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Melissa Kruger

Married on Nov 3, 2018 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


Like any bride, she hopes that her day would be unforgettably beautiful, and that she would feel like the most stunning girl in the world,and so I was blessed enough to have those exact moments, along with some behind the scenes,no body tell's you this, ''opsies''

One of our moments that most guests never knew happend, well, until they read this, was that we had to, minutes before the ceremony cut off about 2cm from my maid of honors, Karen's dress. Yes, with the help of Marisa's( my other bridesmaid) steady hand ,we took normal scissors and literally cut off the part of the dress that was too long.

The moment I walked over the crashing rivers flow, on the farm style bridge towards the love of my life, and he turned around, glanced at me with a teary eye and the biggest smile, it was then, that I felt the most beautiful I had ever before.

And just when I thought, this moment could not have left me anymore amazed, he said the most thought after, inspired, sensationally articulated vows that left us all, adults and children, in tears and certainly deserving, ended with a crowd applause.

Saying '' I do'', and becoming Mrs. Kruger in the presence of so much love and God's amazing presence will be forever imprinted in me and will remain one of those unforgettable memories. He will always be the one I choose.

The Honeymoon


We flew off on a Jet plane to the busy Island life of Pukhet Thailand. Easily one of the kindest nations I have ever met.
We had smoothies on the beach, rented a scooter, crashed a scooter, fixed the scooter. I then traded my not so working leg for a wheelchair for the rest of our stay. Apparently I shouldn't attempt the two wheel transport in a foreign country.

Even though most would feel that it ruined the trip, we feel it made us connect on a new level, creating another unmovable block to the foundation of our marriage.

We went to Phi Phi islands, experienced quite roads off the coast, had taste bud tantalizing dishes, all wrapped up with picturesque sunsets.

In the challenges we found new strength, and in that strength , we supported one another.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

The look I was going for was rustic meets clean and simple finishes.

I found the dress that allows you to breathe, which is kind of an essential requirement. Whimsical Bride gave the best service and helped making me feel like a very pretty girl.

Bridesmaid Dresses was ordered from Infinity Dress SA.

My hair and make up was done by amazing friends! Marissa Joubert (also my bridesmaid) did my make up, and Maruchelle Jacobs did my hair.

Shoes I bought off Zando. Was the exact color I wanted. I also bought 5 months before the wedding.

My Jewelry was bought as gifts and some were also made for me. My ring i had on my left hand, was my something old. it was my late grandmothers ring.

Infinity Dress Boutique

Infinity Dress Boutique

The Original Infinity Dress can be worn 27 different ways, making it the perfect bridesmaid dress for all figures!

The Venue

We got married at the heartwarming Altydgoed Landgoed. Situated in Losperfontien, far away from the city streets and in the center of bushveld, flowing rivers , farm roads and generous staff.

The venue had accommodation for 32 people including the bridal couple. farmstyle houses and rooms with different bed sizes and space, all neatly placed in the back part of the venue. Allowing your guests the comfort, and peace of mind.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Well, each girl has her parts that she would like to keep, to change or to adjust. knowing which of theses needed what, i started off with the most obvious choice, and that was eating healthly, please notice i did not diet, i chose to eat healthy so i could be happy while loosing weight, nobody enjoys working with a grumpy , ''hangry'' female, let alone a grumpy, '' hangry''bride.

I used mu home as my exercising space, quickly having a few dips on the edge of the bath before jumping in the shower. I attempted a few squat challenges and worked on basic stretches and abdominal routines.

I was blessed enough to be able to get teeth whitening done from a family member( was our wedding present :-) ), and my bridesmaids surprised me with Lashes from beauty etc in Centurion. Candice did a lovely job. I also went to Waxit in Menlyn for, well, a wax, smooth legs were important to me.

I was lucky enough to get a spa day as present on my kitchen tea, and left it for a week before the wedding, so i could just unwind and relax from all the planning and stress. Bella Diva Day Spa,left me very relaxed, messaged all the stress away leaving me feel ready for the last stretch.

Several appointments , and many laughs, the beauty procedures were completed, and what a journey it was.

Wedding Elements

My decor was all supplied by my venue, it really makes life easier. I wanted to try similar styles and also add my own twist to it, combining rustic leaves with Proteas, mirrors and fishbowls. I wanted my guests to feel comfortable at the table so the center pieces we kept simple and didn't take up the conversion. Hanging pieces from the ceiling with glass balls , filled up the space with warmth, all clutter free.

Kids had a one big table, filled with sweet surprises and creative spaces to draw on.

I bought my protea's from Madibiri farm, and chose mixed bunches.
My other flowers I sourced from Queenswood Florist. getting me every single type of flower i wanted within my budget.

Wooden name key rings I pre-designed making each one individual for each guest, and had it engraved at Iniek, situated in Centurion.

My cake toppers, grooms gift, as well as other printing requirements we made my Jakaranda engravers

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Grooms suite, shirt, shoes, socks and belt were all bought at Woolworths. was a perfect fit and the desired color.

His cufflings were given to him as a gift from his Best Man.

His watch was bought online, by the amazing watch makers, Matt Arend. It was one of his favorite items to date.

Groomsmen clothing was purchased at Edgars, and shoes were left to their own discretion, the overall color and theme was our only requirement.

Button whole flowers were engraved by Jakaranda Engravers.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid Dresses was ordered from Infinity Dress SA.

I wanted a soft elegant dress all in various colors, but yet also complimenting to one another , echoing the theme and color contrast of the flowers.

I wanted each girl to be comfortable, to allow them their own identity, that is why i chose the wrap dress. i purposely didn't want it to be wrapped the same way, not one body type is the same, and I love them, they also needed to look beautiful.

Hair I suggested up or loose, depending on what most suited their facial features.

Infinity Dress Boutique

Infinity Dress Boutique

The Original Infinity Dress can be worn 27 different ways, making it the perfect bridesmaid dress for all figures!

Marriage Officer

Our marriage officer was Pastor Waldir Da Silva from our local Church, Awaken Life.

His helped with pre-marriage counseling and preparations were so crucial. I strongly recommend each couple to undergo that. He served as a loving mentor and guided us all the way.

My Captured Moments

We made use of a family company called J&N photography and wedding films. And well, the imagery says it all.

They captured or vision perfectly! We are so grateful for what they did. Their attention to details and friendly service will always be remembered. They went the extra mile, and delivered our products within a very acceptable time frame.

I will recommend them any day of the week, anytime!

The Wedding Planner

We were the planners, well us , excel and trusty old Google.

Wedding Transport

Everyone used their own transport.

Food & Cake

The three course buffet menu with food that you want to take home, was all prepared by the venue. Altyd GoedLlandgoed.

Our cake was made by Toni, from Toni's pizza. A mouthwatering chocolate ganache cake oozing with dark Belgium chocolate and layered with love, There was non left by the end of the evening.

Wedding Stationery

Printing and design was made my myself and industrial printing by Jakaranda Engravers, and Iniek

The Reception and Entertainment

We didnt take dance lessons, we felt it better to sieze the moment than to try and created and expected version.

our DJ's were Nitelife productions, they supplied us with two DJ's, mood lights, smoke and fog machines and another sound requirement one could think of, all within a generous service time.

Live musicians were friends and family.

Artists , Meel Vignetting as well as HELD all performed during the cocktail hour.

We started off the formalities somewhat later, entertainment, kept our guest very entertained.

Wedding Services Used

Infinity Dress Boutique

Infinity Dress Boutique

The Original Infinity Dress can be worn 27 different ways, making it the perfect bridesmaid dress for all figures!