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Enrike Maree (Stander)

Enrike Maree

Married on Nov 24, 2018 in North West Province


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Magical Moments


Family. Intimacy. Unplanned and raw fun. Our weather went from scorching heat, to a wind blowing the tent away, to rain during the sermon, a rainbow right after, a gorgeous gorgeous sunset and to top it all of: A full moon. Nothing went as expected and that is what made it beautiful beyond what we could plan; more than that it made it authentic. We saw how our whole family came together to make the day amazing. People laughed and danced and were merry, all between the cattle dung and dry grass. It was above our imagination. It was FUN

The Honeymoon


Honeymoon to Tanzania, Zanzibar with two nights in Dar Es Salaam. We got to know the culture in Dar and Stonetown , afterwhich we had a on-the-beach resort holiday in the quiter parts of Zanzibar (Spice Island Resort). The staff was great and we even had a chance to meet the lovely new owners (a young family we got along with real well).

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My Special Day

My dress was elegant, with just a little bit sexy and not too much bling. It was supposed to be elegant and natural. The same for my hair and make-up (however “stage make-up” is always heavier than expected”.) . I had a simple up-do, with rose-gold jewellery matching my engagement ring. The best were my shoes. I knew I would be on my feet the whole day so I bought comfortable latin dancing shoes - heels and comfort all in one. My make-up and hair was done by a family member.

Dress: Corné Lombaard
Hair and Make-up: Carmen Koekemoer
Shoes: Ballet Barre
Jewelery: Earrings was a gift from my Dad from an overseas trip, the accessories came from Lovisa
Engagement ring: Made by Francois Jewellers, chosen and designed with the help of my lovely husband
Wedding band: Made by Sonja from Larum Jewelers

The Venue

We got married on the family farm just outside Klerksdorp. The guests camped on the farm from Friday to Sunday so we could mingle with our people the whole Friday and don’t have to feel bad leaving the party early on Saturday.
Our while family helped with food, decor etc. We rented trailers for ablution and Milana (event company in Klerksdorp will be linked) took care of the arrangements nl tent, catering, decor etc.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I made a home-made scrub and lotion which I applied as often as needed to ensure silky smooth skin for my husband. More than that, I just went for a wax at Mooi from within , and did my nails and lashes at Brooklyn Beauty. I wrote exam till 3 days before the wedding so the best I could do was rest the remaining 3 days and take care of my mental and spiritual health during exam, which would lead up to feeling radiant on the wedding day. My husband prefers me with or without make-up (more without), doing as little extra as possible and just simply taking care of myself. I had no pressure to suddenly lose 10kg’s, because that’s not how he learned to love me. We discussed what is realistic and made it a priority to rather be there for one another emotionally and spiritually than pressure ourself into tons of routines, which defeats the purpose of resting and being mindful about the wedding day.

Wedding Elements

We had simple wooden tables, wimbledon chairs, some eucalyptus and if I remember correctly a few white roses with some olive branches inbetween. We got married on the farm, nature was decorative enough that day. (We even forgot a photobooth, but if we had one it would’ve been wasted, because the sunset made the most stunning backdrop)

My Groom And His Groomsmen

We told the groomsmen to bring their own white shirts, cheeno’s and shoes. We ordered tan suspenders from All Things Bridal and sage bowties from Stitched. We decided on the look as it matched the decor and outdoors and we saw the suspender look working really well.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids skirts were made by a friend, her company name is BlankSpace. It was just a simple and beautiful sage/duck egg skirt. Each girl could choose their own shoes, hair and white/cream top. They looked stunning and unique

Marriage Officer

Our friend and pastor, Eugene Coetzee. He is very dear to us and we trust him, that is why we chose him to marry us. His sermon was short and very intense. He is young and on-fire and he handled the rain very well

My Captured Moments

Ducksoup Productions. Wow! They are the coolest, most chilled photographers ever. They made the day fun and made photo’s feel so natural. We enjoyed the whole day with them. They can improvise and make any venue look fantastic. Their personalities just keep you enticed and make you feel comfortable infront of the camera. No photobooth was needed. Everybody took photo’s with the sunset as a backdrop

The Wedding Planner

Nope. Other than Milana doing the arrangements in Klerksdorp, we planned and handled the rest ourself. She did a great deal, and the family and the two of us did the rest

Wedding Transport

Everybody drove themselves to the venue. I drove with my dad in his very cool 4x4 combi

Food & Cake

Most of the food was Milana. The milktart however was a fsmily speciality made by Aunty Elmien (my husband’s aunt), and all the women helped her

Wedding Stationery

We designed and printed our stationary ourself and the family helped to cut and fold it

The Reception and Entertainment

The reception was intimate, since the tent and dancefloor was too small so everbody sat sooo close together. Just myself and my husband speeched. We had my brother and a friend as MC (hilarious). Our friend was the DJ and he did a great job. Ultimate Sound, please go check him out on FB and instagram.
Dancing lessons was at Ceroc Brooklyn. Linette did a great job with us, especially with my husband who never danced in his life and could improvise to any song by the end of it. I was, however, caught off-guard with the dance and dancefloor so I forgot to pin up my dress .... the dance failed a little but it was still fun.