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Meghan Westgate

Married on Sep 2, 2017 in Western Cape

I still have butterflies! I can still feel the magic!

Two years ago, this cool, tall, dark and handsome man (who I knew as an acquaintance), made contact with a mutual friend to find out why my face had popped up on the ever popular Tinder dating App. "She's just catching her breath Scott, maybe give it some time, she's just healing a while, her heart is sore, she's up in Clanwilliam with her mom," replied our friend Kate.
Scott, "No chance".
Within a few hours, we had sparked a conversation and Scott was heading to the country-bumpkin town of Clanwilliam from Cape Town for the weekend - to visit me.
With a bakkie load of compost (a pre-requisite put in place by my mom) and two dogs, Scott arrived to hang out. It was such a peaceful, special and romantic time. I had no intention of coming back to the city for the next year, but on leaving me that weekend, he let me know he'd be back and that the spark between us was worth the diesel.
We managed a 'long-distance' relationship, taking turns to do time on the N7 between Cape Town and Clannies.
Our love, dedication and trust built over time and soon we were discussing our next move. A year later we had bought our very first home and marriage was a hot topic.
After months of guessing, wondering and waiting, we got engaged overlooking Misty Cliffs from the fynbos-lined peaks of the Scarborough mountains. I was ecstatic. I had found my one. My forever.
A week later our worlds were shattered. Scott suffered a seizure at work. He was scheduled for brain tumour extraction a week later. We were/are facing stage 4 glioblastoma cancer.
Deciding to live in the now, the moment, we called on family and friends to help us pull off a wedding in a few weeks. I wanted to be a wife to this beautiful human. Like now. While we managed treatments and therapies, friends and family took the wedding reigns - reassuring me that it would be perfect and magical and I wouldn't have to lift a finger. How right they were!

We had a lunchtime wedding at one of our favourite market settings, The Blue Bird Garage Market in Muizenberg. It was the most magically special day filled with love, it was tangible!
We have been surrounded by love and positivity and are riding the wave of a miracle, clear scan up to date. Praying that it will continue. We are walking this challenging but beautiful journey together with God, we are battle buddies, and we will go to war together. We will journey forward as a team, joined in faith, love and hope.


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Tell us all about the proposal.


Backpacks at the ready, waterbottles filled to the brim. Let's go hiking he said.

My mind racing. Would he? Wouldn't he?
His pockets were flat - no sign of a ring or box in sight. I guess not then.
We staggered up the incline of Scarborough mountains, pups and friends in tow. There was no way he was going to ask me with other people around - right? Wrong!

After resting at the top, overlooking the beautiful Misty Cliffs, our friend Donovan offered to watch the dogs as we went 'just a little further' to the view point. There standing with our arms around each other, we both took a deep breath. He quietly stepped back and dropped to one knee. "How about this", he said, nerves cutting him short. "Do you want to get married". You don't have a ring I said - are you being serious?" I replied, overwhelmed.

Yes, I do he said, opening his wallet and pulling out my moms beautiful deep blue sapphire and diamond ring. I was completely blown away. I was ecstatic!

We tried to keep a straight face going back to the group but our excitement was uncontainable! We celebrated with bubbles at the bottom :)
It was perfect!

Magical Moments


Locking eyes with my fiance as I walked down the aisle. He held me up with his smile and encouraged me with the emotional sparkle in his eyes.

My mom's beautiful speech - it's an honour to have your best friend say so many special things about you.

The gentle whisper of " You look so beautiful, I love you" as we kissed as husband and wife for the first time.
The intensely spiritual moment we promised our love and lives to one another. It was so special!

To be surrounded by all the phenomenal people who continue to fight alongside us and hold us up today! What a privilege!

