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Leverne Jason

Married on Mar 17, 2018 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


It can only be described as the Best day Ever. Not only for myself and my husband but also those who attended agreed.

When I walked down the aisle while Westlife's Beautiful in white played, my husband, all his groomsmen and about half of the church was in tears.

It was so beautiful.

Everything was beautiful the service, the sermon,the candle ceremony and the reception.

We had a photobooth which the guest absolutely loved.

Our first dance was perfect, we slow danced to Westlife's Evergreen. While we were dancing all of our guest were circling us and had sparkles. I choreographed our dance and amazingly my husband remembered all his steps, midway to the slow dance the dj started playing Love on Top from Beyoncé and the whole crowd joined in and we did thi upbeat funky happy dance with them, after that the dancefloor wasn't empty until the last person left.

We had the best speeches and toast!

My husband and I stayed until the end of the party and enjoyed the evening with our guest, (not the traditional bridal party leave hall exit) It was a celebration and we stayed until the end.

Most brides do not eat properly, We ate,we drank shots and dance with the guest the entire night. We remember everything because it was so remarkable.

I enjoyed being the bride, and i will relive that day in my mind for the rest of our lives.

It was truly a CELEBRATION of love

The Honeymoon


We went to the Garden Route.

3 Nights in Mossel bay and one night in Knysna and one night in Tsitskamma.

It was Breathetakingly Beautiful

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

a Twist of Classic and modern.

Hair: Low Back of the neck up do, loose curls in front.

Make up natural with rosey eyes.

Jewelry: Rose gold shoes( with bling I do on bottom of shoe) and earings

Wedding dress,It was my own design white touch of bling and pearls.

White, Rosegold and Greenery.

I created my own look.

I look and felt gorgeous, comfortable and absolutely beautiful.

The Venue

Stellenrust Wine Estate,

There were no accommodation available



Stellenrust's modern facility is only the beginning of amazing possibilities.

Wedding Stationery

Swey Designs

Wedding Services Used



Stellenrust's modern facility is only the beginning of amazing possibilities.