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Carmen Craak

Married on Dec 1, 2018 in Garden Route


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How did your love story begin?


I met Timothy Craak on the 01st of January 2017. At the time, I lived i. Uitenhage, Eastern Cape and going through a dip at the time, my friend Faith Salter forced me to go with her to George for a 3 day short break away as she visited her boyfriend at the time in George. Upon arrival in George, that same evening on 01 January 2017, they decided to visit a friend and least I knew it would be my future husband. When we got to his home, as we entered, I recognized his Bible that we're in the same denomination of faith; New Apostolic and we couldn't stop talking and have a conversation till 3am the following morning. He was convinced that God has sent me to him. We left George and returned to Uitenhage the 3rd of January and the next weekend I was surprised to see Timothy at my doorstep in Uitenhage, whereby he visited me then, every other weekend after that. 2 months later in March, I resigned my job and decided to move to George. April 2017, I moved in with him and 26 25 November 2017, he proposed. We'll be getting married on 01 December 2018

Tell us all about the proposal.


It was wow indeed. So unexpected. I worked that specific day at Markham Clothing store and it was black Friday. Hectic it had been. As usual, he fetched me at work and asked me to get done as he made a reservation at a restaurant. I was irritated, because I was tired and thought why he couldn't just order takeouts. In any case, I changed and just before we left, he surprised me with a gift of the cutest pair of earings. I was ecstatic of excitement and immediately felt guilty for being irritated and nasty to him. He took me to a restaurant, Café Serefé. Whilst having our meal, belly dancers came out to my surprise. The waiter took his phone and I was utterly confused. Then he came around the table and got on his knee and professed his love to me and proposed. I was speechless. Nevertheless, everybody in the restaurant congratulated us and sang for they're a jolly good fella. It was amazing. When we finally got home, He surprised me with another gift to end off the night. As he said that because he wants a perfect end off and because he proposed in November, he gave me a ring box with a ring with a topaz stone. By then, i couldn't talk and was even more speechless.

Magical Moments


Walking down the isle, looking at each other , the one we'd spend the rest of our lives with, brought an indescribable exciting feeling. When my groom froze completely, stunned by the sight of me as he had to meet me half way in the aisle. All he could shiveringly utter, ( You take my breath away my amazing woman). And when we walked into our reception hall and my son accompanied us on the violin with Smoke gets into your eyes. The speeches of our children. So many unforgettable and magical moments.

The Honeymoon


We decided to go on a small honeymoon for a week to Eastern Cape PE in May, as my son will perform solo at the Selly Concert as well.

The Honeymoon


We decided to go on a small honeymoon for a week to Eastern Cape PE in May, as my son will perform solo at the Selly Concert as well.

The Honeymoon


We decided to go on a small honeymoon for a week to Eastern Cape PE in May, as my son will perform solo at the Selly Concert as well.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Wow, I felt like a Latino Goddess. Thanks to the designer of my desired dress - Estique Bridal Boutique - George , (Esda and Este Beukes) - Garden Route Extensions - Claudia Bredenkamp, Liezell Van Wyk my make-up artist, My stunning desired sandals from Kingsmead, My dashing earings from Ek Trou boutique in Brackenfell Cape Town.

The Venue

Garden Centre Nursery on the airport road on George with its beautiful and calm and tranquil scenery. Breathtaking view. Our guests cannot stop talking about it. Our exquisitely beautiful flowers done by Nickey Kruger and the décor which Colleen Groenewald did. I also have to mention my most beautiful and delicious cake done by Corlia Barnard of KommaWeer Bakery. People are still talking about it. It all was such a fairytale and magical

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I did not have much done. I do have good and healthy teeth and I am always on a daily basis mindful and disciplined on what I eat and to balance my meals. I am just lucky to have good genes. My face and skin I looked after as usual by regularly cleansing and moisturizing at home with my normal products and I knew I had a good make-up artist scheduled for the day. I had two make-up trials with her prior to the wedding and I knew she could do wonders.

Wedding Elements

My whole theme was simple, Black & White with a touch of silver bling. Yet, my florist Nickey Kruger and My décor provider made it look magical with mirror centrepieces and fairy lights. My wedding favors I made myself, prior to the wedding. Wine glass charms and Napkin holders which formed part of the décor. I also had bookmarkers made for my guests.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom's suit was bought at truworths and the groom's men suits from Markham. We bought silk wide collar shirts from Golden Peacock and the ties from Amigos. Black Suits, White silk shirts and black and white dot ties. Their socks I printed at Copy Cat with each Name, title for the day and date, eg, Timothy - Groom - 01/12/18, White print on black socks

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My mom and son took me into the church and handed me over to my groom, both on each arm. My mom was my Matron of honor and my sister my bridesmaid. Both had black dresses with white and silver sequence. It just completed and balanced my colour scheme. They looked absolutely stunning. My bridesmaid also had her make-up done by Liezell Van Wyk and their hair was done by Ilse of Hair Emporium.

Marriage Officer

This was a complete blessing. Our marriage officer was our Bishop of our Church, Mr Trevor Stephens of New Apostolic Church, whom did the legal and our blessing Ceremony. It was very special for us.

My Captured Moments

Wow, our Photographer was very good. He actually started recently. Reafon Gates of Humble Vision Media, but he captured pure and true emotions, exactly and more than what we asked. He was the videographer as well.

The Wedding Planner

Besides for Colleen Groenewald whom we left the complete specified décor to and the florist Nickey Kruger, we planned everything ourselves. As I mentioned, that I even made the favors myself. I also had a wedding post box and our ring box made.

Wedding Transport

We hired a limousine from a lady in our church and they really made it special with Champagne and glasses as well in the limousine for celebration.

Food & Cake

Jacky and her team of our wedding Venue, Garden Centre Nursery also did the catering with the food. There was more than enough and second helpings for every guest. The food was amazing. We had a table with welcome drinks and cheeses and dips, breads and spreads table, A spit , chicken thighs, warm creamed potatoes, 2 salads and a malva pudding for dessert. Our cake made by Corlia Barnard of KommaWeer Bakery was truly exquisite. 80 cupcakes, half chocolate and half vanilla, topped with a fruit cake and a tree of life topper. White and black and silver. It was like something out of a book.

Wedding Stationery

Oh my word, wow, Blitsdruk in George, Comien are the best and so professional and accomodative. I wouldn't recommend anyone else.

The Reception and Entertainment

Our reception was truly magical. As from where we entered as my son played Smoke gets into your eyes on the violin. The DJ was just awesome with the fitting music selections. Jason Cupido, DJ Millz. And then I also had a great live artist from Great Brak who sang so beautiful for us with our first dance and throughout the evening. Mordegai Erasmus. Everything was just perfect as we could only imagine it in a movie