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Melanie van Wyngaardt

Married on Jan 5, 2019 in North West Province


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Magical Moments


With that moment when I opened my eyes, I knew that all those days playing with my sister, putting on my mother’s make-up and high heels, picking all the flowers in the garden and wearing white table cloths, practicing for that one day, I knew that today was that day. There was a sweet smell of joy in the air. You could almost taste the excitement in everyone’s spirit.

Today I’m going to marry my best friend and lover.

Oh what a true life fairy tale it was – waking up the stairs at the chapel, wrapping my arms around my father and sister, giving thanks to God.

Suddenly it was quite. Then the wedding march announced the beginning of our happily ever after.

All that I could see is the reflection of the joy in my family’s tears and my love standing there – it was then when I saw his face completing the old dream: the two of us all wrinkling, chasing each other with our waking sticks…

After the formalities, before Ds. W. Venter could say ‘You may kiss Melanie for the first time as your wife’, Waldo pulled me closed to him and before I could even feel his heart beating in rhythm with mine, he gave me our very first kiss and sealed our promise as man and wife.

Yes, blessings pour down with the rain on our perfect day.

The summary memory of this tale was the smiling tears, the non-stop dancing, and all the hands who created this picture-perfect day.

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My Special Day

You only get married once, so go big or go home. My bright white ball gown wedding dress was custom made by my mother who spends days making it perfect for me. The ball gown dress had small straps to hold it up and a gorgeous open back. The dress were made out of layers of netting with bridal silk and bridal lace on top. I worn bright white Aldo high heels with my dress. My Hair were done early the morning at Innovation hair studio were Dolla pined my hair up with curl. Roselle Jacobs came to the venue to do my make up while all the other ladies got ready. The Jewelry I worn were all given by my Father on my birthdays, My birthstone hanging around my neck with silver earrings and beautiful bracelet around my arm.

The Venue

Just as you climb over Saartjiesnek and reach the border of our beautiful Hartbeespoort there lies the breath-taking Motozi. Amazed by the view, tropical gardens, rocky waterfalls, calm streams and pools we were in love on first sight. To Laura and her outstanding team: You took our idea and created a dreamlike reality. They were understanding, helpful, professional and kind, and with this combination they provided us and all our guests with top class service. Motozi Wedding Venue, you created a wedding for the books.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The stunning Groom worn a of shade blue, grey suit with a navy blue waistcoat and made my leg jelly.
His Groomsmen worn Grey pants, white shirt with a navy waistcoat. They all looked handsome with there funny socks on, but my man looked like a real Gentlemen.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My sister Lizel, my niece Louise and my best friend Lindi had custom made kings blue dresses made by the best mom ever (Marieke Pieterse) who also made my little brides white and gold princess dress.

My Captured Moments

We were so honored that Jevonne Mendonca from Thru A Lens Photography could capture all our special moments. She made us feel so comfortable in fort of the camera and gave us the best photos to look back on. Our video were taken by my mothers brother Jan Semmelink which made it very special and personal.

Food & Cake

About 3 to 4 months before our big day myself Waldo were busy in the kitchen baking our own wedding fruit cake. We asked my father just to help with all the decor work on the cake and a day before the wedding the caked look perfect for the special day.

The Reception and Entertainment

We were so blessed to have one of the best DJ's AMA Promotions at our wedding. They kept a wonderful atmosphere and had every one form young to old on there feet dancing and having a good time.