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Samantha Pretorius

Married on Oct 8, 2018 in Gauteng


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How did your love story begin?


He has been living in Pretoria all his life and I have moved over 11 times. His sister and my mother worked at the same company and when I moved from Cape Town to Pretoria to be closer to my parents, I had no friends. I was then introduced to his sister who I became good friends with. She then introduced me to Uwan (fiance). I am a true english-man and him a true boer-man. The day I met him he had on John dear short khaki pants and a real boer shirt ( with no shoes mind you). from there we became best friends and well he asked me out ( typically at a Afrikaans monument).

Tell us all about the proposal.


we have been dating for over 3 years and I was at a point of just giving up on the whole engagement idea ( only because I hinted and begged for over 2 years). We went on our first trip across the borders to Mozambique, and my parents and couple of friends too. on the 16th December 2016, we all decided to go have sundowners on the beach ( little did I know my dad had been pushing Uwan on when he will ask). Whilst walking down to the beach my one friend had her camera and I still said to her, 'its a great idea to take awesome pictures of her kids". Uwan was so nervus he bashed his to open (but kept a straight face and carried on walking). when we reached half way down the steps the wooden stairs broke. I still couldn't understand why everyone insists we still carry on walking down, but we did. When we reached the bottom Uwan whispered in my ear " let's go take a walk". the rest of the people were just on top of the hill and he was just about to ask, when I jumped with joy to see a string of crabs and decided to start running down for them. He then still looked at everyone with a big frustrated look and ran after me. We then were just a little further down and he looked at me and said " you know I love you?" I then said obviously I do, and carried on looking at the sunset. He then said said it again and as I looked at him he went down on one knee. I cannot remember a word he said but will you marry me. All I remember is pushing out my hand crying ( that ugly cry) and saying yes yes yes!!!

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