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Marizka Swan

Married on Aug 3, 2018 in Gauteng


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How did your love story begin?


Our story began with a simple message sent to me from Stiaan (whom I didn't know) on Facebook saying that I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
We started talking via Whatsapp and decided to meet each other after a week of chatting. Our first face-to-face meeting was at Loftus Trademarx for Quiz night with some of my friends (and my mother...)
On our first official date the following weekend, we could not stop talking to each other. Everything went perfectly and (cliche - I know...) we both realised that we have found our life partners.

At that stage I was living on my own in bachelors flat in a commune in Brooklyn. Stiaan stayed over one night and the next day we decided we did not want this to end. He went home, packed his things and we moved in together.

That was two years ago and we have moved to a lovely bigger place since. We are now ready to share the next 50+ years as Mr and Mrs Swan.

Tell us all about the proposal.


December 2017 we went on a 2 week vacation in Umzumbi on the south coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal.
5 December 2017
The day started like any other day, except that it was drizzling outside. We decided that it was a perfect day to fish from the rocks. When we were done fishing, we just sat on the rocks with some drinks, laughed at the one fish he caught and chatted lazily.
We went home, freshened up and went to a live one-man show at Umzumbi Resort Restaurant.
Before the show began, Stiaan went outside to have a smoke. He stood outside at a window and I looked at him. The windows were fogged up and he started writing on it. I could not make out what he was writing, so I just frowned.
I stood up and walked over there to have a better look. He started to write again and I followed his finger.
He wrote “TROU MET MY”
My whole body trembled but could not make a scene for I was inside the restaurant
We have joked about it a few times and I just had to know whether he was serious.
I walked outside and he said, 'Yes, I am.'
I cried and laughed and cried and laughed and...said YES
Then I called my mother...
(Later that evening said he wanted to write a proposal in the sand, but I wasn’t far enough for him to do it without me seeing. We laughed...)

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