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Married on Mar 30, 2018 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


Our wedding was truly one of divine intervention. We had no money to pay for it and we entered on a prayer and believe and God send the MNET Wedding Bashers Team to to bless us with His Heavenly answer "YES", HE said "I DO". Residing in the dusty street of Westbury where dreams are mostly killing fields, we were blessed as two becoming ONE knowing there is and will always be "Light" at the end of the tunnel. Memorable in all aspects not one as that God paid in full to seal His unconditional love upon our union.

The Honeymoon


We were lucky to sleep over at the venue Memoire's it was so magical a dream that unfortunately was short lived as we had to wake up to reality the next morning, but the amazing part is we woke up as Mr/s Davies.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I felt like Cinderella, the one day you an ordinary girl and the next moment you a queen of note. My wedding dress was hired, and though I sit back and have nothing to show as we had to give it back, the fine details of this exquisite dress with fine details of lace and beading draped to the ground with a tail and open back, is what i use to draw as a colour and wore as a bride.My shoe was gold not the silver slipper of Cinderella, but was perfect enough to be the walk I would take for my long long with my husband. My hair was made up into an elegant style, that gives a bride the royal touch. The jewellery, must have been from a famous jeweler crafted just for me, as it was a collection of emerald and silver that would make complete.

The Venue

We got married in a chapel at Me moires Wedding Venue . No, none of the guest stayed, was only my hubby and I.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

My wedding was a surprise as my husband wrote in for a competition, in all honesty there was none of the above luxury as all was paid in full by the Wedding Bashers, and I only had to arrive a day before for fittings and the day of the wedding, like I said truly a Cinderella the shoe fitted and their I was transformed into the most humble, thankful, pleased, overwhelmed, loved bride.

Wedding Elements

Wow, the decor was extraordinary, if ever I could picture the Garden of love, this was it. The Wedding Bashers, went beyond the "Extra Mile" for us, The flowers hung like chandeliers from heaven and the fresh aroma captivated the very essence of what to come. Zavion, from Wedding Bashers had a team of florist angels that truly put together a masterpiece collection. Yes, I would think everything was rented , We had candles, signifying "Light" outside was an "I DO" with light lights just glowing and confirming my "Yes" i made as a vow. The reception was warm, inside venue and decorated as if my fairy godmother lit up the entire room fit for a queen. Not sure what was rented, as mentioned we were blessed with this wedding.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

All I can say is my husband looked like a king fit for a queen, The dress code was suits in royal blue with a touch of pink. There suits were hired by Bernalee Daniels from Wedding Bashers who was in charge of the details of the clothes

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids, were dressed in soft pink with elegant flowing dresses, like little angels send to accompany me. They looked ravishingly, and transformed into princesses by a touch of a wand. All thanks to the "Wedding Bashers" Did not ask where everything came from, just glorified God for His overpouring favour on what I was witnessing.

Marriage Officer

Our pastor from Faith Ministry International Westrand. Dr pastor Eugeny Maraba.

My Captured Moments

The entire day was "Special", this was MNET'S WEDDING BASHERS, all went live on Channel 101 and photographers were from all over all to take the pics of two ordinary people who resembled celebrities for a day.

The Wedding Planner

Every thing was planned by The Wedding Bashers, all we had to do was show up.

Wedding Transport

We were collected in the morning by Uber to Memoires men in desperate cars, and the entire wedding was at the venue so there was no need for transportation.

Food & Cake

Talking about food and the red velvet cake that only by think about it makes my mouth water all over again. All credit goes to Zola from the Wedding Bashers as she took care of the dining and wining. The food was exquisite, a feast for royalty. I have never eaten this well before, but all I can say not a crumb was left on a plate.

Wedding Stationery

There was no stationery involved, only a phone sms beautifully designed as an invitation for the wedding, all from the Wedding Bashers Team

The Reception and Entertainment

Oh, yes we had a DJ, there was no need to take lessons as everyone rocked the dance floor with their different moves, so enjoyable it was embracing the happiness of all who celebrated us. The Dj knew exactly what to play and never ever did I enjoy my day like my wedding day, perfection to the T. All recognition to the entire team of the Wedding Bashers, even those behind the scenes.

Wedding Services Used