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Marlize Cronje

Married on Mar 16, 2018 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


The first magical moment was the first time my father saw me in my dress. After that the highlights and memorable moment just kept on coming. When I saw my future husband in church I felt how my smile grew bigger and my eyes filled with tears of joy.

Hearing out loud that I am his wife must have been the best momebt of my life.
Our wedding was an absolute dream come true and everything went perfect... well almost everything (one momemt i won't forget soon was the first dance and how both of us suddenly forgot the whole dance. Luckily nobody but us knew what had to be done and like everything else the dance was picture perfect.. even with a few missed steps)

The Honeymoon


We went to Zanzibar. It was an amazing experience and a complete surprise! We stayed at Mermaids Cove Resort and had an absolute blast of a time... just went by way too quickly

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I wanted my wedding look to be classic but yet reflect the person that I am. My wedding dress was a Pronovias dress that was imported from Spain. I had the back of the dress lowered just a little bit to add my own style and taste to it. Since the wedding was butgandy I decided to wear shoes that would fit in woth the occasion. I also had flat ballet shoes to wear once the dance floor was opened. I had my hair and make up done by EA Make-up Academy. I wanted to look natural while showing off my best features. We used real flowers in my hair and added a clip I got at Lovisa. I chose to wear dropped earrings and a knot bracelet my fiancee had made for me.

The Venue

The great part about this venue is that there is a hotel on the premises. This made it very convenient and comfortable for the guests to stay the night

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I tried not to change my routine too much before the wedding. I eat healthy and balanced while not starving myself. I tried not to freak out about things that were not undrr my control and I kept on reminding myself that the day was about me and my furure husband. This helped a lot with the stress levels. I tried to take in as much as I possibly could- even the weeks before the wedding.
I had my hair colour two weeks before the big day and brushed my teath with whitening toothpaste 3 times a day. I tried to keep away from foods that could make me bloated on the day of my wedding.

Wedding Elements

Completely mesmerising!!!!! Proteas, candles floating on water, fairy lights and big flower setups on every table. My main decor theme consisted of Proteas and fairy lights. I wanted a classy and elegant look. The flowers were done absolutely beautiful!
Events Inspirations had done such an amazing job making my perfect day look like it was taken from a storybook.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Black Suits. The groom had his suit made for the big day and wore a gold tie with the suot. The groomsmen didnt wear any jackets but wore butgandy ties.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids wore butgandy dresses made at Peaches and Spice in Pretoria. They had their hair done up according to personal style

My Captured Moments

Ulandi Sanders.
She was absolutely magnificent. She alsp set up a photobooth which had loads of people entertained throughout the night. She has a tallent for capturing a day in such a manner that I can re-live my wedding day every time I look at the photos.

The Wedding Planner

Yes, Events Inspirations. They were amazing and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day