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Courtney Bowers

Married on Nov 10, 2018 in Western Cape


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How did your love story begin?


Our story began in 2009, when I met Clive at our Church. He was a youth leader at the time and I had just recently started coming to the church. I met him, but him being in Grade 12 and me being in Grade 8, I never really thought anything of it. It was only a few years later, when I was in Grade 11, that we really started talking. We were placed in the same team on a church leadership camp, so we spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other over the course of the camp, and we realised that we clicked immediately. We were interested in the same things, we had the similar views, and we just enjoyed each others company, but because he was 4 and a half years older than me, my mom was against the idea of us being together. Considering I was only 16 at the time and he was 21, I understood her concern, but needless to say I wasn't very happy about it! We still spent time together getting to know each other, and it was only 3 months later, when my mom fell in love with him too and gave us the go ahead to be together! Of course, since then, we have had our fair share of ups and downs like any other couple, but we are happier than ever, and we are beyond excited to start our lives together!

Tell us all about the proposal.


Every year on our anniversary, 7 June, we attended the High Tea at the One and Only Hotel in the V&A Waterfront, however, this year, we were unable to celebrate our anniversary due to the busyness of our schedules, so the celebration was put off for a little while. The morning of June 30th 2018, I woke up to a little parcel that Clive had dropped off in the week. In this little parcel, was a puzzle that I had to build that had a message on it, a bottle with the information in it that we were going to be celebrating our anniversary at the One and Only Hotel, and a pack of photos of past memories we had made in the last 6 years of our relationship. On the back of each photo, was a little message, that had the information of where the photo was taken and what the memory was, just to take a trip down memory lane.

He fetched me at 13:00 and we made our way to the Waterfront. On the way there, he handed me another pack of photos, also past memories that we had made over the years. After we got to the hotel, we sat down for the High Tea, only for him to surprise me with another pack of photos of past memories made, all the while throwing me off any suspicion of a proposal!

Then, just before we left the Hotel, he handed me one more photo. This was a photo of the Cape Wheel, and written on the back of this photo was, "Today we get to make a new memory." We walked from the Hotel to the Wheel, to get there and realise that he had booked the VIP booth. When we arrived, they popped champagne, and we got our own private room as we waited to get onto the Wheel.

Once we got onto the Wheel, we were just enjoying the view, until the Wheel stopped. The Wheel had stopped, our booth at the top with Cape Town at our feet, when he pulled out one last photo. It was a photo we took at his 23rd birthday of him down on one knee pretending to propose. He handed me the photo, and pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes!

The Honeymoon


We spent our first two nights in the Tygervalley Protea Hotel in the Honeymoon Suite. On the Monday morning we took off to Knysna for the week. We went to the Knysna Elephant Park where we had an elephant encounter, and we had an encounter with wolves. We took drive through to Tsitsikamma one morning to do the canopy tour too, which was wonderful! On Friday morning, we made our way to Montagu, where we stayed for the weekend. We spent the weekend relaxing before we came back home to reality on Sunday afternoon.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I was all for simplicity. I believe less is more, and I still wanted to feel like myself! My hair was up, done beautifully by a close family friend of many years! My make up and nails was done to perfection by Gem Beauty I recommend them to anyone looking for their make up or nails done, ever! Gem Beauty made me feel like an absolute queen, and they came to my rescue when they agreed to do my nails too when my original nail appointment was cancelled the day before the wedding. They did a fantastic job!

I found my dress at Bride and Co. It is slim fit, and simple. A little bit of bead work at the top, with a slit down the left leg but otherwise, nothing too fancy! It fit like a glove, and very slimming! I found my jewellery at bride and Co as well. Beautiful chain and earrings to match that brought out the sparkle in the dress - a match made in heaven! I am looking to sell the dress, so if you know of anyone that is interested, please let me know!

My Captured Moments

Our photographer is so talented! Graeme Kloot Photography captured our day, with the assistance of Erin Rebecca Photography. He made me feel so comfortable while he was photographing me, and our photo's turned out better than I even could have imagined. I would definitely recommend him! Contact me if you would like his details! You won't be sorry!

The Reception and Entertainment

My brother is part of an ACDC tribute band. He and his band performed a set of covers (not just ACDC) at the wedding! We got so much feedback from our guests about how much they loved the live entertainment! I would definitely recommend their band as well (not just because it's my brother)! He and his band are incredibly talented, and they make for great entertainment!