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Nadia maarman (klink)

Nadia maarman

Married on Jan 18, 2019 in Western Cape


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How did your love story begin?


It was actually on facebook. He was bored that day and pop me a message on messenger. I didn't know what to say and was nervous even though he wasn't with me, but it all started with a ice cream at spur where he called the waitress to come sing for me because its my birthday lol that was funny and it wasn't even my birthday.

He ask me if I don't want to be his girlfriend and I remember he actually sing for me that day. My answer was yesssss. How can I not say yes to this romantic person that's soon going to be my husband.

Tell us all about the proposal.


Oh my word. I didn't expect a thing. It was his sisters child's birthday on 29 May 2018 and we all went there to celebrate her special day. While everyone was talking and having a good time he came out of nowhere and stopped everyone and went on he's Knees.

He ask me the big question and I was in tears and didn't give him a answer immediately, because I was still in shock. And my answer was a big yes. I couldn't even sleep that day.

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