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Chanelle Mc Leod (Willenberg)

Chanelle Mc Leod

Married on Oct 5, 2019 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


We had a non traditional wedding. We switched out the heels for sneakers, white dress for grey and took some awesome photos in the streets of Woodstock and Salt River.

With our day jobs as Graphic Designers, we decided to stick to a smaller budget and therefore planned and coordinated our wedding ourselves. I think seeing everything flawlessy come together and just knowing we did everything as a team was especially memorable for me.

Overall, the most memorable part of the wedding was marrying an amazing guy while staying true to who we are and incorporating it into the wedding.

The Honeymoon


We went to South Korea and Singapore.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Everything was super casual.
Inner city boho vibe.

Flower crown: Decor Luxe
Make Up: Shaazia Somaar
Dress: Safeya Adams
Shoes: Vans

The Venue

Colourlab Rooftop Venue

Wedding Elements

Our theme was a bit more abstract and artsy and our decor mirrored the multiple colours we had.

The decor and flowers was supplied by Decor Luxe.

The venue also had amazing colourful backdrops, couches and decor that accompanied our theme.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Both myself and the groom are a bit more casual and wanted to be comfortable.

So he opted for blue chinos, with a grey blazer and a floral bowtie.

Plus matching sneakers!

Clothing: Truworths Man
Sneakers: Vans

My Captured Moments

Photography: Kilig Photo
Photobooth: Kikiekoors

The Wedding Planner

We planned and coordinated everything ourselves.

Food & Cake

Burgers and brownies. Yum!
With an amazing colourful cake to accompany it.

Food: Colourlab Rooftop Venue
Cake: LionHeart
Cake Topper: Mini Me Collectibles

Sweet LionHeart

Sweet LionHeart

Born from a love of stealing hearts with sweet, sugary things

Wedding Stationery

DIY (My husband and myself)

The Reception and Entertainment

We did not have a first dance. We film everything generally (wannabe bloggers haha). So instead of a first dance we created a video of all the fun and memorable adventures we had together and played it at our wedding.

Wedding Services Used

Sweet LionHeart

Sweet LionHeart

Born from a love of stealing hearts with sweet, sugary things