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Vicki Hiscox

Married on Sep 2, 2017 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


I met Wayne when my mom was ill with Cancer and her dying wish was that I find a man who will love me and look after me. Wayne never got the honour of meeting my mom, as she died soon after. My dad got to meet Wayne and he also wanted his only daughter to get married. My dad died of a broken heart a year after mom. I now had no one to give me away on my day. So I decided to ask all three of my brothers to do the honour. They each took turns starting with my oldest brother who walked part way, then He handed me over to my second brother who walked me part way then he handed me to my youngest brother who walked me to the alter. When the pastor asked who gives this bride away in honour of my parents all 3 of my brothers stood up. It was the best decision i ever made. and I was so proud to have them give me away.

The Honeymoon


Yes we did go on Honeymoon, we went to Crystal Springs

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Our wedding was everything that i imagined and more, and what made it even more special was that everything was done by myself, my husband and his and my family, even down to the table decor. We are both bikers and wanted our motor bikes incorporated into the wedding theme, even down to the cake which was tiered with a road and a bride and groom sitting on top of a bike. My hair is short, and I am a very plain woman, so didn't want anything too extravagant, My make up was perfect, done by a lady at Sorbet, i wanted to look as natural as possible so that my husband would see me and not a stranger walking down the Isle. My wedding dress was totally oposit to what i wanted, but it fitted like a glove and looked absolutely beautiful. the dresses that were my style looked terrible. and the best part was that it showed my tattoo that i had done when my parents died. so it all blended in, I didnt want to wear white or have a veil, my mom in law made my garter for me, my bracelet was given to me by my sister in law who wore it at her wedding almost 30 years ago, i had plain pearl earrings and a single pearl necklace that my mom in law gave to me. My shoes unfortunately were beautiful but i could only wear them for 1 hour and had to take them off.

The Venue

We got married at the Fourways Gardens Club House. No our guests didnt stay over, they didnt have to travel far.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I went to gym 5 times a week, lost 14kg, had a back massage, had my nails done for the wedding , didnt have anything done to me teeth.

Wedding Elements

The Decor was plain but incredible, everything was hand made by family and friends, (but very professionally) people have said that the decor and the wedding was the best they've seen. All the guests gifts were made with our laser, a key ring with each persons name on it with a Greek Mitey (to have part of moms tradition at the wedding) for the men, the women had the same but with beads attached as well to make it feminine. the tables (round) had white table cloths with a lilac piece of materiel in the middle, the centre piece (made with our laser) was a perspex stand that had a plastic Light bulb which hung from a piece on the perspex which had shattered coloured glass at the bottom of it with a tea light which highlighted the glass, the other bulb with shattered glass half way had flowers in it and was glued to the stand. and the stand had thank you for joining us on this day. Our table numbers (also made with laser) was a book with the table number which said please leave a note for the bride and groom to read on their "7th" year anniversary. so each table number was a year. Chairs had white covers with Lilac ribbon. Flowers had carnations and roses which i love and was done by a friend.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Groom and Groomsmen wore black suites with Yellow or Lilac ties. each bought their own suites that they had from home

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Maid of Honour and Bridesmaid were able to choose their own design and style as long as it fitted in with the colour scheme of Baby Yellow and Lilac. There is nothing worse than having to wear something that does not suite you. My mom in law made both their outfts. which they chose from patterns

Marriage Officer

A part time pastor who works at my husbands company did all the paper work for us and my cousin who is a pastor in Richards Bay drove down to marry us.

My Captured Moments

A friend of mine who is a professional photographer did our photos as a wedding present for us. She was incredible and so creative, she incorporated our motorbikes into the photos and being so creative the men held the helmets and myself and my girls wore riding boots.

The Wedding Planner

No we didn't have a planner, as we did everything ourselves

Wedding Transport

We used my brothers Mercedes to the function (wedding and receptions were at the same place) and where i got ready was 500 meters from the venue.

Food & Cake

The Exquisite food was made by the chef at Fourways Gardens Club House Chef. Our wedding cake was a gift from my brother and his wife. not sure where they had it made.

Wedding Stationery

My sister in Law Michel Hiscox did all the design and stationary on her laser

The Reception and Entertainment

Party was awesome, had more of the older generation there which was great. the DJ Darren (Fade To Black) was incredible, took song requests. dis his own lighting. No we didn't take dancing lessons.