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Sonika Schaepe

Getting married on Dec 1, 2018 in Garden Route

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How did your love story begin?


Our love story began in our final year of studies. For four year we have been walking passed each other in the design building and during our final year our classes went on a design trip to Namibia. Long story short, on the last evening of our trip a camel spider (google it) decided that it's a good idea to stroll into the ladies bathroom. When my friend and I noticed it (as we are about to go shower) we yelled and I ran out (still fully dressed off course) and basically ran to the first guy I saw for help.Later that evening we started talking and I felt safe next to him.

We became friends after that incident and it felt like I knew him my whole life. We helped each other with our final fourth year practical assignments and four years later we are still helping each other, this time with our wedding invitations.

Glad I get to marry my best friend!

Tell us all about the proposal.


Well, for the last few months before the engagement (aka 6 months before he asked me), I expected he would pop the question as we started talking about rings and marriage, but nothing happened. The disappointment was enough to let me not get my hopes up whenever we did something special. This particular day I told myself that maybe he is just not ready yet and I shouldn't rush things.
We worked at the same company (which has it's perks, but also a lot of challenges) and this particular Friday afternoon (the 1st of December 2017) he told me that he won't see me as he would like to go wash his car at the garage, but he will let me know when he is back at his flat.
We stayed next to each other, in a self catering unit at the beach, and washing his car didn't actually make sense, but maybe he just wants a clean car. After about two hours he comes back (with still dirty car window - apparently the water was very dirty that they used) and ask if I am keen for some pizza and wine at one of the restaurants close to us. Most defiantly as it is Friday and who will say no to pizza and wine.
he tells me to be ready at 6pm, and I get to his place at 5:45pm, ready to leave, and all of a sudden he starts washing his dishes. Which was very weird cause we were both ready to leave.
Just as we are about to leave I remember that I forgot my jacket and now he is freaking out cause we need to leave (and it only took me one minute to fetch my jacket).
On our way to the restaurant he takes a turn to the beach and asked if I would like to go look at the sunset. We get to the beach, this long walk-way and it's cloudy...can't see the sun. I ask him if we can take a selfie before we leave, as cloudy weather makes nice lighting for a picture. I hand him my phone and he is shaking like crazy, apparently he is getting cold, but between the two of us I get cold very quickly and I am wearing something summery. We take the picture and I turn around to look at the beach again and as he were busy explaining something he stopped mid sentence and I still remember turning around to ask him what is wrong and i found him on one knee in front of me.
my first reaction was "no no no no"then he noticed that I didn't expect anything and started laughing and then he asked me if I would marry him and all I could say was "yes yes yes yes".
He had my friend hide in the bushes with my camera, playing paparazzi as he knew how important it was to me having a picture of this special moment. He packed a picnic basket with strawberries, snacks and champagne, and bought me roses and we had a picnic on the beach before we went for our pizza and wine. It was such a special moment, and if I could go back I would not change a thing!

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