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Kiara Lambrechts

Married on Sep 1, 2018 in Western Cape


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How did your love story begin?


George and i met 3 years ago at a mutual friends wedding in Mauritius. We became best friends and after the wedding we had numerous visits at each other. We lived 310km apart and did quiet a bit of travelling. The live grew and grew stronger everyday and on the 27th of Decemeber 2017, George and i went for a walk on the beach at the family Villa in Hersham and there he went down on one knee on sunset and asked me to marry him. All my dreams came true and on the 1st of September the most perfect spring day ever we promised each other our forever

Tell us all about the proposal.


Oops, i was so excited to tell you that i mentioned it in the above statement.
George, myself, his brother Jan Sauer and his cousin Pierre all went down to Hersham december 2017 to the family villa. Late afternoon 27/12/2017 George mentioned he would like to go for a walk on beach as we will be going home in 2 days and had not put our feet on the beach yet. At the house there are stairs all the way to the beach but they are never ending!! Out of breath we eventually reached the sand. George then decided to that we need to walk n bit further. I was shocked as he was already out of breath but thought maybe he just wants some alone time so i tagged along. Not knowing what was coming.. The next minute he started shaking, ( cute giggle) i thought he was getting cold. Booom his down on his knee telling me, “ Liefie, ekt al my patrone by huis vergeet as ek gaan jag, maar my droom vrou se ring sal ek nooit vergeet nie, sal jy asb met my trou?” Super excited i pulled him up and just started hugging him. ( ps, we had the ring made months before and i couldnt believe that we had been on holiday for a week and a half already and he still didnt propose so i thought he forgot the ring..). Those never ending steps seemed like a breeze going back up because i went running up them to show his brother what had just happened!! All to my surprise he already knew. Wow while writing this i once again get tears in my eyes for that super special feeling ill never forget!

Magical Moments


Every single moment of our wedding day is my favourite! We danced the night away. But the moment that i remember most and wish i could have that feeling everyday for the rest of my life. Reaching the top of the stairs with my dad, looking down at the man of my dreams, eyes filled with tears, tears of joy, tears of excitment, tears of emotions i cannot ever describe. That feeling was the most treasured feeling ever.

The Honeymoon


We where lucky enough to go on honeymoon, to beautiful Bali. It was such an amazing time. We explored Bali and did as much as we could in th 8 days. We loved every moment.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Our wedding.
Classic, sophisticated, elegant, with a burst of spring. Fun, exciting and memorable.
All this we got and tons more!!
My dress- wow that dress stole my heart on day one and till today it steals my heart, soft, elegant, sophosticated, sexy with class. I love my dress every day more and more.
I only wore earings my amazing Husband bought me and they rounded of my outfit perfectly.
My hair and make up i wanted soft and elegant, something that i will always appreciate many years to come.

The Venue

Neo Venue. The perfect setting and blessed with the most amazing weather. We fell in live with this venue after viewing many. And the day blew our minds and we are very greatfull to Neo for the amazing venue they have.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I took it calm. The day before the wedding i had my waxes done and a massage. Other than that i had my hair coloured in our home town De Aar a week prior to the wedding. I dont like being over the top and just stayed true to myself.

Wedding Elements

My flowers, wow do i really need to say anything- because they speak a million words. The amazing Ilse from Blomstories captured all our dreams in floral beauty. Wow the flowers woll blow your mind. Goeters captured the rest with simplicity and elegance. Irusha is the best of best!! She just understood us and my brother in law with his immaculent style made sure everything would be perfect to our taste every step of the way. Ill never be able to thank them enough.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Fabiani- gosh and didnt he just look amazing!!!! He toon my breath away again. Fabiani from top to toe.

Groomsmen where from Novels am awesome shop in De Aar, the owner sourced everything we requested. He was amazing! Thank you Frankie!!

Beautiful Bridesmaids

The bridesmaid dresses i got an idea from pinterest and there after i followed my own gut and they changed it to suit there bodies best. And i think thats what made it perfect everyone felt like a princess.

Marriage Officer

Annatha Nel, a best friend for many many years. Thank you Annatha

My Captured Moments

Celeste- Aglow!!! If you have not met Celeste! Do yourself a favour. Book a coffee. She is the sweetest, most sincere person and she takes breathtaking photos!!! Wow Celeste, you caught every single feature and moment. Thank you sooooo much!! I look at your photos and get a tear in my eye. The photos are spectacular

The Wedding Planner

Lelani, she is a school friend and the most amazing coordinator. Thank you for everything. You are truly amazing!! Everybody keeps saying how amazing you where!!

Unveil Elegance Events

Unveil Elegance Events

Your wedding day is all about YOU; what you like, your personal style, uniqueness and exceptional beauty.

Wedding Transport

My father in law has the most beautiful navy blue Porsche Panamera, and i was taken to the wedding in his beautiful car.

Food & Cake

Slippery Spoon. Johnny and Marius. Food was OUT OF THIS WORLD. My guests are still speaking about the amazing food they served.
Steak was perfected, breads where soft, fluffy and you could not stop eating. And the desert table blew our minds!!

Wedding Stationery

Goeters & Dinge.
My mother inlaw has this amazing creative printing shop, and they are awesome. They did absolutly everything for me. Invites, stickers, boards, thank you gifts. Absolutly everything!!



Goeters specialises in the utmost imaginative creations of beautiful décor and lights for weddings and events.

The Reception and Entertainment

Our DJ we imported all the wag from De Aar. DJ Brakkies!! He was amazing. Read our crowd until 2 o clock and did everything to the T. I was even on the dance floor until 2 o clock. It was so fun! We had a live band by the ceremony, Accoustic Element. They where spectacular.

Wedding Services Used



Goeters specialises in the utmost imaginative creations of beautiful décor and lights for weddings and events.

Kleinevalleij Wedding Venue

Kleinevalleij Wedding Venue

Nestled in the valley of mountains in the heart of the Wellington wine lands.

Unveil Elegance Events

Unveil Elegance Events

Your wedding day is all about YOU; what you like, your personal style, uniqueness and exceptional beauty.