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Fathima Ismail

Married on Nov 29, 2019 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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How did your love story begin?


Our story is a little different.....

I am a mother of two amazing kids,

I was previously married at the age of 20 for religious reasons and family expectations, I suffered physical abuse in the marriage daily for nine years of my life.

I had absolutely no support from family to walk out of the marriage. I had to draw the courage to stand up against the abuse and had to learn about my rights to protect myself and create a better future for the kids. I have lived independently for the last eight years without any family support. Being a mom has strengthened me, watching my kids has given me the drive to keep going and never give up!

When I had given up on love, my soul mate Vyash walked into my life.

For the last three years, Vyash has been there for me and the children giving us unconditional love and support through every aspect of my life. He is the most selfless human being I have ever met, he makes personal sacrifices to benefit the children first. Their happiness is what fills his heart with joy.

He has welcomed us into his family, where we now have extended love and support. he was the missing piece in our life, because when he came in everything around us started falling into place. From feeling anxiety at times as a single parent, he brought hope, faith and created stability into our lives. His support has allowed me to heal from the past traumas, he has lifted many burdens and fears which I carried alone.

I am extremely grateful to God, for blessing us with the opportunity to experience unconditional love and support.
It has given me the confidence to look forward to a bright new beginning for the kids and myself.

My story is testimony that you can create the life your heart wants, your situation now is not your entire life....its just a temporary point.
I have made it my personal mission to use my experiences, to empower others who are going through abuse towards a better quality of life.

My husband to be is not the biological father of my kids, but has taken on the role of a loving and present father.
He does not have kids of his own, but has made every effort to be involved in the life of these two little angels. From brushing their teeth, to doing homework, to driving them to school and sharing all the responsibilities that come with parenthood, the support has been amazing.

He is a professional cricketer, he has played for the Dolphins cricket team in Durban. He is now coaching and playing Premier League cricket, based at the Chatsworth Sporting club. My little boy looks up to him as a role model and has started his journey on the cricket field.

In addition, he has fought cancer very early in his life. This was during the same point in my life where I was being severely abused and did not even dream of a life of freedom. We did not know each other then and didn't know that we were going to meet one day and literally complete each others lives.

I truly believe that God saved him, to come as a blessing into our lives.

I truly respect and admire my husband to be, like other men in the world who have taken a step forward to build families and raise children who are not biologically their own…to build our communities filled with happy kids and are appreciative of woman for who they are......this for me is a fairytale.

To every man and woman out there…you deserve happiness
If you are not sure how to get out of a bad situation, please just take even the smallest step in the right direction…
Raise your standards and do not settle for less

My favorite quote by Dr Myles Munroe
"You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great"

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