The Honeymoon


We are heading to Kgalagadi in a few weeks time! We love the unknown part of the adventure! We love the bush and we love peace and quiet! We love being together!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My dress was a vintage inspired, ivory and lace gown created By Avril Fisher. I'm not good in heels and would have loved bare feet, but Spring is a little chilly so off-white kitten heals it was!
Because of the season and the chill in the air, I wanted a classic long sleeved lace dress. My hair and makeup were soft and natural, with gentle curls and loose plaits. I didn't want to pretend to be anything I am not, so simple sapphire earrings to match my ring, a sentimental blue tanzanite stone around my neck. I had soft touches of Baby's Breath in my hair, wanting a fresh, natural element. My makeup was very subtle with soft shades of browns and golds - I have green eyes so they popped nicely.
I didn't accessorize much - I just wanted to be as natural as possible.

A special friend gave me a beautiful lace nightie to match my dress ;)

The Venue

We got married at the rustic and character-filled Blue Bird Garage Market in Muizenberg. A day-time market scene near the ocean. We love the 'chilled-ness' of the market and we are both connected to to the ocean. We both love to surf and spend time outdoors and the market venue really offered us the rustic and vibrant feel of both! I always wanted to get married under a big tree, so, a big tree I got! Made with Ivy and Olive branches, beautifully decorated with dream-catchers and fairy lights, I got married under the most magical tree made with so much love!

Our guests went home afterwards.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

On deciding to bring the wedding forward by a good few months, I didn't have much time to prepare. I did my best to avoid the carbs - drank as much water as possible and did my best to fight off the sugar cravings. My friends were fantastic and booked me in for waxing, spray tan, a mani and pedi and of course a desperately-needed massage! I also opted for a very subtle blonde highlight in my hair - just to blend in the strawberry a little ;)

Wedding Elements

The venue was filled with beautiful flowers that were gathered and pulled together by volunteers and friends. Soft spring colours of peach, pink, purple, green and yellow were used. I would love to tell you the flowers, but I never picked them, so I can't. They were magically arranged by our wedding gurus. Daisies definitely made an appearance though. Friends collected glass jars - wrapped them delicately with lace and used them on the tables. We rented some white draping which added a soft element to the rustic tables that were decorated with olive branches, crystal candle holders, bronze geometric candle holders and a mixture of candelabras. Out team neutralised the existing 'play area' modifying it into the perfect photo booth area!! The entire space was transformed into a magical fairytale.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Scott had a suit and waistcoat tailored to fit him and it did, perfectly. It was a deep navy blue, matched with a warm brown belt, brown leather shoes and brown watch. He wore a crisp white shirt. He looked gorgeous. His 11 groomsmen wore khaki/beige pants with plain white shirts and brown belts. They had buttonholes that matched the bridesmaid's bouquets perfectly. The guys all gathered their own clothes and the flowers were provided by our volunteer florist!

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I didn't want a matching team. We also didn't have a lot of time. I sent the girls my spring colour palette and they all, by some miracle, managed to find something that would work. I didnt mind the style or colour. I think only one had to go out and buy something ;) I love the mismatched look with matching bouquets tying everyone together. The soft but vibrant colours of their long, short, and different dresses looked stunning!

Marriage Officer

Our church minister Luke Giles.

My Captured Moments

Again, generosity at its most epic! Our incredibly talented photographer Sasha Campbell found me on Facebook, having heard of our news. She volunteered her service as the wedding photographer for the day, without hesitation. I never imagined the shots would come out they way they did. Just beautiful. Peter Atterbury, a close friend and professional photographer was there to capture the intimate moments. AVA Audio Visual Alchemy did our videography for us, we can't wait to see it! Both photographers and the videographer were fantastic, it was like you never knew they were really there, but they made sure they captured the love!

We definitely had a photo booth. It was constructed at the wedding and a Polaroid camera was used to capture special moments in and around the photo booth area! It was a soft white and neutral playground, made up in the venue!

Sasha West Photography

Sasha West Photography

Cape Town-based photographer who loves to travel, dabble in fashion, and meet new people.

The Wedding Planner

We had a wedding fairy in our very close and special friend Kirsty Russel. She is a chef by profession and a fairy God mother by personality! