitted and first time fitted as if it was made for me. Ligita made view changes to make it look more bling bling. The corset was the perfect fit and stabled for my back. I always want the crossings at the back and this dress just did everything. She had the dress ready a week before the wedding where my sister collected and brought down to the South Coast. I had flat shoes due to my back operation few months back. Lingerie was lace G-string with a blue garter on my leg as something new from my sister. Jewellery was pearls borrowed from my friend and accessories was an umbrella to give the beach having fun effect

The Venue

Ifafa Caravan Park - Jono's Restaurant.
O yes most family came from far and like us campers which stayed over in the camping site.
We had so much fun having a braai where all of a sudden a storm break out and tents were damaged and bedding was soping wet but what a night to remember xxxx

Wedding Elements

Ifafa Caravan Park did my entire wedding decorations.
However my sister made my bridesflours and the flowers or the groom and best man.

The restaurant was altered to be the chapel on the one side where you walk onto the dance floor and into the venue.....and all you could here from everyone was.....WOW!!!!

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Groom wore a trousers and jacket bought from Woolies
Groomsman (my son) wanted something different from Markams

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid (my daughter) wore a long winered/meroen v-line dress. (China Mall in Centurion)
Flower girl wore a white with wide blue bow dress

Marriage Officer

Ds Jan du Raan (my brother) married us and Ds Louis done the legal side.

My Captured Moments

Rita Burden (my sister) and Lilian Breedt (her daughter) took the photos.
I wanted a garden wedding photos with the see in the back ground

The Wedding Planner

Yes Cheryl from Ifafa Caravan Park - Jono's Restaurant

Wedding Transport

Cheryl from Ifafa Caravanpark gave me her cottage to get dressed and just have fun moments. It was 20-30 meters from the venue where I joked to use a wheelbarrow....but unfortunately the weather has first choice xxx

Wedding Stationery

The food was provide by Cheryl from Ifafa Caravan Park and my wedding cake (two suitcases) was prepare and delivered by Hannelie from Amanzimtoti Catering (082 341 8622)

The Reception and Entertainment

My reception was at Ifafa Caravanpark - Jono's Restaurant.
My husband and I took the only dance lessons in our lounch at home.....I love close dancing and tought him the basics xx
Sound and lighting was done by Michael Grunewald and his girlfriend (NOW FIANCE) Chante and my son Juan du Raan assisted in order for the DJ to take a dance or Between the three of the them they were our DJ, sound and Lighting.