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Zane Myburg

Married on Jul 21, 2018 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


A perfect summer day in the middle off the winter, we were blessed. With friends and family from all over the world on our special day. After countless weddings that I attended, this was finally my Time! Although both my parents passed away before they could see me get married we felt their love with us throughout the day. The two words to describe the day best will be Picture Perfect

The Honeymoon


Yes we did. I did not wanted to know so my husband planned everything down to the T on his own. With me always figuring out his surprises, he was so impressed with himself that only on our final connection flight once seated in the aircraft and the screen came on I could see where we were going. The MALDIVES!! This was two weeks for the record books..

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Soft and ellegant,
My hare in an upstyle with a touch off bling. Make up soft but stylish. Thank you to Almari,
My dress was off white with navy finishes to complement the theme off the wedding and made with the atmost love and care with and the proffesional service off Madame de Lance in Worcester.
My shoes navy.
Jewelery given by my husband was the perfect finish

The Venue

We got married at the beautiful Delsma farm. When we started looking at venues we were looking for a place where all our guest would be able to sleep over, because we did not just want to do a one day wedding, we wanted to have the weekend to spend with our friends and family. What amazing was about them they had enough space for everyone. Plus the surroundings are so beautiful that we decided straight away that we want our wedding there.

Delsma Farm Wedding & Conference Venue

Delsma Farm Wedding & Conference Venue

Delsma farm is ideal for small to medium conferences and teambuilding activities. The Function and Conference Centre is able to seat 220 guests. It also has a meeting room for ...

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Like for every bride this is the day you want to look your best. With the help off a personal trainer I was able to look and feel beautiful on my special day. My bridesmaids treated me to some treatments the week leading up to the wedding. They where the best.. Thanks girls

Wedding Elements

This I did all by myself, with the help off my bridesmaids and mother in law to be we decorated the hall ourselves. So if I have to put down a service provider here it would be
Like all brides will know you get the best ideas there.

My color for the wedding was Navy and silver with a hint off green. So my table clothes was a mix between navy and silver and my flowers was dessert roses, lots and lots off dessert roses. Thanks to my aunt and her garden. To finish the look I wanted to have as much candles as possible with fairy lights, to soften the feel for the evening. It all came together at the end.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My handsome groom was dressed in a Navy suit with a navy waistcoat and a white shirt. We bought this for him from Edgards. His groomsmen was all dressed in a light grey suit, we rented that from Smart men suit hire in Strand. Instead off having the normal shoulder flower, we went for something different. With my husband having a love for fishing we took his four favorite fish species and had them made for them. The groom was off course The catch off the day. And then the three remaining men was hook, line and sinker

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Again I got the idea from google. I wanted them in a Navy to match the theme off the day and I came across this beautiful pattern that fits any figure. My aunt whom made my dress also made there dresses. With her years off experience they looked stunning. Thank you Madame de Lance in Worcester

Marriage Officer

Ds Gerhard Louw was our marriage officer. My husband knew him from the time when they all still lived in Dundee. Ds Louw is now in Mooreesburg and we were so blessed having him lead the service.

My Captured Moments

Nelis Engelbrecht photography was our photographer. This was the one thing me and my husband said from the start that we want someone that goes the extra mile to capture those moments never to be seen again. Someone that we can trust, someone that will do his atmost best and be professional all the way. And the only person I had in mind was Nelis. Nelis I know from church and he is a family friend. We had such a great time with our photo session and I think the photo's speak for itself.

The Wedding Planner

No, It was all me, and I loved every moment off it.. I will gladly do it again..

Wedding Transport

Because everything happened at the venue there was no need for a car. I was able to walk across to the ceremony and from there we just climbed in with our photographer..

Food & Cake

Delsma Farm prepared the food. We wanted to a "Spitbraai", because who does not love a good "spitbraai". And we were right. The spit was amazing. We had some "pampoen poffers" and baked potato and some mix veggies to complement the meat. The wedding cake was another idea off mine. We had rice krispie squares with a cream cheese topping made by my mother in law and her sister.

Wedding Stationery

Me and my husband designed it ourselves and had it locally printed.

The Reception and Entertainment

Fortunately we both love to dance, so no need for lessons. We walked in on the golden sound off Anton Goosen's "Pas getroud". Having a good Dj or good music at your wedding is another vital point. With a very good friend off mine being an excellent Dj with years off experience he was my obvious choice. Thank you Gideon from PG Sounds for a job well done.

To break the ice a bit the master off ceremony had me and my husband sit back to back with on off our own shoes in the one hand and one of each others shoes in the other hand. We had to answer questions by putting the person's shoe in the air whom we thought would be the answer. This was such fun and had everyone laughing. We also decided not to do the traditional carter and bouquet toss. Instead the men had to do a ring toss competition over a magnum champagne bottle in order to win the bottle and the carter. For the ladies, I had 10 different colored ribbons around the bouquet, not knowing whom had which color I cut one by one until there was only one left to receive the bouquet and a bottle of champagne.
With excellent food, good music and great company we danced and laughed the night away.

Wedding Services Used

Delsma Farm Wedding & Conference Venue

Delsma Farm Wedding & Conference Venue

Delsma farm is ideal for small to medium conferences and teambuilding activities. The Function and Conference Centre is able to seat 220 guests. It also has a meeting room for ...