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Lindsay Thomas

Married on Jun 30, 2018 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


From the moment my bridesmaids and I walked home in the rain in our sarees after the rehearsal dinner, to falling into bed with my new husband on the eve of our wedding day.. the 30th of June was a whirlwind of love, action and lifelong memories.
Highlights include my uncle leading all the guests in a rendition of "Here comes the Bride" on their kazoos for our arrival after the photoshoot;
Air guitar with Jan, my new hubby, during my speech;
Artisan chocolates as a post ceremony pick-me-up during the shoot - along with tables clearing so we could take pictures...
And the most amazing musical performances by my family, close friends and colleagues.

Oh... and the cake table. How could I forget the cake table. We ate cake every day of our two week honeymoon. Thanks everyone for all of the cake! We'll never forget you

The Honeymoon


Local is lekker eksê!
Our fortnight in the Western Cape was started off at the Melck family farm on the West Coast. Can you say spoilt?
Honeymoon suite.. all meals were cooked for us.. No tech. Fireplace. Over 3000 books on the farm to choose from.. bliss.
Tranquility at Kersefontein was followed by a stint in Tulbagh at the historical Tulbagh Hotel.. it was nice to have some tech back and the stay included breakfast and a couple meals, wine tours, a historical tour and an olive oil farm visit. A little more action.. but not too much.
The Cape sure is beautiful all year round.. and we finished our stay on Tanagra wine estate's newly build off-grid eco-cottage.. bordering one of Cape Nature's reserves this was a really special spot. Our days were spent lazily gazing out of the floor or ceiling glass windows, making fire and naturally going wine tasting. A lot of wine tasting.
McGregor was 20min away and had the best authentic Italian pizza, awesome eateries and great walks.

All in all just the rest we needed post wedding prep daze.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

A city wedding in the winter called for my dress to be comfortable, yet warm

Hair and makeup was taken care of by Minke... she is a real gem and does airbrushing which I specifically wanted. I'm a bit of a water-fountain at emotional occasions and I hate make-up that feels heavy.. so presto! She got it sorted

My dress was made by Simoné, a referral from my long-time friend at Stitched - who specialises in Bowties and Braces.
Simon went above and beyond to make the lace work with the design and to adjust the design to my figure and my habits - I don't sit still very well and love dancing. It was amazing!

Shoes - I wear orthotics for my back so had to find something practical and pretty... Call it Spring came to the rescue.. but as soon as we had to walk for the shoot I put on my favourite Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers. Heaven. On your feet.

Lingerie... what lingerie?
Seriously how much lingerie can one wear in a wedding dress? Nothing to write home about here... the honeymoon though...

Jewellery - earrings I made from my grandmother's wedding ring, my mom's pearl's and my mother-in-law's (who passed from cancer before I got to meet her) gold anklets in my hair.

Minke Du Plessis Hair & Makeup

Minke Du Plessis Hair & Makeup

Freelance Professional Hair and Make-up artist in the Western Cape who specializes in bridal hair and make-up.

The Venue

The rooftop venue at Media24.

A magical location regardless of the Mother City's moods.

Guests stayed all over the city however thankfully most of them are from the city. It was important to us to keep costs down for our guests.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Hmm this isn't really my thing. I had a facial.. That was about it.
I try stay active in general.
Oh wait.. you know my bridesmaids and I did go to the Radisson in Mouille Point the day before the wedding to spa-out and have our nails done. It was fab.

Wedding Elements

We decided to choose a venue that wouldn't need you bring in much and would be the decor in a way.
The Nasdak certainly ticked those boxes.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

They all wore suits in shades of grey that they owned.
The groom had a waistcoat made at a local tailor in Greenpoint but other than that... everyone owned what they wore.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids all wore something they owned - spot the theme...
Weddings are incredibly costly. And I wanted each person who was sharing out day to be able to have their style and personality stay with them during the occasion.
Lara wore a vintage dress from the 60s her aunt passed down to her.
Lee wore a dress she made from scarves and a fur from one of my grandmothers.
Jean wore a saree.
It worked out really well I think - what do you think?

Look...they had guidelines. Dark green. Pop of colour deep red. Golds.

Marriage Officer

Well... let me tell you I did not know this would be such a politicised ge-doente...
Our pastor can't do the legal bit so my aunt recommended this chap who will uber to you or you can go to his private chapel at his home.
Samuel Richards. He was a true gentleman and incredibly efficient. Old school with all the new school one needs.

My Captured Moments

Again my long-time friend Claire from Stitched recommended our power photographer couple.
Kez and Craig from Hello Pictures.

Goodness was I glad when I found them! They have a gift for natural images and an eye for design.
Do you know they gave me at least one picture of every single guest at our wedding?
What a blessing!

The Wedding Planner

My aunt...
Bless her heart.

Don't do it to a family member and certainly not yourself. Get a planner.

Wedding Transport

Not applicable.. the joy of city weddings!
Uber when we needed it!

Food & Cake

Catering was done by Annelize Catering.
They made the best curries. The Indians went back for seconds it was that good.

Cakes were gifts from guests and came from all over Cape Town - were all gluten free and included traditional Indian treats. It was amazing

Wedding Stationery

Stationery... who needs stationery?!
We used a site called
View our interview with them here!

The Reception and Entertainment

The reception... it was magical blend of everyone contributing...
Sound and lighting by some students at the audio college I work at.
DJ by a friend of mine
Live band was provided by my family
Dinner music by a friend
And of course we left to Disney's rendition of a Whole New World.

It was great.
No pro's. Sorry.
Oh wait... I'm sure my family would dispute that claim... don't tell them

Wedding Services Used

Minke Du Plessis Hair & Makeup

Minke Du Plessis Hair & Makeup

Freelance Professional Hair and Make-up artist in the Western Cape who specializes in bridal hair and make-up.