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Chante Daniels

Married on Mar 3, 2018 in Western Cape


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How did your love story begin?


Our love story began in 2012. I was heartbroken, in pieces, and really not interested in dating at the time. I knew him for a couple of years and I was not fond of him at all. This one day I walked past a lake late at night and two guys walked past me and they looked like they could hurt me as I continued walking He (Ju-Ron) walked towards me and all of a sudden i felt like just hugging him not knowing why but i did. The next day he came to my place and he told me that the guys that i walked past wanted to take the things i owned. Since that day he told me his interested in being with me which I was not interested at the time. He then told me he would do everything that my Past Boyfriends did not do. Each day he came to my place just to show me he was really into me eventually after many attempts I gave it a try. We had many ups and downs but we made it to a year. We seperated for 2 years and in that time we started speaking again and realized that we cannot be without each other. Whenever we saw one another there was smiles, butterflies and so much happiness. I felt Love when I was around him. He treats me like a Queen he holds my hand in public he shows the world and proudly say that I am his woman. He always tells me each day I am beautiful. He is just a amazing and I don't regret being with him ever.

Tell us all about the proposal.


The day he proposed was the 17 September 2016. On the 17 September we had been by our friends place (Dean and Sevani) we then went home and got some clothes. As I went into my place he disappeared but I did not think of anything I went back to his place and he was not there. I got done as we planned on going to a local mall to buy some goodies. He eventually arrived as we went to get what we needed. He bought pasta and more things that we usually don't buy. Later on that day we went back to our friends place and then i felt sick. I went to take a nap and probably like few hours later I was woken up by him to come and have something to eat. The four of us myself, Ju-Ron, Sevani and Dean had been sitting around a table as he explains what we are about to eat. We had a 3 course meal and each dish he explained what it is as he made all the dishes. He then told went outside yet I still did not think anything about it as We are always chilling at our friends place. He then called me outside and said he would like to speak to me outside. I then got outside and saw he had made a Banner with "Will you marry me?" on it with an image of the two of us with the ring at the bottom of the banner all I could do was burst into tears. He took the ring and went one knee asking me to marry him. That was the best day of my life.

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