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Megan Appollis

Married on Oct 26, 2018 in Eastern Cape


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How did your love story begin?


Evan & I have known each other from high school (those were the start of the millennium years). We had a mutual friend whom we visited quite often. At the time I thought he was really childish and he irritated me and that made me not take much note of him. Whenever they visited and I was there too, I'd go lay in the room or just keep myself busy elsewhere till they would leave.
In 2012, our paths crossed again. He attended a youth leadership camp where I was part of the planning committee and facilitated a few sessions. I still did not take much note of him then. We would just greet each other and pass by. We had each other on BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) but we never chatted (we still don't know how we happened to become BBM friends). No chatting but we didn't delete each others contacts either.
In 2014, I learnt that he is friends with a cousin of mine and that's how we started hanging out and chatting. We seemed to like each other's company and decided to get to know each other more outside the friends circle.
We stole a kiss one night after a gathering and it was evident that we had great chemistry and loved being around each other.
Evan asked my parents' permission to date me and that really stole my heart. On 10 December 2014, he made it official and asked me to be his girlfriend while we were sitting in our lounge watching television. I was very curious and wanted to know what he was talking to my parents about a few nights ago. My curiosity actually "spoiled" his whole plan. However, we still went on our romantic date to celebrate officially being in a relationship. We have been inseparable ever since and the rest is history.
We believe that every event was part of God's plan to unite our paths. The not liking and taking note of each other, the youth leadership camp years later, the mutual friends and hanging out, everything! It all links like a puzzle, making us the perfect fit.

Tell us all about the proposal.


The proposal took place on Saturday, 9 December 2017 at St Georges Park, Port Elizabeth.

In the week prior to the proposal, Evan & I planned to drive out to have breakfast at Crossways Country Kitchen (about 47 km out of Port Elizabeth) and then visit Mooihoek Strawberry Farm in Hankey (about 80 km out of Port Elizabeth). A lovely day outing was planned to celebrate another year added to our relationship.
Thursday, 7 December 2017, Evan informed me that he arranged a couple shoot for the Saturday afternoon to commemorate the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. This was his gift to me/us. Evan is always full of surprises and always spoiling me so this was nothing out of the ordinary. I remember it as a pleasant and thoughtful surprise/gift and I looked forward to our shoot.
Our plans slightly changed then to just having breakfast at Crossways Country Kitchen and then we would drive back to Port Elizabeth and get ready for the shoot.

In that same week I fell ill with a terrible cold and we also had a disagreement so things were a bit tense between us. The Friday evening, he had some lame excuse for not being able to see me that day and that just added more tension. I went to bed early that night, sick and upset. I woke up the Saturday morning with swollen eyes, blocked nose, sore throat and an aching body. Feeling worse than I did the day before. The morning I messaged Evan to tell him we should rather just cancel our plans for the day because I would rather just stay in bed for the day.

I chatted to a friend that morning who persuasively convinced me to get up, have a shower and dress even if it was just for the shoot. After all Evan put in much effort to arrange it all and not all guys do these type of things. Agreeing with her, I got out of bed and went to shower. I just finished in the shower when I heard the doorbell rang and there he was. He figured that if I can't go out to breakfast, he'll make me breakfast at home. (Shame, thinking back I really gave him a hard time).

I then got dressed even though I had no idea where the location would be. My younger sister eagerly helped me with my hair even though I normally have to beg her for that (she obviously knew what the actual plan was).
Evan and I eventually left and it must have been the most quiet drives we ever had. Remember, I am sick and the tension is still there. We drove around the marine, listening to music and I enjoyed a drink he bought me (clearly this was to loosen up the tension). We stopped to view the ocean still without saying a word to each other. I remember him taking pictures and videos till he received a phone call and as he continued talking I figured that it was the photographer (I still had no idea who it was). Evan then asked me to direct him via the quickest route to St Georges Park.

Finally, I know the location.

We arrived at St Georges Park, I met the photographer, Denver Fondling and immediately we got carried away with the shoot. I love taking pictures but that day I couldn't wait for the shoot to be over and just get back into bed. I frequently asked the photographer "are we done yet?". I think this added to Evan's nerves and of course the photographer knew exactly what was up and played along very well. Finally the photographer said "we're going to do the last shots now". Those words were music to my ear. I walked towards the tree, which the photographer pointed out for the last few shots, and as I turned around Evan was on his knee with a sparkly ring in a box. I could not believe my eyes and was in disbelieve, all I could do was cry. I hardly remember his speech, just that he said I will have to answer him. I said yes and the photographer was there to capture the moment!!!

When I looked up I saw our friends cheerfully entering the park with champagne. I couldn't control my tears. Evan had it all planned so well. It was extra special to get engaged and have all our close friends there to share our joy. It's a moment I will never forget and a beautiful story to tell our children and our grandchildren one day.

