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Danica Naidoo

Married on Jan 5, 2019 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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How did your love story begin?


My Fiance and I met in high school high, we then became best friends and 16 years later we are still best friends :)
We were always in different relationships finding no luck at love over the years, so we ended up crying on each others shoulders every so often because of failed relationships , we got even closer after by brother suddenly passed away in 2012 and he never left my side ever since. He was there with me through the grief, pain and tears. In 2013 He expressed his interest in me and I could not bring myself to date my best friend it was a no go zone, he 'wooed' me and pursued me for over a year doing the craziest yet sweetest things to get me to know how serious he was wanting to take our friendship to the next level. After months of persuation he finally sat me down and told me that I have always being 'the one' that he loved me for over 10 years and respected my decisions and valued our friendship and me being in his life. it finally took my pastor to give me the nudge in the right direction after a lengthy councilling session from him to get me to realise I could not live a life without him :) in 2015 I agreed to our first date (yes it took me that long to date him) we have being together ever since :)

Tell us all about the proposal.


We always have date days every alternate weekend and it was his turn to do something special, so it was not a shocker to me that we would pack the car and go on an adventure. This is was quiet an adventure , we ended up at my favourite waterpark and i was thrilled beyond words! little did I know that within the hour i would be submerged in the coldest water in a shark tank surrounded by sand sharks tropical fish , it was the most spectacular experience ( I am a water baby and part mermaid i always tell myself) so this was perfect! Having not the faintest idea after 15 minutes admiring the surroundings and waving to folk in the aquarime the scuba diver signaled for me to turn around and I see my special guy down on one knee holding a sign asking me to marry him. it was thee best proposal I couldve ever imagine happening to me, it out weighed all my thought and day dreaming on the best proposal... and of course I gave two thumbs up as a sign of me saying yes... the moment we got out the water he put the real ring on my finger and I said yes :) it was so beautiful and perfectly planned!

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