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Natalie Fecha (Birbeck)

Natalie Fecha

Married on Oct 21, 2018 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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Magical Moments


The highlights of our wedding day:

-My god mother did our ceremony/service over looking the sea which was special
-We said our own vows
-My bridesmaid walking down the isle with a broken foot
-The dance with my dad
-Our first dance in my second dress,being able to dance to dirty dancing

Magical Moments


The hightlights:

The ceremony - was romantic,it was cloudy but a perfect setting on the beach,what made it extra special was my god mother lead the ceremony and it was personal to us.
besides my bridesmaid having a broken foot as she had a bit too much to drink the night before(she still walked down the isle though)The wind started getting bad after the ceremony and it started drizzling,nothing like a little rain on your wedding day,everyone just chipped in to help and it made a good story!

The reception-I loved my unicorn inflatables!

Dinner reception-dancing with my dad, and our first dance dirty dancing routine where my dress was customized for the dance!loved that

Our honeymoon suite was amazing!!

The Honeymoon


Not yet!We are dying to go;))

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I couldnt find the dress of my dreams and had many tearful/stressful months! I was lucky 3 months before my wedding to find a very talented designer and dress maker,, she helped me design and make the dress of my dreams.It had swarski crystals hand-sewn on the front with a 3 metre long train!
We then created a second dress,so I could move around more freely, which un clipped as it was a part in our first dance.

My cousin-in-law did my make up,and Nasreen and her team from Fairmont Zimbali did my hair and did an amazing job while we sipped champagne in the bridal suite.

I had swarski stud earrings,and I went on a ballroom website to get wedding salsa shoes so I could look fabulous and be comfortable without falling all day!

The Venue

We stayed in the beautiful Fairmont Zimbali hotel for 2 nights and 3 days with all our guests who we flew from all over the world!We then had our wedding there on the beach,had a pool party reception with unicorn infltables,a customised bar and sunscreens to booze in an ice boat.We then went to the OSA venue in Zimbali for our dinner reception.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Leading up to the wedding:
Aloe vera!I swear by it, 2 shots a day of pure aloe gel and aloe face wash to get your skin glowing!and pretty much did the good old exercise and healthy eating

Wedding day:
I double dosed on aloe vera and only ate fruit the night before, I then took boost sachets before the wedding to prevent bloating

Wedding Elements

Sweet P decor and flowers was amazing,she saw my wedding day vision and made it come alive.

-The first reception was by the pool bar that had been customised to NN bar (as our occupation is as mixologists),we had a boat that had been made and customised with ice and beers inside as wel as prosecco bottles dipped in unicorn coloured glitter.Oysters and champagne jellies
-The ceremony on the beach,I had a pink petaled isle with flowers in pineapples beautiful colours of sea blue and baby pink,mini happy tears tissue boxes and sun chinese umbrellas.Wimbledon chairs and a built arch with sea blue and pink flowers.
-The second reception was a unicorn pool party with a dj,our own customised mini cocktails,and glitter confetti! with canapes
-We were then moved to the dinner/dance reception with a seafood buffet,hot dishes and south african meats!globe lights on the celing and soft blue and pink petals all over the venue.We rented ice chairs which looked modern and suited the venue. We did video speeches,a band and then a DJ.Soft romantic lighting throughout the venue.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom and groomsmen wore electric blue suits,chinos white shirt and electric blue jacket with boat rope and blue flowers as there pins.The groom had a 3-piece(he had a waistcoat as wel)They had maroon ties.
The groomsmen also had superhero shirts underneath which they were each a different hero,they later took their white shirts off

They got their suits from Zara in London and their brown shoes from gateway,Umhlanga

My Captured Moments

The photographers were artistic and understood the vision of my day,they really supported us as a couple throughout and I am thankful for the beautiful pictures they captured!

Ariste Photographers

Ariste Photographers

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – What are yours saying?

The Wedding Planner

No one could do what I had envisioned,there is a lack of good wedding planners,so I did it all myself! I did however have a lot of support from all my service providers from artiste photographers to sweetp my decor lady she was amazing!

The Reception and Entertainment

We had a live music through out,

Ceremony: a singer and acoustic guitar
Reception: live singers and a dj
Dinner reception: a band then dad and daughter dance and then first dance and finally a dj to dance the night away

Wedding Services Used

Ariste Photographers

Ariste Photographers

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – What are yours saying?