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Schanita Philaretou

Married on May 26, 2018 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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Magical Moments


The night before the big day my sister and I shared a bed as in the olden days in the guest house, Ocean Grove. This was a gift from old family friends, oom Stepehn. The next morning Arthur and Ursula prepared a special morher-daughter breakfast for the 3 of us.
The whole dressing up was amazing...Then I walked outside and there my granddad was...waiting to drive me to our stunning venue. The s look of awe on his face I will treasure forever.
We arrived at the most beautiful venue only God could prepare for us..Munster beach in KZN. And there was the next amazing dad...walking down the sandy "isle" was so special..
After the ceremony my mom came running towards us with wide open arms and the new most amazing man in my life cried when he hugged my mom and called her "Mom" for the first time....
My new hubby described his love for me from 1Peter 5 and stunned all the guests to silence...
Then late into the party all the ladies joined into a line dance that just kept going!

The Honeymoon


Wild Coast Sun

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Perfect beach wedding: traditional white dress, bare feet (beads)
Stretch Tents KZN - providing all equipment and DJ Tim
Nargise - make up
Catering and hair - private
Photographer - Deon du Plessis

The most amazing people prepared the food that was out of this world!!

The Venue

Munster, South Coast KZN on a small secluded beach
Guests stayed at Merry Crab and Naeden
Bridal suite at Ocean Grove

Wedding Elements

Small Surfboard made of ply wood as guest book.

Marriage Officer

Dr. Christo de Klerk
Treated us like family...amazing people and caterers!!

The Wedding Planner

My Mom!