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Jade Lira

Married on Oct 12, 2019 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


I’d have to say the most memorable moments we’re putting my dress on and revealing the beauty of it to everyone . My most treasured memory was seeing my incredibly good looking husband. The emotion in his face , was pure happiness , love and gratitude with a hint of nerves . Looking into his eyes made everyone and everything around us disappear. My next favorite part was our first dance . We sang and held each other like there was no tomorrow . I can’t listen to that song without butterflies ...
I think also seeing our families together as one made us feel so whole and loved ❤️

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I would probably describe my look as “Formal Boho” , I always try to make myself look different , add elements of Jade in. I had a super intricate half styled French plait in my hair , with loose pieces for body . Hair done by two very awesome ladies @ The Chair . My hair was accompanied by a unique head piece that I had designed myself but was made by Helena from Helena’s Crown .

My makeup was provided by a spunky MAC freelancer named Rimmy , whom I met doing my engagement shoot makeup , her and I just hit it off !

I’d probably describe my dress as Classy with a hint of enticement . My wedding dress was provided by Vonve Bridal Couture , i was lucky enough to deal with the owner Rochelle , she just knew what would suit me and picked my dress on the second try! Vonve also supplied my enchanting veil , all the girls there were so friendly and encouraging!

My shoes , wow , let me just say they took me a year to find ... as I apparently have a very little foot , as in size 2... nevertheless after many shopping trips and a missed dress fitting I found my perfect shoes at Europa Art , they are rose gold open toe heels with a super eccentric tie up .

My lingerie was supplied by the lovely ladies of my bachelorette party , I did use 3 different items for my boudoir shoot , supplied by various lingerie shops .

The remainder of my jewelry(bracelet , earrings ) was supplied by Helena’s Crown , in conjunction with my head piece .

The Venue

We got married at a remote location in the heart of Magaliesburg. It was called Steynshoop Valley And Mountain lodge . The hospitality that we received there was personal and filled with passion from the get go ! About half of our guests pre-booked to stay over at the venue , some outside. By the time the night came , we were squashing people In on couches and nearest b&b.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

To be 100% honest , during my year planning and the weeks leading up to the wedding, I was helping my mom deal with cancer treatments and surgeries . I was also trying to focus on running our family business , so I found there wasn’t enough time for me to do all the beauty regimes I wanted ...

My Bridal Beauty Regime

To be 100% honest I didn’t find the time to do the beauty regimes I wanted , as I was helping my mom deal with cancer treatment as well as trying to help run the family business while she recovered.

Wedding Elements

Our decor was probably best described as luxurious country style . We decided to keep the decor really natural , almost understated with bold hints here and there .
My most favored piece would have been the origami birds in the chapel , they made it feel like a wonder land .

We had lots of lanterns and greenery, In the chapel and main hall . We decided to make the main feature on all the tables a king protea . The Main table just had my new husband and I , wil a lavish protea , fynbos , leafy decorative piece . We also had fairy lights placed amongst the center pieces to just add that sparkle !

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groomsmen wore navy blue suits (@TheDressSuit), brown belts and shoes (@Edgars ) , and a matching burgundy tie and pocket handkerchief supplied by (@Tailor Me) . Jose suit was also made by (@Tailor Me) , I went with Jose to pick material for his shirt , suit and waist coat . Tailor me was really accommodating and they make the whole experience even better for the grooms. Right from the great service , to the whiskey in the room !

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids were the most difficult to actually sort out ! Women never have the same opinions lol . Between all of us and a weekend shopping we decided to go with classic infinity dresses (made by @Dazzling Angels) they were a rustic burgundy color . Tied in a romantic v neck , I decided to keep all my bridesmaids the same. I was in-love with the uniform look . Jewelry from @Lovisa, long and elegant necklaces and earrings with a bracelet my god mother got them all . The girls also rocked some chunky open toed heels , that were surprisingly light weighted , bought @Foschini !
I found my inspiration With a combination of Pinterest pages and Shopping to see what looks and feels good for everyone .

Marriage Officer

Our marriage officer was Alison Pope and she changed our whole experience ! She offered a flexible service for Jose and I , and really tried to accommodate my anxiety and worries wherever she could . She also babysat us through all the steps , rules , regulations, everything! She was gracious enough to have our crazy family for rehearsal at her house the Sunday before .

My Captured Moments

I personally think Jose and I scored the best photographer around ! We came across Theme Photography Ent via the (@bridal expo) site . Flip came to see us not to long after the enquiry and he was awesome ! He offered a super professional service and really tried to accommodate me on each and every turn . Our engagement shoot , boudoir, videographer and the (@Selfie Box) was all organized via Theme Photography . We couldn’t be happier , between the photographers and videographers going to all extents to get the shots, they really made the whole experience so fun and exciting! We can’t wait for all our photos!

The Wedding Planner

No I didn’t , I relied solely on my bridesmaids , maid of honor , my mom , my godmother , and most importantly my husband ( who tried his best to help me with all the boring wedding shopping).... oh yes and myself !

Wedding Transport

Originally I wasn’t going to use any transport as the venue and the room we stayed were literally 20 steps from each other ... little did I know that those 20 steps were unrealistic with my dress shoes and little stones to walk on

Food & Cake

Our delicious wedding food was cooked by the lovely hospitable Hanneli from Steynshoop who also did my sweets table , decoration and majority of planning at the venue. Jose and I opted for a mixed spitbraai with a variety of Starches and salads. Hanneli made sure we weren’t hungry !

Wedding cake was provided by a stylish chick that owns @The Ginger Bread Lady Bakery . She designed us a faded navy to white tall and narrow cake , with gold leaves and a protea for decoration, because like a blonde , I forgot my wedding topper

Wedding Stationery

I worked with a long standing family friend of ours named Gelene , from (@Robin Wood Laser Studio). Gelene helped me find inspiration for invitations, save the dates , cake topper and the tags for my Jagermeisters that said “Take a shot we’ve tied the knot!” With our signature J&J on all our stationery. Gelene also designed us a really cool Dragon Ball Z topper , which I ended up leaving at home that weekend

The Reception and Entertainment

Our reception was something , for some reason I dreaded ... I’m not a big dancer (more of a two left kinda girl ) whereas my husband on the other hand , danced in traditional Portuguese dancing , especially at all the fiesta’s. So with my social anxiety rising , I just practiced dancing to many different songs with Jose , he was really patient and helped me through everything. Regardless of all the stress and worry , all our dances were really smooth and easy , my husband is a gem !

Sound and Lighting was supplied by a family friend of My mother in law , his name Is DJ Paul . Paul was really accommodating, kept the party going and played really good music !