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Janell Le Roux

Married on Dec 16, 2018 in Eastern Cape

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How did your love story begin?


Kris and I met in 2015 via a mutual friend who initiated a lift club/car pool. We travelled to work together everyday and grew to know one another. After travelling together for some time we all decided to hang out and watch the Soccer World Cup at one another's homes. Every night without fail we would watch the games and enjoy one another's company. To try and impress me Kris would prepare a dish and serve us. We enjoyed it until Kris and I decided to spend even more time together. It was then when I discovered who Kris was and what a great big heart he had. He asked me out and we started officially to date in January 2016.

Tell us all about the proposal.


It was a cold and windy weekend in Port Elizabeth. We decided to spend the weekend at my mom's place. Kris on the other hand had some other plans in mind. After a delicious meal with the family, we all moved to the lounge area for some drinks and snacks and started chatting about this and that. For some weird reason I noticed that Kris seemed a bit uneasy and nervous. I just ignored it and continued chatting when all of a sudden he scraped the confidence and stamina together and went down on one knee (with permission from my mom of course) and popped the question. Of course I said yes and now our journey begins..

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