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Marna Roos

Married on Jun 25, 2018 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


Our wedding day was perfect. It was jam packed with all the events I lined up, from a blind fold shoot early morning to the trash your dress after the reception. But everything went perfectly according to schedule. The most memorable of the entire day was my dad and my brother who named a species of roses after me to fit my new surname. With the tagline "meer Roos kan sy nie wees nie" they handed me and my husband the certificate of ownership of the rose named Marna.

The Honeymoon


We went to the Drakensberg Mountains looking for snow. Unfortunately we found summer but it was a fun experience. We almost died trying to find the waterfall, apparently when the sign says danger you should listen. This was a very cozy holiday and we got to know each other quite well. I now know not to eat his pudding and he knows not to finish the puzzle I started. We also know that there is nothing better than sitting in front of the fireplace watching movies and drinking wine... Together.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I had a plain updo with curled hair, which Chantelle from Under Construction Hair did for me. My makeup was dark and expertly done by Milly Roos, who also did my mother's makeup for the day. My wedding dress was something out of a fairly tale. With a low back and plain skirt we added a surprise for the guests... The long skirt can be removed to transform my dress into a cocktail dress for the reception. We choreographed the dance to remove the top dress during a turn. Dennis Lloyd designed and made the dress and Hansie Koekemoer from CJ@Dance choreographed our awesome wedding dance. My mother bought my shoos from Woolworths almost a year ago because she liked the colour (a dark blue) and I immediately new this was my wedding shoes (I wasn't engaged yet) but I kept them in my closet for one day, never dreaming that day was so close. My jewellery was simple stud pearl earrings from NWJ and a matching bracelet.

The Venue

We got married at The Forest Walk Venue. An absolutely beautiful venue in Midrand. They unfortunately do not offer overnight accommodation. We stayed at By Bush Telegraph Lodge the night before and after the wedding. This beautiful guesthouse is also where most of our photos was taken and the trash your dress shoot took place. Stunning venues to use.

The Forest Walk Venue

The Forest Walk Venue

Located centrally between Johannesburg and Pretoria in the heart of Glen Austin, lies this unique venue surrounded by beautiful forest surroundings and big gardens for your gue...

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Honestly I didn't really change my normal routine up until the wedding. I gym at Planet Fitness and I tried to diet a bit but felt that I didn't want to do something completely unlike me for one day. Health and fitness is an internal thing that should stay with you throughout your life and not be disregarded after the wedding and I knew I wouldn't change my lifestyle after the wedding.

Wedding Elements

Our venue did all the decor which is why we chose them to begin with. We wanted a Winter Wonderland wedding and that is what they gave us. With blue purple and white lights our hall was transformed into a snow castle. We had those white trees with the fairy lights in them as centerpieces on the tables, white draping and we added dried roses on the tables.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My husband wore a black suit with a white shirt and dael blue tie (to match my shoes). He also wore a plain black belt and socks. Everything was bought at Oriental City on Old Jhb Road, they even fitted and retailored the suit to fit his specific built.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I did not have bridesmaids. My girlfriends came to help me the morning of the wedding but they wore their own clothes for the wedding. They did however all wear dark blue but they surprised me on that one haha

Marriage Officer

My dad was our marriage officer. He is Ds Willem Kotze and the best 'dominee' in the world. It was very special to walk in with him and then he greeted my husband and while standing with us did a prayer before he went up to the podium.

My Captured Moments

Valerie Meyer was the wonderful photographer we used on the day. She did everything! Our photos and videos and vimeo and she did it without an assistant because her assistant couldn't make it. She is brilliant.

The Wedding Planner

The venue assigns a coordinator to help because the venue does most of the work but I planned the wedding on my own. I like organising events and we really wanted a simple wedding so it wasn't too stressful to do.

Wedding Transport

My brother came and picked me up in my dad's Honda Jazz :)

Food & Cake

The venue made all the food and all I really wanted was pumpkin fritters, which they made for me!
We didn't have a wedding cake, we had a fight box which we hammered shut on the day.

Wedding Stationery

I designed everything myself and then went to print at postnet. We bought funky paper from CNA which made it look very professional.

The Reception and Entertainment

Our reception was a lot of fun for me. We did take dance lessons, my husband cannot dance at all so this was one of the things he stressed about most and I have to say Hansie was fantastic. Hansie Koekemoer from CJ@Dance is the best instructor I have ever worked with and he took my husband in like a baby bird who needed to fly. And wow did my husband fly!
Our lighting and sound was done by the venue's DJ. He is included in the price and absolutely fantastic. We had a few difficult ques and he got them all

Wedding Services Used

The Forest Walk Venue

The Forest Walk Venue

Located centrally between Johannesburg and Pretoria in the heart of Glen Austin, lies this unique venue surrounded by beautiful forest surroundings and big gardens for your gue...