Magical Moments


The highlight of our wedding day was our beautiful, outside ceremony, pervaded with sincerity. I had the privilege to walk down the aisle with both my parents and at the end of the aisle waited my teary, handsome groom with his parents. A touching moment to be handed over to my groom and being welcomed as a daughter in my new family. My dad symbolically, giving my groom his blessing to make me his wife and welcoming him as a new son in our family. The demonstration of the unity sand symbolic of the union of two people becoming one and "what God has joined together, let no man separate". The act of washing each others feet, humbling ourselves before God and to each other and promising to be servants of love to each other was a super special moment, hence all the tears that flowed. It was amazing to experience a great sense of God's presence.

We had perfect weather throughout the day and no Port Elizabeth wind interrupted the festivities ad that is quite rare in our city. Yet again, this testifies to the favour of God on our union.

The Honeymoon


We were blessed to spend our honeymoon at the scenic Umngazi River Bungalows & Spa in Port St Johns in the Eastern Cape.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

The Dress : BT18-30 Enzoani (bought it from Lorette Designs in Port Elizabeth)
Shoes: Legit Fashion
Make-Up Artist: Taryn Harding
Hair: Caryn October
Lingerie: Woolworths
Jewellery: Sterns
Accessories: Lovisa



In 2005, a new bridal collection emerged and quickly rose to compete with top brands by merging traditional and modern European styles into exquisitely hand crafted gowns.

The Venue

We got married at the picturesque Andante Wedding Venue in Port Elizabeth. Our outdoor ceremony and our reception was done at the venue.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Health: It wanted to lose some tummy fat to ensure that my figure hugging wedding dress would fit me perfectly on our special day. Herbalife's healthy breakfast pack assisted me in reaching my goal and maintaining it. I also experienced that drinking the required amount of water each day, did wonders.
Skin: I did the normal morning and evening cleanse and moisturise with Garnier's Pure Active Intensive range and I use their Micellar Cleaning Water to remove my make up at night. I suffer from acne problems and my make-up artist (MUA) referred me to Anel's Beauty & Skincare Salon in Port Elizabeth. Anel treats my skin with Lamelle's chemical peel and I was fortunate enough to get 2 bookings before our wedding day. The chemical peels assisted my MUA in applying my bridal make-up and I still continue with the treatment as it is good for my skin.

Wedding Elements

Décor and Flowers: Priscilla Potgieter from Droom Dekor.

We wanted a simple and romantic, yet elegant look and Priscilla graciously put the idea together with her magic hands.Windmills & rockroses (succulents) was the focus for our décor. Andante Wedding Venue provided all the furniture for the ceremony as well as the reception.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Groom's Attire and Shoes: Edgars
Groom's waistcoat was made by a local tailor, Mr William Muller from Uitenhage
Groomsmen Attire: Markhams
Groomsmen Shoes: Mr Price.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids wore long mauve dresses with a slit and my maid of honour wore a lighter shade. I chose the design for their dresses and my choice was inspired by the burgundy Gucci dress that Blake Lively wore to the Cannes Film Festival in 2014.
Dresses made by local seamstress Susan Botes.

Marriage Officer

Our marriage officer was Rev. T.A Williams.

My Captured Moments

Our photographer: Ron Harding Photography
Our videographer: Pelicula Production

The Wedding Planner

We had awesome vendors assisting us with our wedding and they worked so well together. Our MC, Mr Thabiso Bokwe (T'bozz), Priscilla from Droom Dekor, Ron from Ron Harding Photography, Kirsty from Pelicula Productions, Helen and Maya from Andante and Rev T.A Williams all played a pivotal role in the success of our special day. We had peace of mind knowing that our wedding day is in good hands.

Wedding Transport

We were transported by Tavcor Audi in Port Elizabeth

Food & Cake

Catering: Maajieda Maya Saffidien from Fusion Fantasy
Wedding Cake: The Pastryworks.

Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery: Colour Design & Co. - Jovanka Jo Djuza
Droom Dekor - Priscilla Potgieter

The Reception and Entertainment

Our wedding reception was quite a celebration and started with our parents entering the hall dancing with an upbeat song followed by our wedding party and this literally just set the mode for the rest of the evening. My husband & I had no other choice but to join in on the festivities and dance our way into the hall as the new Mr & Mrs Appollis. Our entrance is definitely one for the books and we had everyone on their feet. An epic moment true to us as a couple. Oh what a jol that was!!!
Our MC, Mr Thabiso Bokwe (aka T'bozz) did a sterling job on the mic by coordinating the flow of events and adding his magic to our special day.
SAMRO approved Dj Photo Booths was on the decks for the night and also provided us with his photo booth equipment. We did not take any dance lessons, everything just came naturally. Everyone was on their feet and that is what we wanted because a wedding reception is the celebration of a union. A happy time in the lives of both families.

Wedding Services Used



In 2005, a new bridal collection emerged and quickly rose to compete with top brands by merging traditional and modern European styles into exquisitely hand crafted gowns.