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Xantel Bekker

Married on Jul 28, 2018 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


a. Unbelievable !!!! Our nicknames for each other are: Afrikaans: Kerel & Nooi (Boyfriend & Girlfriend) - So we had a Kerel & Nooi wedding on a farm! We were very fortunate to 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen, all 12 left their creativity on the day and brought the best but most important 'cheap' ideas to the table!
b. In 2017 we became engaged in a surprise forest picnic arranged by Deon and my aunt at Zebula, and from there we were so well organized and planned. In 8 months we had loads of meeting - even between my 6 girls, Skype meetings - because today's life is just super busy!
c. Surely the one thing that made our wedding "super special" was that we had done everything ourselves! We can only say: The Kerel & Nooi wedding was handmade ...
i. Placemats - Did I designed it myself, with our life story in-short, the menu, special messages from a few guests who attended the day. A timeline with our special & unusual moments and many more - everyone had good reading material for the night...
ii. Bunting - Me and 3 of the girls (and 3 other friends) made 300m bunting ourselves. Each triangle was cut out, by hand and stitched together. Then every hessian flag was painted with a navy heart too!
iii. Thank you's gift - One of my bridesmaids gave us a gift for a little pot with a fat pearl overlaid with hessian and 2 ribbons with a flag saying "Let love grow".
iv. Menu: It was a highlight and absolutely true to who we are:
1. Starter: Soup & Sherry - Since our wedding was in winter (28 Jul) the starter was just right !!
2. Main course: Pizza & Beer - Bosheuvel Country Estate is famous for their delicious pizzas and is also a favorite of Deon's food type! Deon and I have also developed a great love for the Craft Bear trend !! Bosheuvel Country Estate also makes their own craft beer, so we did not serve Shampers but did craft beer!
3. Dessert: Personalized Pudding Table: I asked 12 of my close relatives and friends to make and bring their favorite pudding / snack. My aunt, Alida Botha and the girls have soooooooooooo the table so beautifully covered! It was one of my highlights! Even our wedding cake was baked by one of my bridesmaids with the most beautiful decoration, real live plants and also very small flags (bunting) stamped, Kerel & Nooi
v. Everything from Wood - My new in-laws sanded down all the boards and pallets and tied together. From road signboards to all the boards at the ceremony down the chapel to my husband. The program and tableplacements - everything was sooo special.
vii. We have done everything together and we have done everything ourselves - of course the venue helped and assisted us unbelievably!
viii. There are so many - but can not call it all ... There's just too much!

The Honeymoon


Clarens in the Freestate

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Dress: Lace with a slit! - Annika Badenhorst Nel
Shoes: Cowboy Boots - Zando :)
Hare: Long loose curls with a flower crown - Chantell Stassen - Le Cheveux
I had a tan leather belt and tan leather clutch (handmade) - Andre
Protea Earrings: Natascha van Niekerk Photography
Photos & Video: Paul - Bravo & Thatcher Photography
Wooden bangle: Borrowed from one of my bridesmaids, bought in Mozam.

The Venue

Bosheuvel Country Estate in Mildersdrif
Yes - the guests spent the night in the Boutique Hotel

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Just did 2 facials and my nails!