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Mareike Visser

Married on Mar 24, 2018 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


My dearest memory of the day was when I saw my husbands face just before I walked down the isle. I remember pausing for a few seconds just to take it all in and at that moment I got a feeling of complete calmness and that is when I saw his face, so full of love and he made me feel like I'm the most beautiful vision he has ever seen.

The Honeymoon


Yes absolutely!! We flew to Durban on the day after our wedding to join the MSC Sinfonia for a nice relaxing 5 day cruise to the Portuguese Islands. What an amazing experience with my new hubby.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My wedding look was very plain as I am a plain person. My hair and makeup was done by The Heartfelt Collection and because it was my first time ever to get my hair and makeup done professionally, I thought of doing something that will make me feel comfortable. I went for a simple pin-up hairdo with pearl bobby-pins around the back. My makeup was also very light with a slightly darker eye and soft lips. My dress was mermaid style with an open back. My shoes was a light pink open toe strap heel with golden finish. My lingerie was nothing too special as I only wore the bottom part which was a light pink lace g-string. My jewellery was a diamond bracelet and some pearly earrings. Very simple and plain but yet gorgeous.

The Venue

We got married in Paarl, Western Cape at a beautiful Guest Farm called Picardie. Almost all of our guests stayed the night at the venue itself. The venue had such a calming atmosphere.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

For some reason I kept loosing weight before our big day without even trying, so I didn't do any fitness but I did some amazing skin treatments at Passionate Beauty just to give me that beautiful skin. About two weeks before the big day I also did 5 sessions of Tan Can and also diy teeth whitening. I have to say......5 sessions of the Tan Can was a bit much and I should've stopped at 3.

Wedding Elements

Our wedding day was decorated out of a color theme of white, cream and shades of grey with fairy lights everywhere. I have to say the reception hall looked so clean, open and very classic with just those plain colors. Our tables was decorated with a beautiful tall candelabra with just one strand of Ruscus leaves around the handle and pearls hanging from the sides. We didn't have a big wedding budget and therefore kept everything very plain and simple but yet stylish and fairy tale-like. In front of the reception all was 4 BIG oak trees which we decorated with so many fairy lights. It really gave the day that extra romantic atmosphere and made for exceptional photo opportunities.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My hubby and his men all hired their suites from Mr. Suite Hire. My husband wore a full suite with a grey tie. Oh he looked so hansom. His men all wore suspenders with bow ties. The suspenders, bow ties and tie they bought at Men's Street.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids wore Infinity dresses and they all tied it in different ways. They looked absolutely stunning! I went for the Infinity dress so that the ladies can wear their dresses over and over again with so many ways to make them look different.

Marriage Officer

Mandi Beukes from Christ Gen Ministries. You know how most people dose off during the ceremony, well on our day that wasn't the case. Almost all our guest complemented her on the great service and beautiful words.

My Captured Moments

Monique le Sueur Photography captured all the wonderful moments of our big day. She had an assistant as well and took almost 5000 pictures on the day. We didn't have a photo booth because there was so many other elements at our venue where great pictures could be taken.

The Wedding Planner

Nope. Did everything ourselves. I preferred it that way because I can be somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to small details and also our budget didn't allow the fee of extra help.

Wedding Transport

Because we had our ceremony and reception at the same venue, we only used transport for our photo session. Our MC was so kind as to borrow us his BMW X4 with a customized number plate and blue ribbons. The ribbon was my something blue for the day :-)

Food & Cake

Our wedding cake was made by Carica Mostert at Kiki's Cakes and Bakes. It was a 5 tier cake with 80 cupcakes. The food was included in our venue.

Wedding Stationery

Me, myself and I with help from my amazing neighbor who is also a photographer.

The Reception and Entertainment

Me and my husband love dancing so we didn't need any help from lessons :-) We hired The Party Technician's services for a DJ. He brought his own lighting and people boogied till the morning hours. We even paid him for an extra hour.

The Party Technician

The Party Technician

For professional sound and lighting for your special day!

The Party Technician

The Party Technician

For professional sound and lighting for your special day!

Wedding Services Used