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Azalia Ortell

Married on Dec 17, 2018 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


Wow I don't know where to start because everything was just a memoriable experience, the feeling of relief at the end of the night, everything went well, we had no more planning to do or bills to pay, guests had fun, we had fun, and now we could just go on our honeymoon and relax, seeing all of our friends and family together.
My most memoriable highlight of the day was i got to walk down the aisle twice yes twice :-) (which bride gets to do this on her wedding day). Our initial ceremony which was in the garden walked down the aisle and then it started raining(showers of blessing) so we had to move to plan B so i done everything again and that was the best moment being able to exprience it twice :-) :-)
My Daddy my first love walking his princess his little girl no matter the age lol :-) down the aisle to see the man of my dreams waiting to get married to me just made everything okay rain or no rain i just wanted to see him waiting for me excited nervous as i was to get married.

The Honeymoon


Yes, we went to Cape Town for 7 days after the wedding. Our initial plan was to go overseas but money was a bit tight so we decided to go to the Beautifull Mother City Cape Town.
We had a great relaxing time, ordered room service, got out of bed whenever we felt like it, spent the day at ease not rushing things, ate alot of junk food spent days at the beach, aquariums, farms, at the harbour and waterfront it was just the best time we made the most of each day.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My wedding look was a fairytale princess, ever since i was a young girl i would always look at ball gown wedding dresses and i always told myself the day i get married i want the old tradition wedding gown ball gown with a lot of detail and my wish came true:-)
My Crystal Ball Gown i found at Euro Bride in Brynston, i tried on about 6 dresses, and from that 6 i chose the 2 i loved the most, 1 was full of beading and the other full of crystal detail, it was so difficult to choose between the 2 but as i tried them on for the 2nd time this time with veils i fell inlove with the very 1st one i tried on and immediatly wanted to choose that one but then i tried the other one which is the crystal detail one and as i walked out of the fitting room and saw my mothers reaction i knew this was my dress that was the reaction i wanted to see and want my guests to have as well.

My hair, i am not one for fancy hair down with curls all i wanted was a full updo hairstyle with alot of detail on my updo bun and my crown that complimented and finished off the look. The hair stylist knew exactly what i wanted and she perfected my hair style i did not even do i hair trial thats how much i trusted her.

My wedding shoes, the most comftable shoes i could ever own i was in those shoes the whole day and night, short heel strapped elegant silver full of bling detail, and i must say i am not one to wear heels it will just be now and then for a short period and with this shoe i did not even want to take it off.

Jewellery and accessories was simple just had on silver bracelet and silver ear-rings, did not want to over do with accessories because my dress had enough detail with my crown that complimented it.

The Venue

We got married at Summer Place Hyde Park in Sandton.

Our guests stayed over at various places some were at the Nelson Mandela Garden Court, some were at the Villa Vitorria Lodge and some of our guests travelled the morning of the wedding and travelled back the evening.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Well to think about it i actually never had a beauty regima, myself and my girls did not have to change a single thing of their bodies for them to look beautifull, every single one of them have their own unique beauty parts and thats why i chose my girls perfectly. The only thing i asked them was not to put on weight lol because then we would have to do alterations on dresses and i did not want that stress as well, we actually pulled it off me included yes all the ladies at Eurobride actually asked me did i diet or what because my measurements did not change at all from my first fitting which was in May and wedding was in December and i actually felt good and at ease that everything fell into place.
I am very sporty play Hockey so i guess that kept me in shape:-) :-)

Wedding Elements

Our Deco was one of the most important aspect of our wedding, we wanted something different and what i mean with different is we wanted our families and friends to walk into our reception and remember every detail about it from the tables to the chairs to the cake table the bride and groom table to the small details.
The overall colour scheme was Rose Gold with a hint of blush.
We had Glass tables, with LED lights, Floating shelves, with votives and rose gold candles, crystal candelabra, Rose Gold and crystal Napkin Rings, my favourite flowers are red roses and I wanted to compliment it with blush pink roses, This floral theme came through in the ceremony deco as well as my bouquet, we had Medium Flower arrangements for each table blush pink roses with white daisies, Rose Gold Cutlery, Vinyl Initials on underplates.
The Bridal Table, 2 Throne Chairs, rose gold and pearl, Mr Mrs letters and candles, Cake Table was rose gold and glass top and last but not least we had Draped backdrop behind Bridal Couple, white and rose gold.

