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Tyler-Lee Fourie

Married on Sep 2, 2017 in Eastern Cape

Pierre & Tyler

We met just over a year ago and there was absolutely no denying we had in instant connection! But it still took a good 2 months to join him for a drink, from that moment we have been inseparable! We have both walked a similar road of heartache and betrayal yet we faught against every insecurity we knew and took one more chance at love! Just over a year before meeting Pierre I was really at a crossroad in my life and cried out to God for a chance at true happiness and love after constantly finding myself hurt and betrayed. I asked God that if there would ever be a man he would want me to spend my life with and a man I know I could trust with my heart He would propose to me with a pebble, (For those who don’t know traditions are that a male penguin will search the beach for a perfect pebble and present it to a female and they will be mates for life) This was my plea, my cry, my deepest prayer and I didn’t tell anyone about this other than God... well little did I know that just a year later that I would meet this incredibly humble, handsome and loyal man who totally turned my world upside down and changed not only my life but my daughters as well. On the 31 Dec 2016 just before we rang in the new year Pierre got down on one knee and started talking about Penguins... At that moment it hit me so hard and I totally lost it, he presented me with the most beautiful, perfect, round pebble and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! After walking many long, hard, narrow and winding roads we finally found one another and God had a plan for us and our story. In a moment where you feel your world just keeps crumbling in there will also come a moment where you feel your world has totally restored. Never loose hope and trust in the power of prayer because victory will always triumph over defeat and love above all things is the greatest gift of all!


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Magical Moments


There are so many moments from our incredibly beautiful wedding day that I could share but the one that stood out amongst it all was the moment before Pierre and I said our vows and he knelt down on one knee and gave my daughter Nohvah a promise ring and he made a vow to love her as his own daughter until he blows out his very last breath, this moment had everyone grasping for tissues! It is one we will treasure forever!

The Honeymoon


We took a 3 hour drive to the very beautiful Hogsback & stayed in a very quaint little stone cottage. It was absolutely beautiful.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I wanted to go for a classic romantic look. My hair was all pulled up with beautiful small twists and curls and diamond pins here and there, my make up was a Smokey eye with a more natural lip colour. My dress was a classic sweetheart neckline in a beautiful ballet pink shade with stunning lace and beading detail.

The Venue

We got married at a beautiful country style venue called Estate 28 nestled in a beautiful valley. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking and created the perfect backdrop to our love story.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I tried eating healthier and drinking more water. I avoided foods that would cause bloating or a skin breakout. I also made sure I got enough sleep the weeks leading up to our big day.

Wedding Elements

I would call our decor “Romance in the Country” we used king proteas as our centerpiece’s with some fynbos on the side and wooden underplates. We made our own candles for the tables which where rose gold tins and really complemented the color pallet we went with.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groomsmen and groom all got the same pair of chinos with long sleeve collar shirts. The groomsmen also had baige suspenders and dusty pink bow ties and the groom had a waist coat made to match his pants and a dusty pink tie.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My beautiful ladies each had a infinity wrap dress ordered from Bride-Zilla. Each wrapped in a style they where comfy with and each in a different colour. One was a very soft pink, the other a dark dusty pink and the last one a dark nude.

Marriage Officer

The very humble and charming Vince from Fathers House Church and Pastor Paul Raper

My Captured Moments

Our amazing photographer was Greta Kumm from Captive Nation photography.

Our incredible videographer was Dirk Moggee.

Both Greta and Dirk are so talented and each had the ability to capture the very essence of us and our love story! We cannot say thank you enough to them for what they have done for us and the impact their work has had on us! Memories that will truly live with us forever and always!

We also had a photo booth from Amuse Photo Booths.

The Wedding Planner

Our wedding venue assisted with a lot of the decor but we worked hand in hand with them for the feel and look we wanted.

Wedding Transport

My dad totally pulled out all the stops and arranged a yellow Lamborghini for me to arrive in! We where at the wedding venue in 15 minuets flat and it would usually take around 35 minutes to drive there

Food & Cake

The food was prepared by the venue and my beautiful cousin baked our cake with our very special and sentimental penguin couple cake topper

Wedding Stationery

It was all designed by myself

The Reception and Entertainment

Our DJ cancelled on us a week before the wedding! We where blessed enough to book with a DJ service the very next day who had an opening for our wedding date and they where absolutely amazing, they even did lighting for us to create a stunning ambiance according to our colour scheme, it was beautiful and we danced the night away!