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Cathrina van den Berg

Married on Sep 23, 2018 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


What a day, you spend an eternity planning every detail and it all passes in a blink of an eye.

Neither me or my husband got any sleep the night before, we were so exited and nervous.
The morning of the wedding was fun I spent it with my sisters and my mother and a few friends, Mr had arranged with my sisters to give me a gift every hour from 10:00 the morning until 15:00 the afternoon just before the ceremony was supposed to start, it was so cute and romantic.

As we were all dressed and our portraits were taken the horse and carriage awaited for my happily ever after, when I started to sneeze, non stop, with the final sneeze my clasp that kept the dress zip up broke, grabbing the dress before it falls down I started to laugh. Everyone asking what's going on I turn around and all you see is an open dress and me stating that "my dress just broke", almost 15 minutes and a few broken safety pins later my mother and sister ended up sewing me into the dress.

And there we go, dress fixed and on the way to the church fashionably late. The moment I came around the corner and saw my future husband standing there waiting for me everything melted away, I didn't even really hear the song playing, I didn't notice all our family and friends standing there nor my grandfather walking next to me, it was just him and me nothing else mattered. We said our vows and all I could think of after was this is it, I finally married my best friend.

We had our photos done and had a fun time at the reception before we knew it, it was 24:00 and everything was over all we have now are the photos and our sweet memories. It truly was best day ever.

The Honeymoon


We had a week of fun and romance in Nelspruit and Graskop, touring the area looking at the beauty of our land. Kissing under waterfalls lounging at the pool of our Tuscan hotel (La Villa Vita), enjoying the scenery from our balcony view at Leaves spa and lodge and experiencing something different at Fly Cather Castle.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I wanted a natural elegant look,

My dress is from Marbella de Mariee it is an A-line with a tulle skirt and a lace bodice it had a silver clear beaded embellished belt.
My hair was done by my hairdresser plain curls with a sparkly embellishment.
Makeup was done by the lovely Cathy Heaton.

My jewellery consisted of my something old and something new, a beautiful diamante bracelet my mother bought me some years ago and a gorgeous diamante flower necklace my husband bought me for the wedding.

Shoes were white tommy tekkies with blue ribbon laces for a edgy look. (they were the best shoe decision ever)

Marbella de Marieé

Marbella de Marieé

Marriages are made in heaven. Weddings are made by Marbella de Mariée.

The Venue

We got married at Oakfield Farm in their Summerhouse venue which was accompanied with the Conservatory Church. They truly are the top vendor wedding awards venue for the past few years for a reason, they truly are the best. The premises has the most beautiful gardens, its something from a fairy-tale, and the venues has an elegant yet rustic feel to them the staff are so professional and assist you every step of the way. We booked their on site guest house which slept twelve people, our other guests booked guest houses close to the venue.

Oakfield Farm – Wedding & Function Venue

Oakfield Farm – Wedding & Function Venue

This acclaimed, multi award winning venue is where romance, beauty, old fashioned hospitality and excellence come together a mere 30 minutes from Sandton and Centurion.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I joined Virgin active in February to shape and trim a bit for the wedding, and had a few spa days to relax. My hairdresser started with blonding and lifting my hair colour from November 2017, he did a great job.

Wedding Elements

Décor was done by Erna from Maqnifique Floral Art, we had simple but elegant décor, our flowers were Sunflowers, white chrysanthemums, blue penny gum and white Gyp. The church was kept simple with the main focus on the two altar tables with candles and a few vases filled with flowers. As for the reception we had a mirror base for the centre pieces which we had a silver candelabra and flower vases, my butterfly thank you cards was placed on each glass and the napkins was tied with blue ribbon which was placed on the white plates with silver under plates. the draping in our venue was supplied by Oakfield Farm.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My handsome groom wore a white shirt with rolled up sleeves black pants and a greyish silver waistcoat with a royal blue cravat and hush puppy dress shoes, his accessories was a Lorus watch I bought him as a wedding gift. Our Groomsmen also had white shirts with the sleeves rolled up with black pants and royal blue waist coats with Greyish silver cravats.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I wanted a natural classy look for the wedding, I got the bridesmaids dresses from a small Chinese boutique. They were an odd royal blue and navy blue mix, with a chiffon extra length skirt and a lacy beaded bodice. they had white tommy tekkies with blue ribbon laces just to add that edge to the look. My mother got a similar dress to match with my bridesmaids and also wore white Tommie's with us.

Marriage Officer

Our marriage officer came all the way from Kimberly (Johan Nortje), he and his wife Elsabe are dear people, loving and caring. they are from the "Lede in Christus Church" in Kimberly.

My Captured Moments

Our photographer was the one and only Patrick Furter, he is truly an amazing photographer he makes you feel at ease and he knows his stuff, with him being in the industry for so long he is quick about what he does and he knows what works but the most important thing he always makes sure that you are relaxed and enjoy every moment.

The Wedding Planner

Although Oakfield had planners we could utilise we planned all the details ourselves, we had our account rep Carl that assisted with noting all our requests. On the day we handed over to our wedding co-ordinators Patience and Derek who did a good job at making sure we stay on schedule and fixing any mishaps that araised leaving us to enjoy our day stress free.

Wedding Transport

As everything was together at the venue we didn't need any additional transport, except my horse and carriage that took me from my dressing room to the church.

Food & Cake

Our venue Oakfield Farm prepared our food it was a delicious five course buffet meal, we didn't have any cake as the meal came with five of its own deserts you could choose from to your stomachs desire.

Wedding Stationery

I did all my own stationary, from the wedding invites, itineraries and menus which I printed and embellished with blue water paint. My thank you cards were blue and silver butterflies that hooked on the wine glasses they were quite intricate to make.

The Reception and Entertainment

Our reception was so nice, we were extremely nervous about the first dance but yet so very exited at the same time.
We taught ourselves how to do a few different waltzes from YouTube (lol) we put a lot of practice in it and it looked amazing, we had so much fun. Our DJ was William from Sound Worx, he did an awesome job.

Wedding Services Used

Marbella de Marieé

Marbella de Marieé

Marriages are made in heaven. Weddings are made by Marbella de Mariée.

Oakfield Farm – Wedding & Function Venue

Oakfield Farm – Wedding & Function Venue

This acclaimed, multi award winning venue is where romance, beauty, old fashioned hospitality and excellence come together a mere 30 minutes from Sandton and Centurion.