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Sandra De Beer

Married on Jun 2, 2018 in Limpopo


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Magical Moments


If I think back on this special day for me and my husband..... I will have to say the first thing was when he rocked up at the house the morning of the wedding (the most beautiful, most special place that I have ever seen) where me and my girls slept the night before. He was so panicked because he couldn't find his clothes! Obviously one of his friends played a trick on him (as he always does) and hid his clothes! Just to find out that it was me that did it! I packed all his things away in his room the day before, he just didn't see it! LOL!!!!!! Anyways.... Tsekama (our wedding venue) brought us the most lovely breakfast ever that I enjoyed with my best friends, my awesome mom and my beautiful aunt! We got ready for the wedding and some of my friends came to help with my hair and just to treat me! I am so blessed with all these people in my life!
I was on time for my wedding! Before my girls, my mom and me went up the stairs making our way to the church, my mom first said a prayer and thanked Jesus for all His love and everything that He has done for us!
My song that I walked in on was Agnus Dei from Romanz! I decided to dedicate everything to the Lamb that was offered for us!
My husband was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.... red face, full of tears, I could not keep my eyes off him!
His dad married us! It was so emotional and so special. I couldn't ask for anything better! (This happened to become my personal theme; I couldn't have asked for anything better)
We entered the reception with a song called "Lekker Djy" And then the party started!
The reception went by so quickly... my mom made the best thank you gifts ever... I will tell you a bit later about that!
We played games, we danced, I had the best night of my life! My smile couldn't be contained as I am so blessed with the best husband in the world!!!! There was a few times when I just stood back, looked at him and everyone and everything and tried to take it all in! It was honestly the best night of my life so far!

The Honeymoon


Our honeymoon was the perfect honeymoon... again, we couldn't have asked for anything better! We drove down to the Cape on the Monday. We are on our way to the West Coast National Park! My husbands' sister has a house there and they gave this time for us as a wedding gift! No TV! No radio! Just me and him and the fire in the fire place with the most beautiful view of the lagoon! My love for my husband just grew even stronger!
We met such special people there! My husband took me to go and see long lost family that meant the world to me! We went and explored Cape Town (his first time in Cape Town). Just to name a few places that was very special to us, Bloubergstrand, Paternoster, Tietiesbaai, Saldannah, Langebaan and the time that we could spend in the bakkie when the sun is going down on our way back to our retreat was the best time of the day! We spent nights in front of the fireplace with some red wine and only hearing the crackling fire with the waves crashing on shore!
It was perfect! I couldn't have asked for anything better!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Well, I was going for a native Indian american look, as my husband has always said he loves it that I look like Pocahontas!
My wedding dress was supposed to be a plain long dress with nothing fancy, but when it got here it was quite a disaster!
My friend rushed me to a lady that helped her with her wedding dress when she got married. I didn't know who the lady was, and we couldn't find her number, so we got in the car and drove to her house. To my amazement when we rang the bell, the gate opened! We didn't even say hi or nothing! My friend just yelled "Tannie ons kort Tannie se hulp!"
Well, The Thursday before the wedding I picked up the most beautiful dress! I couldn't have even dreamt of a more beautiful dress! It was even better than what I asked for! She made this dress from scratch 2 weeks before my wedding!
I then learned that the lady was Amanda Goosen! She is the absolute best! And she was the answer to my prayers!
My make up was done by my good friend Leandra Lacante! It was her wedding present to me! I have never looked better! She is amazing! Thank you Leandra for making me beautiful!
One of my friends from work, Debbie Booysen did my hair! And it was exactly what I wanted!
I wore a leather band around my head for the 'Pocahontas' look! I had pearl earrings as my jewelry and then my beautiful wedding ring done by Vitri's.
I didn't wear shoes as my mom also got married bare feet. My bridesmaids bought me Blu Betty leather shoes for the reception. All of us had Blu Betty's and it is the most comfortable shoes ever! We danced the night away in these amazing shoes!