Seating Plan

Seating Plan

At Seating Plan, we are inspired by the love stories that surround us every day.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The Groom wore a Black Tuxedo and the Groomsmen wore Burgendy Suits from Top Hat - Tuxedo Store

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My Bridesmaids wore gold with burgendy elegant dresses.
Maid of Honour wore full seqeunce gold dress to compliment the gold and burgendy dresses of the bridesmaids.
Flower girils wore rose gold with dusty pink short poofy dresses.
Lastly my Miniature Bride wore a white lace wedding gown similar to my gown i just had more chrystals on mine.
All these dresses were designed and made by Annike Badenhorst from Centurian "Nika Couture"

Marriage Officer

Our marriage officer was Pastor Ambrose Johaar from Roodepoort.
Although we are not members of his church he welcomed us with such a warm and friendly spirit. Amazing friendly most loving person you will ever meet. He is a Pastor at the seventh day adventist church he made us feel at home.

My Captured Moments

Our Photographer and Videographer was Karen van der Westhuizen and her team from Escada Photography and Videography, absolute pleasure working with them, they captured all the elemets of our wedding and went the extra mile to make sure they have everything on video even at the cost of working overtime. I was truely blessed and happy with her team i would recommend her to anyone.

The Wedding Planner

No I did not have a wedding planner However Summer Place staff provided a very helpful coordinator Rosemaree Anderson and team, to assist with everything, planning and coordinating all the service providers.

Wedding Transport

We had no special wedding transport, reason why we left that out was because everything was at the same place garden ceremony, and reception was held at the venue. Our pictures were captured in their stunning rose gardens that was one of the reasons why we chose that venue because of their beautiful garden.

Food & Cake

Our delicious food was prepared by Summer Places's chefs.

The beautiful cake was made by Clayton from The Cake Away in johannesburg in the The Broads Shopping Centre.

Wedding Stationery

Everything was done by the venue Summer Place and Marcelle from Seating Plan designed the table numbers and the intials on our podium and underplates.

The Reception and Entertainment

O my reception was a fairytale a dream come true, Marcelle from Seating Plan out done herself absolute beautiful work, she done everything to the last detail as we asked her to, we trusted her with everything and we knew she would do a creat job, i had no stress about it from the first day i met her i trusted her with my whole heart and i must say i absolutely loved everything.

MC was Abuti Lolo: MC, Comedian, Ubumnandi Distributor, i dont even have words to describe him, he entertained our guests the whole night absolute pleasure having him around :-) all of my guests is still asking me "where did i find this guy" they asolutely loved him, i would recommend him to anyone.

Our first dance our entrance dance lol i don't even know where to start lol.
We had the best times all the laughter the stress and all of us being together was the best time ever. Myself and my bridesmaids had to figure out a simple entrance dance, because all the partners ( groomsmen hate dancing lol) and in the end they all loved it weather we made a mistake or not as long as we had fun and the guests enjoyed it thats all that mattered.
Let me not talk about the first couple dance lol what a rollercoster hahaha. My husband doesnt like being in the spotlight and hates dancing infront of a crowd, i had to literally teach him how to dance and everytime we wanted to practise o my was it a disaster lol so we left it he would have nightmares about this dance :-) :-) then 2 days before our wedding yes 2 days we practised a few times mistakes or no mistakes on the wedding day we pulled it of, we trusted each other and knew it would work even his parents was surprised at how well he danced this was one of the best highlights of our wedding we had fun and enjoyed it i would not change anything about it.

Our Sound and Lighting was done by Company Ampere Events ( Tommy- Lee Lottering) setup all the sound and lighting in our reception as well as our ceremony all the detail perfectly done.

We had a friend who was our DJ for the evening and everyone had a good time even the small kiddies danced the whole night and we all know that never really happens lol.

Our wedding was an amazing dream come true, if i had to do it all over again i would, but i would not change a single thing.

Wedding Services Used

Seating Plan

Seating Plan

At Seating Plan, we are inspired by the love stories that surround us every day.