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Tėnika-Joy Nieuwoudt

Married on Jul 28, 2018 in North West Province


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How did your love story begin?


During an ordinary work day, I was completely absorbed with a heap of paperwork and a deadline...suddenly I heard a knock on my door and found a man standing there, my stomach made a flip and must have tipped over the bottle marked "Butterflies".
He cleared his throat and told me he is here to sign his employment contract and I smiled.

And that is where it began...

Our company had signed him on and he was going to become one of our new employees. I tried to keep a professional composure while I was going over his contract and making sure he understood the legalities, but this new employee would not take his eyes off of me. I felt my face growing red as he stared at me and I kept my eyes down on the paper in front of us. Finally the contract had been explained (which felt like it too forever) and he signed. He handed me back my pen and asked me to have dinner with him...I said no.

I didn't want to get into anything especially at my work place and who was this strange man asking me out, I didn't know anything about him! He could have been a serial killer during his off time for all I know!!

Months went by and he would not relent! Finally I gave in and we went for a drink, in a very public and very well lit place just in case he tried anything...we ended up chatting for hours and the waiter had to ask us to leave because they were about to close their doors.

Over the days, months and years we had become friends...fallen in love...shared our fears and tears....and on one special day he bent the knee.

Tell us all about the proposal.


I absolutely love birthdays, even my own! So when He asked me to not go onto his phone for a while I expected that he was busy with a birthday surprise.

It was days away from my birthday and I couldn't wait to find out what he had planned.

Friday he called and told me to pack an overnight bag because we were going somewhere. After I did a quiet happy dance in my office I rushed home to freshen up and packed my bag as requested.
We didn't drive far, it was a place close to home (Amazingwe) which I have always wanted to see but we never seemed to have the time, I was so excited!
We were greeted with champagne and chauffeured by an extremely friendly gentleman who kept looking at me and smiling, I returned his friendliness with an even bigger smile (who doesn't like to be spoilt on their birthday?).

The room was massive and we had an in door Jacuzzi! (You see, my birthday is smack in the middle of winter)
After settling down we headed out to dinner, my boyfriend (at the time) must have been very thirsty because he had basically downed two drinks while I was still on my first glass of wine, I could see he was not comfortable but I brushed it off because...ITS MY BRITHDAY SURPRISE...yay me!

Finally we were done and headed back to our room, as I opened the door it was something out of a movie...there was a row of rose petals and candles leading a path towards the Jacuzzi and on the table was a bottle of Champagne.

The lead me to the table and told me to close my eyes and wait.
(he went to fetch the ring and set up the camera to record this momentous event)
When I opened my eyes there was the ring and he asked me to be his!

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