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Karina Govender

Married on Sep 15, 2018 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


The hight light of my wedding day was having all our family and friends in one place together to join us in celebrating our special day. However, the main high light of the day was participating in a 1-hour traditional ceremony with my husband. Everything we did was so symbolic and till today I know why I wear a red dot, a yellow string around my neck and silver tor rings.

The Honeymoon


After months of saving and with the help of our credit card, we manage to go for 1 week to Zanzibar. it was the most amazing experience, not only to be on a holiday but been able to call the man I dated for 9 years my husband

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My wedding hair was done traditionally. In order for us to save cost I bought the extended long fake hair from Jet, and with the help of my family, friends, and U-tub we decorated the plaite and found a way to attach it to my hair. My sister is a hairdresser, but doing traditional Indian hair is very specialized, therefore will her assistance we manage to look good.

My make up done was a gift to me, i had a lady from Mac that came to do it for me.

Wedding dresser is really costly and my sister was fortunate for her wedding my dad could afford to buy her 2 outfits, one for ceremony and 1 for the reception. Because i had to pay for my own wedding, i decided to modify my sister reception outfit and us it and well as with the wedding jewelry and accessories.

The Venue

I got married in a church hall in Springs named Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church . My husband and i are from Benoni, therefore it was convenient for our guest to come through for the day. We choose a simple hall that had somewhat of a grass area of which we could convert it into the outside ceremony.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I Wanted to lose 5kg before the wedding day, so i was on a eating plan and went to gym 3 times a week. My mother in law booked me a pedi the week of the wedding

Wedding Elements

My decor was done by one of my friend and with the help of me and me and my family. We used the table and chairs the hall provided and with my luck the school next door had a wooden table of which they were available to use. It matches perfectly with the rustic theme i went for. I had a mandup 4 pole structure stage set up outside with a 3-meter trelley arrangement of flowers and lay out the chairs cinema style. I had a structure put up for me of which it provided shade for my guests.

I then had a canape section under the tress set up for after the ceremony area with cocktail tables and drinks.

For the reception, i had another stage set up and table setting were laid out for the guests.

All decor was done by my family by hiring these items from decorators

My Groom And His Groomsmen

the groom had a traditional Indian out fit, and in the Indian culture groomsmen is not really a thing to have.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

in the indian culture, bridesmaids is not really a thing to have, however, i did asked my close friend and sister to be my bridesmaids and to just wear indian out fits in the shaded of blue or grenn

Marriage Officer

Pastor Ronnie

My Captured Moments

Hemisha Bhana Photography did my photo, she is an amazing photographer. the reason i choose due to the fact that she was able to work within my budget, however, that meant not having edited picture but she captured everything beautifully. which meant i needed to U-Tube photo shot and photo shoot my picture my self.

Because we had 2 stages we choose not to use a photo booth and all family and friends came up to the stage to take the picture with us.

The Wedding Planner

i did not have 1, however i had my close family and friends making sure what i wanted was executed successfully. they where amazing

Wedding Transport

the hall was not to far from where we live, i used my brother in law posh as my wedding car and my husband used his uncle M6. My husband, however had a convoy of the family BMW enter when he did.

Food & Cake

We had a cook that came to the venue and prepared the food there. We had a variety of Lamb biryani, tandoori chicken and sauce chicken. My wedding cake was a gift to me and was made by Bake Love. A 3 tie cake of which the bottom layer was a dummy, the second layer was vanilla with cherry burst and the first layer was chocolate with orange zen.

Wedding Stationery

My wedding invites where order online and where printed at minute man press

The Reception and Entertainment

Our reception was situated in a hall with table setting 10 and 20 people per table.

My husband and i decided to be a little different and create own dance, which entails starting off with a slow song and then moving into R&B and hip hop. It also served as an entertainment for the guests. 1 of our family members does traditional indian dancing and she performed an item for us as well.

We had a DJ to carry us through the night till the morning.