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Shannon Botha

Married on Jul 28, 2018 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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Magical Moments


A few of my favourite moments on our wedding day.. I would start from the beginning of the day. One of our flower girls (2 years old) was feeling overwhelmed with everything going on so she wasn't in the best mood until the makeup artist whipped out the makeup. Then it was pouting and smiles all the way, she still walked down the isle carrying her blanket. From there, its all so hard to put into words. I think the most memorable thing would be how much the community around us came together and helped us pull the day off. From planning to have 10 hours of set up to only having three hours with our flower fan breaking down on the highway to losing my garter and in tears a dear friend of mine, reassuring me that its going to be okay. She ended up hand stitching me the most beautiful garter on their drive to the venue.

The Honeymoon


We ended up staying at our wedding venue for a few days, which was wonderful. We got to really explore the land that we love to call, home.

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My Special Day

Hmm.. We wanted our wedding day to be a reflection of who we are as a couple. It was authentic and community driven. My mom made my dress and all the brides made dresses. (How amazing is she!?) My favourite colour is maroon and that definitely showed on our day. My hair and makeup was done by a dear friend called Kelsey Chipps from Nev The Barber, who really outdid her self! My flowers too were made by family and friends - this is why I say that our wedding was very community centred. Everyone puled in and used their talent and ability to make our day happen.

The Venue

We got married at Lythwood Lodge in a beautiful dried forrest next-door, with our picnic styled pre-reception happening in their garden and our reception happening under a stretch tent overlooking the hills of the Midlands.

My Captured Moments

OH MY GOSH! Okay, so if there are any future brides reading this post, you HAVE to go check our Kristi Smith Photography. She took our wedding photos and we were absolutely blown away! Everything about her and her brand is incredible. She captured such emotion in our pictures that we get to treasure forever.

Wedding Transport

My dad organised a Jaguar from a friend to be my transport but the day before my dad was driving that car on the roads leading to the venue and one of the tyres burst. So I ended up being taken to the venue in an old Land Rover and looking back now, it also represents us. We love adventuring around our home by car and seeing where we can go.

Food & Cake

We had a picnic pre reception which the venue provided food for, we just had to provide the packaging. Our wedding cakes (can you tell we have a sweet tooth?) Were made by Cake It. They were mind-blowing delicious.

The Reception and Entertainment

A good friend of ours was the DJ and he blasted some good Hip Hop tunes! We didn't go for dancing lessons. We are that couple that you walk past in the food isle at a shopping centre either busting it out or slow dancing to whatever music is coming through the speakers. We've always had a special place in our relationship for dancing so we didn't feel it was necessary to try and perfect something, that to us, was already perfect.

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