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Leisha Labeeuw (Erasmus)

Leisha Labeeuw

Married on Dec 21, 2018 in Mpumalanga


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Magical Moments


It was the day we were counting down to, the day we couldn’t wait for! Woke up with the birds that morning, looking out the window with a sigh of relief “ok good,the weather is good...sun is shining and smiles are blooming” - it was one day that I didn’t want it to rain!! So up I got to shower and get ready to head to the venue. I couldn’t believe our day had finally arrived! Arrived at our venue Whispering Thorns, White River Nelspruit, now the nerves were hitting big time! Our gorgeous florist Thelma from Flower Market was there already doing her magic! I was greeted with the biggest hug and bright bunch of roses from our Photographer Carine from Bittersoet Fotographie, I can say that hug really did me good!
My bridesmaids and maid of honour were with me and it was time to head to the cottage to get ready, and with all the talking and excitement going on, I closed the car door on my it was happening my gang saw it and all gasped before that door even slammed. Cool as a cucumber I just stood there and said “oh...oops”. My friend rushed to open the door and again I was “it’s ok, I’m fine, let’s go get ready” at this time I was just holding my thumb unaware it started bleeding. Panic started to set in with my girls and they scrambled to find ice to try save the pain for that moment! Believe it or not I wasn’t sore at all, or maybe I was but the adrenaline and excitement blocked that out! (Thankfully)
The rest of the morning sailed by smoothly and was treated like a princess. My awesome makeup artist from Blazing Beauty, really pulled all the tricks out her bag and transformed me into the most perfect bride! I gave her the go ahead to put lashes on and boy oh boy was that a game changer! Oh, wait...I’m leaving something out. We are all in the cottage, chatting, laughing and having a few tears here and there. I heard banging (haha, I thought it was banging) outside, not putting much thought to it...then suddenly the sky was dark. Yes, thunderstorm dark! Then the “bangs” were louder...and then the heavens opened and I can say it felt like it wouldn’t end. The roof was tin so it was loud in the room, but we laughed and everyone calmed me down to say the rain will be gone by 16:00 when I have to walk into the chapel. The rain turned to hail, and lightning scattered the sky. An hour later the sun was showing it’s beautiful face again. - huge sigh of relief right there -
So back to the point where I nearly forgot to mention this incredible short lived storm. My hair was done last, and then slipped into my magnificent dress, now I was feeling like Cinderella, just in this case I wouldn’t run away at midnight! - I was about to go marry my prince!
My girls and I get into the golf cart driven by my hero of a Dad. At this point I am starting to cry..the happy tears! We get to the chapel and my flower girls and boys are waiting for was all so real then, I was getting married! Then, again...those bangs from earlier, came back! I had a laugh about it, knowing I will make it into the chapel dry. Thankfully the ladies at the venue and their Mary Poppins umbrellas ready! I did get into the chapel dry, but as we stepped into that chapel the heavens opened again, but I was sure that it was coming down harder this time. The rain was there (and apparently hail again) but all I was focused on was that man I was going to marry in the front! The rain was so hard that none of our guests could actually hear what was going on in the front with us and the minister. After all the minister did say he would love to see us in a ‘bubble’ when we are up front as it was about us. It was truly a magnificent moment we had! While we were busy in the front doing our vows and I DO’s in the corner of my eye I see movement behind me...the chapel was flooding, rain water was flowing down the isle heading right for us. My girls had my back and saved my dress from getting soaked. We kept moving to the right to avoid this mini flood. Back of my mind I was thinking “now we won’t have photos, because we simply can’t have photos taken in the rain” shortly after that we took communion and the rain stopped and that beautiful sun was shining again! (Yay) We then walked to the table to sign our papers, to make this wonderful marriage legal, and right behind us a double rainbow was painted across the sky! Yes you read that right, a double rainbow. All our guests made their way out so we could walk out, with bubbles being blown we walked out to a majestic afternoon. I got my wish to a wonderful photo session with our photographer and videographer! The rest of the afternoon turned into the most magical evening. We truly could not have had a better wedding. I know all brides say they are the luckiest lady to have married their soul mate, but I can honestly say that with out a doubt that I couldn’t be happier and I am definitely the most lucky and blessed bride around!

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