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Natasha Prime-Stagler

Married on Sep 23, 2017 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


Our highlights & memorable moments:

• Hearing the prayer Adrian wrote for me during the ceremony.
• Seeing him happy, at no point was he not smiling - myself included.
• Seeing our planning and detail come to life – we were on a strict budget, and to see our handy work
on display gave us so much joy.
• Having my grandmother alive to attend. And because 3 of our grandparents weren’t there, the fact that
we had a candle burning for them was very special to us.
• Watching everyone have fun and enjoy themselves.
• Seeing so many people attend to celebrate us, and enjoy the event we put together.
• Dancing with my father, and have him whisper that he is proud of me.
• Having Adrian (husband) dance with me - something he never does.
• After 11 years, to marry my best friend.
• One of Adrian's favourite moments is getting out the car and seeing everyone so excited and happy.
• Another of Adrian's happy moments is seeing me for the first time, after ceremony

The Honeymoon


We did a Garden Route honeymoon.
We visited a number of places along the garden route - we stayed a night or two at each place, did the activities in the area and moved on. We made use of

Nothing was planned - each night we'd book a different place. We decided to do it this way because so much of our lives are planned, we wanted to let go and explore the beautiful Garden Route.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I wanted a very relaxed wedding, and I wanted it to carry through into my wedding look too:

My dress was simple lace, fitted to show off my curves. Hair was an up-style and messy to frame my face. Makeup was simple and clean - have never been one for lots of unnecessary makeup. However the bold red lips were a must. Because everything was very simple, I chose an embroidered heel (Heels - something I never wear). Lingerie? Well... there wasn't any! Jewellery was two infinity earrings from my mother. No other accessories - I wanted it to be very simple. I also had a flower veil which my auntie made me.

Make up:

The Venue

We got married at the venue - 401 Rozendal. It was a two level, rustic building - so we basically got married in the attic.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Well leading up to the wedding - I was on a strict diet for 1 year LOL. I didn't kill myself though - I simply stuck to heathy eating and looked after my skin the way I naturally do. I didn't do any spa treatments - not only because we were on a budget, but because we didn't see the need to make a major fuss about it all. The focus was on us, not on all the other things that really don't add to the grand scheme of things.

Wedding Elements

The venue itself was rustic, and did not need much to make it beautiful. It also came with beautiful all white tables and chairs - which we arranged to create two long tables because we wanted people to mingle and feel like one unit. The table decor was simple bunches of white lilies and greenery in large clear vases. With over-sized candles scattered throughout the ceremony isle and entire venue. Seat allocation was divided up into 4 areas: Trust, Honesty, Friendship ad Love - each area had a list of people at the table and from there they could choose where to sit. So they could sit wherever they felt comfortable. Favours also became part of the decor - mini painted canvasses (which we did ourselves) on stands at each place setting. Lounging areas were decorated with hay bails, blue cushions, candles, signs in frames with witty little signs to make people smile and direct them where they need to be. Confetti was hand-cut hearts from old books and biodegradable hearts for outside confetti tossing.


My Groom And His Groomsmen

They wore deep blue suits, white shirts and tan belts and shoes. They bought their suits from PALS. Their blue paisley bowties were made by my auntie. And the groom wore batman cufflinks, which I got him as a wedding gift.


Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids were dressed in deep blue infinity dresses. Specifically made for them.

Marriage Officer

Pastor Wayne Barrows.

My Captured Moments

Lisa Rieken - she and her husband were incredibly relaxed and executed the brief perfectly. I requested very little posed pictures. I wanted everything to be captured in the moment - giving myself and husband ample time to enjoy ourselves with our friends and family and not stand still for endless family pictures. As I requested, she captured the detail of the wedding - from little kids laughing and playing to aunties telling little flower girls to walk carefully. Everything was very natural and organic - very little posed or rehearsed.


The Wedding Planner

I had a wedding planner to co-ordinate on the day! My decor was hired but much of the decor was created by myself, Adrian, mother, aunties and cousin.

Wedding Transport

Wedding transport was not a big issue for us. Adrian belongs to the Subaru club, which meant he wanted to drive his own car and my car was generously sponsored by my dad's company - a lexus. A fancy car didn't really mean anything to me - but my dad insisted (old school like that)!

Food & Cake

Janneman Lee - Awesome Weddings & Events created my awesome menu.

Francisce Gerber - Soefija’s created my 3-tiered cheesecake wedding cake.

Wedding Stationery

It was designed by Kelly Roman (Graphic Designer) and printed by my company as a wedding gift.

The Reception and Entertainment

We had a DJ (Terence Morgan) and a two-man band (Pianist and singer). Lighting wasn't needed as the mood was set with candle light and the music consisted of old school 90's. We did not take dance lessons, we again wanted it all to be organic and wanted the mistakes to happen - it added to the authenticity of the event and much laughter.

Wedding Services Used

401 Rozendal

401 Rozendal

Be unforgettable! If you are in search of a unique wedding venue that will make your special day unforgettable, 401 Rozendal is definitely for you…