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Jolandy Nel

Married on Aug 18, 2018 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


Walking down the and seeing my Husband to be Crying That Moment Just paused right there and I knew when I reached the end of that aile I am going to marry my best friend

that moment we said our vows and knowing he means every word he was saying to me i just started to cry
and the moment were we were pronounced Husband and wife I felt my heart skipping a beat I could not belive i just married my best friend and my life long partner I was so overjoyed

The Honeymoon


Yes we did we went to Dubai we spent 3 weeks there It was Amazing

WE enjoyed so many things there it is a complete different world (very hot ) but we saw so many places and did a lot of things because we are both adventures we went to a lot of theme parks like ferrari world and wild wadi it was truly amazing we went snorkeling it was beautiful it was a real blessing to of had this OPPORTUNITY that was given to us by his parents

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I HAD WON A COMPETITION FOR MY MAKE UP AND THE WEEK OF THE WEDDING THE LADY WAS IN A HIT AND RUN so it was over to plan B this wonderful lady in Moorreesburg named Lèana Fouché did a wonderful job with my make up I wanted 1950's retro and that is what I got

2 MY Wedding dress I bought in America on Amazon i was traveling did not have time to go pick out a dress and try it on but it was the best dress ever with a long train at the back and a lot of lace but i had to get it altered it was to big for me but after it was done you would not have said it was the same dress

3 My shoes I have changed my shoes twice but the once I chose at the end was my favourite I bought it at china mall its red High heel with yan in a shape of lips

4 My lingerie I received at my kitchen tea with lace bra and pantie

5 My jewellery I received as a gift from my in laws from dubai fresh water pearls whit matching earrings and the 2 days before the wedding i have received a bracelet from my sister also fresh water pearls

6 My Accessories My made of honor Borrowed here little crown and my sister bought me a hair kom for the back of my hair
7 My hare was a simple pin up bun that was also don in Moorreesburg by elizma malan genis

The Venue

I got married at Die Hut in Moorreesburg and my Venue was at the same place
yes a lot of my Guests stayed the night and enjoyed a wonderful buffet breakfast that was included with there stay

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I did a lot of Health and fitness gymming everyday and doing it right
I also enjoyed my spa treatments at milk and honey i did some waxing and threading and my nails got done and my hair

Wedding Elements

My decor was all home made we had mayo jars and peanut butter jars from big to small we had put Hessian around it and we build box for the flowers the flowers was al desert roses with a hint of red an purple in between

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My husband had to have his suit made because he is to tall and slim so nothing in the store fitted him so we had no choice
and he wore blue Suspenders with a hint of leather
His groomsmen wore black pans white shirts and Suspenders some red some purple
with neat shoes
I bought the Suspenders in USA
I also go the bow ties that match there braces also in USA
also we got them cufflinks with a superhero sign on it made out of metal
and we had the super hero badge becraft out in wood to pin to there Suspenders

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I just told my bridesmaids this is your color red or purple and the went and got there own dresses with some rules that goes with it

Marriage Officer

It was my husbands Uncle he married this parents and baptised him and his sisters and the whole family's children he married his sister and we were just lucky that he said yes he will marry us as well

My Captured Moments

It was a great friend of mine who i met 10 yrs ago he did my modeling photos as well so i just had to ask him Lyndon Collins

The Wedding Planner

WELL my Aunt Linda Jongbloed and my sister Rozetta Muller , Nadine Nortier and Me and My husband

The Wedding Planner

WELL my Aunt Linda Jongbloed and my sister Rozetta Muller , Nadine Nortier , Petro O sullivan and Me and My husband

Wedding Transport

I had the most stunning and super sexy car ever a 1958 Chev Biscayne My Aunt and Uncle are the owners of vintage cars in kraaifontein and that was there wedding gift to us they have the mos stunning cars ever

Food & Cake

The venue Die Hut made the food and my wedding cake
Broodtafel met patés (2 soorte), cheddar kaas, brie en camembert, verskeidenheid rolletjies en brode asook konfyte .
Ek dink ons moet hier sommer biltongsop ook bysit.

Hoofgereg (keuse van 3, vleise, 4 groentes)
Sirloinsnit met bruinsous, lamsboud, lamspastei, meditereense lamsstoof, gammon, gekrummelde varktjops,
Hoenderpastei, hoender schnitzel, hoender cordon bleu.
Pampoenkoekies, pampoentert, soet pampoen, bros groente, blomkool en brokkoli met witsous,
Gebakte aartappel, aartappelgereg met spek, sampioene en roomsous, witrys, geelrys met rosyne, koeskoes.

Malvapoeding met roomys

Wedding Stationery

Me and my sister and my sister in law and my Aunt and my made of honor we all did our part andi had some help from another sister petro and kids with folding

The Reception and Entertainment

We had a special dance that we practiced with our parties one of my co workers warren is a professional Sa dancer and he had offered to help us we practised 4 time and we nailed it my Dj and lights everything include was done by my maid of honor and her husband Daantjie Nortier

Wedding Services Used