The Venue

We got married at Tsekama! The venue is about 30km from Nylstroom in the bushveld!
They arranged everything for us, from the start to the finish! Their food was absolutely delicious!
Their venue is stunning! The people that works there is even better! Marinda, Elma and Ilze were stars!
I went to meet Marinda a while before the wedding. I showed her my thank you gifts that my mom made, and then she went and made me the most beautiful wedding and reception that I have ever seen!
Most of our guests came through on the Friday and slept over there as well, so we had a braai on the Friday night at Tsekama's Boma!
So at the wedding on the Saturday, everyone was friends already!

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I have to be honest, I am not quite a fan of Salons and things, so there wasn't much preparations done on the beauty department before hand.

Wedding Elements

Tsekama had everything! It was wooden tables with a hessian runner! There was fairy lights everywhere and my flowers, well, I don't know flowers very well so I don;t know what flowers they were, but if I had to describe them, it would be bushveld! They smelled divine! The whole place was full of this sweet smell from these beautiful flowers!
Tsekama's venue was the most beautiful, with this huge lapa over the dam! It is absolutely gorgeous!

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My Husband wore a black diamond suit as Phillip described it! We bought it at Philleto. My husband looked so handsome! Phillip really knew how to dress my husband!
The groomsmen wore black pants, white shirts with a black tie! They also looked very handsome, but my hubby took the cake!

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My besties wore Forever New dresses! Navy blue with small white polka dots! With their Blu Betty shoes! It was actually summer dresses, the time that we bought them none of us even considered that the wedding is in the winter! lol!
I felt terrible about it, but then we were so blessed, it was quite a nice hot winters day! So later when it got cold, they dressed in warmer clothes!

Marriage Officer

Ah, now this was very special! My husband's dad married us! He isa pastor in the Bikers church in Limpopo! The whole service, everyone's eyes was shining with tears! He gave us such a special message from Mark 4v35. How Jesus just speaks and he calms the storms and how we should always make sure that Jesus is in our boat! This will stay with me for the rest of my life! Thanks dad for such a special message and for loving Jesus with your whole heart!

My Captured Moments

Now, I have to be honest, I never thought that this special day's moments would ever be able to show on the photo's, but Matthew De Jager captured the most special moments on a picture! I couldn't believe that a photo would be able to shine our happiness! Matthew did it! Matthew captured every shining moment and made it even more special! We didn't have to pose like everyone traditionally does, he would do something like... tell each other something and then look at me. And then his photo actually reflected our feelings! I couldn't believe it! Matthew, you have true talent and I cannot thank you enough for making this so special for us!

The Wedding Planner

Tsekama did everything for me! They were the wedding coordinators, the wedding specialist, the wedding support. You name it, and that is what Marinda and her team offered me! They did everything, from the wedding cake, to the personalized wedding welcome sign to the confetti! Thank you Tsekama for being so awesome!

Wedding Transport

Me, my mom, my aunt and my bridesmaids slept in Tsekama's container house about 2km away from the venue!
This container house is so special and beautiful, I didn't want to leave! It has so much character, you cannot stop looking at everything! Anyways.... on the way to the wedding, we drove in my mom's Toyota Corolla to the venue! My mom was driving! lol! She is so special!

Food & Cake

Obviously Tsekama made us the most beautiful naked cake filled with flowers!
The food was insane! Best wedding food we have ever had! Rump, Chicken Gordon Blu, leg of lamb just to give you an idea....

Wedding Stationery

So, the thank you gifts was very special, my mom is a nurse, so they receive these polystyrene cooler boxes with the medicine in. She covered 50 cooler boxes with hessian and made a handle. She made inlaid peppadews (which she grew in her own garden). She also made a tomato relish (which she also grew in her own garden) and she made a granadilla liquor. Every cooler box had one of each. We also made a stamp that was on every box and the paper that was inside the box to keep the three bottles up. On the stamp it read: Alla & Mella (our nicknames) 2 June 2018. Loof die Here want Hy is goed, aan Sy liefde is daar geen einde nie. Psalm 136v1
We also had tin cups with our nicknames and the date and every guest had their name on it for table seatings.

The Reception and Entertainment

Tsekama had such a great DJ! He played such great wedding music! All the guests were on the dance floor!
We didn't take lessons as my husband is such a great dancer and entertainer! We had such a special first dance!

Wedding Services Used