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Alice Smith/Sedgwick (Shirley)

Alice Smith/Sedgwick

Married on Nov 7, 2018 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


I would say the highlight of the day, was seeing my Big nana after everthing it took us to get there. The next I would say was seeing all the work Sean my husband and his groomsmen had done on all the Decor and it looked just how I wanted it to look. Another moment was when my son gave me away, The smile he had on his face was something I will never forget. The next was when my daughter and myself did a dance after she caught the bouquet.

The Honeymoon


No honeymoon for now, but it’s okay we got our dream wedding.
Reason being Sean got retrenched, Just after we Finalized and paid for the last bits of the wedding. So there was no turning back and we wouldn’t have anyway.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I bought my black dress from YDE then I added Red rhinestones and red lace to it.
The red Rhinestones where placed on the string straps of my dress and the red lace to underneath Part of the dress, so when I lifted it up you saw the red lace. It looked amazing. I tailed my own wedding dress.
My shoes I bought from Fix It in mall of Africa, they are red heels with netting up the front.
My earrings I bought from lovisa, and my chain was a gift. My extra rings where also from Lovisa.
My knee highs wear from a china shop.

The Venue

We got married at Avianto.
Only myself and my husband Sean stayed the night. It was amazing, the breakfast the next day was amazing too. We can’t thank Enes, Taryn and all the staff from Avianto for the amazing service.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I did nothing besides my nails and colouring my own hair a few days before the wedding.
Makeup on the day was done by a friend Cyan.

Wedding Elements

We got married at Avianto in the Wine Cellar we could not have asked for a better place.
We had Antique Table and chairs that my husband miss match and with different size mirrors and pictures of gestures on the wall.
To add to the we use 6 colours all different they where red, black, green, purple. Sliver and white. For our table cloths which where layed up first with the white table cloths then a colored clothe then a different coloured organza .We use overly large vases and water pearls, and the protea flower , we use sliver under and the plate and different side colored pearls so they look like it the pearls there floating in mid air. We used comic books as wedding gifts for the guests.
Use also use different could Led lights and candles.
We print Harley Quinn and Joker post .
As we had a themed wedding .

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom wear a Deep Plum purple suit from Romans. With a black shirt with fine fine sliver pin stripes and Lime green Braces and a two bright green tie. And a packed square that match the tie and cliffs And all of that come from China mall Midrand. black Fedora. a red cane was ours.
The groom man suit we got a Chaina mall Midrand. The best man wear black suit with a lime green shirt and purple and black tie and pack Square With purple braces. The grrom
Man wear grey suit with black breeding and purple and white small polkadot Shirt with a lime green tie and braces.
The last groom man wear a grey suit with red and black tie black braces red pocket square.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My flower girl/ ring Barra Wear a white and sliver mini wedding dress.

My bridesmaid where a long mahogany red dress from YDE stripeless.

Marriage Officer

Rev. Christopher Judelsohn
He was azamaing and had a calm effect on everyone.

Marriage Officer

Rev. Christopher Judelsohn
He was azamaing and had a calm effect on everyone.

My Captured Moments

We use a lovely lady called Yolandi from infinity times infinity.she was amazing and always looking to go the extra mile to make sure she misses nothing in your day.

The Wedding Planner

No, all self made and self arrange.
Avianto was a great help in set up thing with my hu husband and groom man.

Wedding Transport

Self transport.

Food & Cake

We had the place in world to have your wedding with the most amazing staff and service and always with a small person touch’s Avianto in Muldersderift put on everthing they do. Including our little snack bag we got the next day for out trip home.
Bride Alice made the Gluten free wedding cakes and ice them as well

Wedding Stationery

It was group effort my mother in law, my husband Sean and myself.
Inviter where digital and done by Jenny my bridesmaid and myself and Sean.
It was amazing doing the invites. The place cards.

The Reception and Entertainment

We did lesson with my mother in law and she plays the cello for the RSO in Randburg. The rest of then lighting and Dj was
Geoffrey Ras and Yolandi the best duo group I could have asked for and they both with infinity times infinity.

Wedding Services Used