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Shelley Antunes (Storrs-fry)

Shelley Antunes

Married on Oct 27, 2018 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


Every girl dreams of a big fancy wedding,looking like a princess and having the perfect day. My day was perfect but it was a absolute disaster till the very day. It was a long awaited yet unexpected wedding as we decided we did not want to wait. I had my dress a week after we got engaged but only married 11 months later. The venue was cancelled a week before the wedding included hair make up the works. It was a mess!!! But at the end close friends and family made it possible for us and I will never forget their kindness!

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My Special Day

Make up and hair done by lizel melo and dress by maureen wilson

Wedding Elements

Very simple affair

My Captured Moments

My friends son.

The Reception and Entertainment

None of the fancy frills