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Amy Danielle De Andrade

Married on Jan 5, 2018 in Eastern Cape


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Magical Moments


There were so many highlights and special moments, a day filled with laughter, tears, magical moments and love,but as the number 5 is a significant number in my life it is only fitting that there were 5 memorable moments.

Memorable moment number one:
We chose to get married on Friday 5th of January 2018. As mentioned the number 5 was important to us , being the number on my late father's hockey shirt and as a couple and as a family, it was in honor of my father that this date was chosen. In subtle moments during the day we included him to be part of this special and emotional day.

Memorable moment number 2:
Was PJ (my groom to be) walking down the aisle with four of the men who have added meaning and purpose to his life. Watching the 5 men walk in front of family and friends to the Liverpool anthem " You will never walk alone" was a truly magical moment. And yes the De Andrade family are staunch Liverpool supporters but the words were and are so true.

Memorable moment number 3:

When planning our wedding the hardest and most emotional part for me was walking down the aisle. Every little girl dreams of the day her father will walk her down the aisle. There was no question that my mother who has been my friend, my supporter, my only parent since the age of 10 would walk me down the aisle. However we chose to change this potentially difficult moment. Instead of carrying a bouquet, I had 5 close friends and family,people who had supported me in life, been instrumental in shaping the person I am today and who have guided me in love and friendship, each give me 5 roses whilst I made my way with my mom to my future husband waiting at the end of the aisle. The last person to give me roses was my future mother in law which symbolized the beginning of my life as part of the De Andrade family. The roses were then given to my mother and brother to tie up with ribbon symbolizing the end of my life as a Kapp.
Instead of the wedding march I walked down the aisle to Toto's "Africa" which was to honor my father as this was his favorite song.

Memorable moment number 4:

After the memorable moment of committing our lives and love to each other, it was time for the fun to start at the reception. We had asked 5 people close to us to say speeches during the reception. Each person who spoke brought laughter and tears to each and every guest but the highlight of the speeches was by my younger brother who summed up the emotion and meaning of the day with an incredible speech and tribute to our families.

Memorable moment number 5:

After an evening of dancing, fun and far too many tequilas by all, we left the reception to make our way to the chalet in the grounds of the venue. Before reflecting on an incredible day that was beyond our expectations, we found a note from my mother. Knowing how difficult it was for me as a bride and as a daughter not to have my father there on the day, she had given me a photograph of me as a young girl dressed up as a make-believe bride, wearing my mothers veil. Reminding me that my father had indeed walked me down the aisle. He would have been proud to know that someone like PJ, would one day be waiting for me at the end of that aisle.

It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

The Honeymoon


Our romantic small little get-away was gifted by my new in laws. We went to Misty Mountains in the Western Cape. Exploring the local wine farms and restaurants in the tranquil Tsitsikamma surroundings. A few days break did us wonders after months of prepping and planning.

A small honeymoon as we got engaged in Bali only 8 months before the wedding.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

The dress was designed by Leandre from L Designs, she did an amazing job to take my idea and create a unique style and fit. A one of a kind design.
Shelly from SAW Hair in Port Elizabeth created a the easy soft looking hair style for this very special day.
Tracy did my make up with subtle grey colours and nude lip.

The Venue

Thunzi Bush Lodge in Maitlands, Port Elizabeth
This isn't known as a wedding venue but we fell in love with the tranquil forest/garden feel and setup a full Bedouin tent, bar, and ceremony area. The weather was perfect!
We rented the lodges out at Thunzi for immediate family. This was such a treat as everyone got stuck in helping with setup the evening before the wedding. We all melted in the pool with sun-downers and snacks to end off a long day and prepare for the next big day. Having family and close friends around was everything we wanted for our wedding.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

None of the above - I am a pretty straight forward/simple person.
I wanted to walk down the aisle looking like Amy and not someone else.
Being super coordinated in my job - dealing with the wedding stress was pretty easy and i had the strategy and mind set that whatever happens is out of my control and just enjoy the day. The only thing that was important and we kept this motto throughout the planning was not to forget what the day is actually about - getting married to the one you love!

Wedding Elements

I work for an events company - Inspiration Events. They were fortunate to assist me with the infrastructure for our wedding. This included a 25 X 18m bedouin tent in beige, wooden dining trestle tables, wimbledon chairs, white ABS dance floor and fairy lights surrounding the tent. Bar setup was managed by a good friend Dog who handled everything and made sure there was enough tequila going around. Sqeeks from Occasions DJ's managed the sound/music - what a great vibe.
Decor and flowers was all us! PJ and I collected all the cutlery, under-plates, napkins and flowers the day before the wedding. Our close friends and family assisted with putting everything together. Our favours, Da Vasco Chillie sauce was made weeks before the wedding with a production line of family members bottling and labeling. We were given Spier wine for our tables from family friends in Cape Town who manage Spier Wine Farm, our guests definitely got spoilt here.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

We didn't have a bridal party - the groom walked down with his brother, best friend, brother in law to be and his dad.
PJ found a navy suit from Zara with a soft grey shirt and brown smart shoes. Simple and smart! He surprised me by wearing UK colour socks as my mom was leaving a few months after our wedding to live in the UK.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

No bridesmaids - I wanted my friends to just enjoy our wedding without the stress of being a bridesmaid. I had everything under control being a planner for a living. I even surpised all my close friends with a get-away weekend and wine tour in Plett for my bachelorette. Yes control freak - thats what they all said. I didnt want anyone to fuss over me. My mom was with me the entire morning while getting ready and I wouldnt have changed this for the world. She also walked me down the aisle to a family song that is close to our hearts - Toto Africa (my dads braai song)

Marriage Officer

Paul Vice from Grace Now Ministry

My Captured Moments

Laura Dalton from Ruby Jean Photography
She is actually family and although she was a guest we had to have her for our photos - the very best at what she does and captured the perfect moments for two very awkward people in front of a camera.

We also had Ryan from Rebel Media Guys - He was too a guest but asked him to take all the photos later in the evening with guests while Laura focused on us.

The Wedding Planner

All the help in the world from Inspiration Events and the team plus family and friends of course.

Wedding Transport

We didn't need any, we got dressed and married at Thunzi.

Food & Cake

Dewald from Flair Catering
We did simple slider burgers, chips in cones, and a few other small bites to fill our guests while we had photos taken.
Being a summer wedding, we served a light roasted butternut and dukhah salad for a starter. The main course was an easy decision. My husband and his brother Vasco are the Paella kings and every major family birthday or celebration we do Paella. So it was a no brainer, paella it was! Although my father in law says no one will ever beat his sons recipe, Dewald did an amazing job with his take on a Paella! The De Andrade's were very happy.
Meagan a close family friend offered to make carrot cupcakes for everyone and a small carrot cake for us to cut as a wedding cake - we knew our guests would be tucked into the bar so a massive desert was not important to us. Carrot cake is PJ's favourite so there was no other choice on this!

Wedding Stationery

I printed our wedding programs myself and this is all we had...

The Reception and Entertainment

Sqeeks from Occasions DJ's was our DJ and did all the lighting.

Dance lessons HAHA - We winged it and was the best dance we have ever had.

Grace Vanderwaal - Moonlight was our wedding song