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Marzel Van Tonder (Wentworth)

Marzel Van Tonder

Married on May 12, 2018 in Free State


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Magical Moments


I have never experienced a moment like this, all excitement is building up and i am shaking, me and my dad just arrived at the chapel and got ready to enter. Just as we are about to walk in it started raining for the walk down the isle. When my dad gave me away and we were ready to start the ceremony the rain calmed down and i new that today we are blessed.

Each moment was amazing and it all went by so fast. We are blessed

The Honeymoon


Yes we did go on honeymoon. My lovely husband saved and took us to Maldives to relax and experience one of the most beautifull places i have ever seen on knew even exists. This was one of the best holidays we have ever had.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I had one amazing hairstylist Daniela Blignaud who did my hair and it was so comfy and lasted the whole night. We did a normal loose curl that looked amazing!! Thank to my awsomme hairstylist and friend!!
My beautifull nails was done also by a lovely friend Riana du Preez and it lasted more than a month!! Amazing!!!
And then the dress i bought at little bridal shop in Johannesburg and added sone of my own detail to make it perfect!! I had mesh top with beading covering the most part leaving the back a little see through with a normal aline type of bottem and the i had my zellies shoes, i love them!!!
My makeup i did myself.
Overall it was the perfect day!!!

The Venue

We got married in Parys in the Freestate at Vintage Yard, wow the owners Lilly and Anton were amazing!
And the also my wedding decorator Tannie Wilma did one amazing job!!

We had alot of guest that styed over at the container house and a lapa house just next to the venue. It was very comfy to have most people around.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Well all brides want to look their best so yes i did work out at home and did my best to eat as healty as possable and very important i drank alot of water from about two weeks before the wedding to stay hidrated.
My routine was to do at least two face treatments at home for two months to make sure my skin was glowing. I also skiped a tanning bed as my hubby and me wanted a natural look on our wedding day.
I used charcoal toothwhitening to brush with starting two weeks ahead to have a nice smile..
Unfortunately we do not have spas back home but i know that it would have been amazing to do some spa treatments!!

Wedding Elements

We had a theme at our wedding for all guest to dress up a bit and let loose. We asked everyone to do a vintage type of look to get the whole wedding into a great spirit. Our decor was a natural vintage and earthy look, our tables were not overcrowded and the space between tables were perfect.

We hired decor from Carien Swartz in Kroonstad and also Tannie Wilma from Kroonstad, she did the decor as well. Our tables had bloekom leaves on with wooden long brown candle holders and one wooden centre peace with with white roses in. Our colour scheme was rosegold, olivegreen and white. Our underplates, gift box (a wine barrel), photobooth props, guest book(an old vintage door), table seating board was made by Vs Laser and Promo in Kroonstad. It looked amazing.
O yes dont forget my awsomme small wooden dragonflies that was place on the tables.
The venue provided the fairylights in the roof and then we had Quinten friends of the venue who did our music and lightning!!! We had the perfect day!!!

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groomsmen had these mustard type chinos on bought at old khaki with white shirts, poorboy caps and brown kruisbande bought at bride and co in Johannesburg. They looked amazing.
Then my beaitifull husband had this vintage black brown type suit with a ligher brown waist coat and a leather tie also dont forget he had a poorboycap. He looked so sexy!! I am so blessed!!

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids did not all wear the same dresses, i mixed it up and made sure the colours work well together and also fit their bodies. They also should look and feel amazing. My maid of honour had her own style dress and the two wore this flowy dresses with beading at the top and the other two had the same effect but the neckline differed and the colours as well. We bought all their dresses at YDE in Bloemfontein. All my bridesmaids got Zellies shoes as in invite to be bridesmaids so we all had zellies at the wedding!!! They were the best!!



Marriage Officer

Pastor Pierre Du Plooy from Kroonstad. He moved to Bloemfontein before the wedding but still he came to do our ceremony and bless our wedding and path together as newlyweds..

My Captured Moments

We had two amazing photographers Elmaine and Leon from little white Ribbon photography in Parys. These two has one amazing eye and they work very well togherther.
Yes we build our own photobooth and stage it to give it a nice vintage fun feeling. We had a very good friend Sone Smith also a photographer who handled the photobooth for the wedding. You all were amazing!

The Wedding Planner

Yes we did have Wilma wedding and decor. She is a wedding planner in Kroonstad, very kind hearted and does amazing things with the ideas you give her.

Wedding Transport

O wow what a special story. My dad build our wedding car. A cheavy. He started with a peace of scrap and he restored the whole car himself, with some help of friends of course.
How blessed we were to ride in this beautifull vintage peace of art he created.!!!

Food & Cake

Wow our wedding cake was a gift from Tannie Lien Eloff who made one of the prettiest banoffee wedding cakes that i have ever seen!! She is in Pothesfstroom and she is amazing!!

Our food was done by the venue self Vintage Yard Parys. We had so many complements about the food! Should i say there was enough food for all and more! We got our deserts from Chrispy Kreme in Pretoria. So yes we had doughnuts and there was nothing left!!!

Wedding Stationery

Our wedding invites was done by VS Laser and Promo in Kroonstad who also dis most of our stationary.. It looked amazing!!

The Reception and Entertainment

What a party. We did not take dance lessons. We love dancing togherther so we took the natural path and just danced our hearts out!!

We had DJ Quinten who is friends with the venue and they also recomended him. Its was a special night and he created a beautifull vibe and light for the wedding!!

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