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Karen Boonzaier

Married on Apr 14, 2018 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


Walking down the isle was one of my biggest fears because my father have passed away two and a half years ago. He was my rock and best friend. My mother and brother searched for a Rose Gold locket, inserted a photo of my Dad and made a plan to fix it on the back of my shoe, so that he can walk down the isle with me. I was so privilege to have my brother, and my father every step of the way through the entire wedding.

Walking down the isle is a memory I will never forget. Every one told me to walk slow but when I looked up and saw my beautiful soon to be husband I just could't stop myself from basically "running" down the isle. I could't wait to make that amazing handsome man standing in font waiting for me, my husband.

My husband’s biggest fear from a young age has been to give a speech because he stutters. I knew it was a stressful part of the wedding for him, but when he got on the stage that evening, he looked me in the eyes and started talking. The world stopped for a second. He absolutely nailed it and did not stutter once. His words touched my soul and I was so proud of him.

There were so many special parts, but one that really stands out is that my wedding dress designer drove all the way from Hermanus to Simondium to come and help me get dressed. She knew that I was worried at my last fitting that I will not be able to get the dress on by myself. We all know how hard everyone in the wedding industry works and that her work starts when everyone else stops working. She had one weekend off to go and relax but she still drove 123km to help me get dressed and drove back. Thank you Lena-Lisa, you are one amazing women and it was such a pleasure working with you.

The Honeymoon


We were privileged enough to go to Bali for 2 weeks and it was super romantic and an unforgettable honeymoon.
We spend magical moments together and took the time away to plan our future and discuss our goals and dreams.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

One of my favourite parts of getting married was the planning. Especially if you have family like mine. Of course there were some ups and downs.

I wanted a rose gold, elegant, fairytale feel and it is exactly how it turned out. I love the combination and it turned out perfect with the venue we chose.

Looking back now, the best part of it all is to realise how much help and support we had. Everything was exactly how we wanted it. Walking into your venue the day before, early morning on your wedding day or even when you enter the reception on the day of the wedding and seeing everything that came together, is the most special part of it all. Be involved in your day, be involved with the process and the planning every step of the way because in the end it is YOUR DAY and it needs to be YOU.

Evelyn Francis

Evelyn Francis

Nothing gives me more satisfaction then making a bride or girl more beautiful then she already is.

The Venue

We got married at Marlenique Estate, Simondium. Such a beautiful elegant wedding venue with spectacular views of the Boland Mountains

Marlenique Estate

Marlenique Estate

Marlenique Estate is a beautiful, yet functional venue just outside Paarl in the Simondium area of the Cape Winelands on a working Citrus Farm.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Choosing your wedding dress designer and your hair & make up artist in my opinion is very important. The designer should fit your personality because she is the one who is going to walk the journey with you. Your hair and make up artist should be a loving person who enjoys you every second because she will spend the most of the time with you on your special day. The 2 decisions I made WOW!!! 2 beautiful talented women who I will HIGHLY recommend!!

My wedding dress was a little bit more complicated. I went to fit on numerous dresses and I tried to explain to the designers what I was looking for but no one could really understand what I was looking for. Everyone just said that it was not possible to make. I decided to put together a document outlining each part of the dress, the material and some pictures of what I wanted. The designer I ended up using, Lena Lisa, fell in love with my ideas and said that she will be able to make the pictures and ideas into a reality.

Then when you get a hair and make up artist like Evelyn Francis you know you are sorted with all the beauty tips that is needed before your special day. This women is amazingly talented and the person you want to spend your wedding day with. She have a deep passion and make every second worth it.

I also had to do my part leading up to the wedding. I spent around 20 minutes every night before I went to bed, grooming. I went to the extremes to look my best on my wedding day, eating right, training hard, I even brushed my teeth with charcoal.

Wedding Elements

I had the most amazing woman doing my decor and flowers. ALL my wild ideas she made a reality. Her name is Berena from Flowers by B. Her prices was very good and I would recommend her to anyone. She is a fantastic women and kept me calm through the entire journey, and that says a lot with the ups and downs we experienced. She become a friend and a shoulder to cry on. When ever something went wrong even if it had nothing the do with the wedding or with the decor I can send her voice notes and she just new how to cal me down.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom... I got lucky! I married the most generous person with a heart of gold. He is a very honest man and always looks out for every one around him. He loves me and our families unconditionally and that is the most important thing for me.

We had his suite tailor made at at Tidy Tucs in Willow Bride. He had a black suite with blush Pink tie, tie clip and pocket square. His grooms men wore black pants with Rose gold tie, tie clip and a white shirt

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I love blush pink and it goes very well with rose gold, so I searched for blush pink dresses with a bit of flowers and it is exactly what I found.

My bridesmaids made my journey and absolute pleasure. They bend over backwards to make my journey unforgettable.
My kitchen tea was one of the most special days I've ever had. After my beautiful and joyful bachelorrette I was afraid to have my wedding because competing with their events were nearly impossible. They really made everything mroe than perfect

My made of honor: OBVIOUSLY my amazing sister made my wedding unforgettable. I'm really blessed with a angel God borrowed me to be by my side on earth. Melanie I love you so much

Marriage Officer

Ds Callie Visagie

It is one of my husbands best friends father. He made it very special.

My Captured Moments

Jeanelle Coetzee Photography captured our special day
Our videographers were The Wedding Guys!

Both of them made the shoot and day so much fun!! Amazing team!!!

The Wedding Planner

With family and friends like mine you don't need a planner. I had such a big support group behind me, we decided to do everything ourselves.

My families:
The Rossouw's
The Viljoen's
The Boonzaier's
The Truter's

I want to thank all of you. I'm so blessed with each one of you in my life. Thank you for making my wedding so special. We love you.

Wedding Transport

I love speed, and fast cars! My made of honor surprised me with a white Ferrari GTC Lusso. There is currently only 2 in South Africa!!

Food & Cake

Marlenique Estate prepared the food
Cake Couture by Justine did the wedding cake

Wedding Stationery

Now this is the most beautiful and amazing women walking on earth... My mother!! She is really a jack of all trades and a master of all. I have one amazing father and mother inlaw and I thank the heavenly father for that.

She made all the serviettes driving to 20 different material shops to get the color I wanted and took her a couple of nights to make it and my aunt embroiled it and my mother and father in law ironed it.

The name cards on the table, was hand made, also by my mother.

The stationary, the popcorn bags, water bottles were personalized with our wedding logo. There were so many detail going into this wedding, to personalized it, and it was hard work but at the end of the day it is what made our wedding so special. That personal touch.

I had so much support my family and soon to be family, went out of their way to help me make everything possible. Some nights we worked after midnight but they made everything a reality for me.

The Reception and Entertainment

We have a couple of crazy friends that made our night magical!
We opened our dance floor with “Everything” from Michael Buble. Neither me nor my husband can really dance. We took a few dance classes, but stopped and decided that we will just go out there and “wing it”.
We needed a “love song”, with a bit of a beat and the words fitted our relationship perfectly.

We had so much fun!! My husband did the "Leeu Loop" hahaha
I want to thank ALL my guest for giving the best party I have ever had.

We had a GREAT DJ!!! Geoff Glover from The Wedding Guys, and our band at the pre-drinks were just as amazing!!
The bands name is 1925 people LOVED them!!!!

Wedding Services Used

Marlenique Estate

Marlenique Estate

Marlenique Estate is a beautiful, yet functional venue just outside Paarl in the Simondium area of the Cape Winelands on a working Citrus Farm.

Evelyn Francis

Evelyn Francis

Nothing gives me more satisfaction then making a bride or girl more beautiful then she already is.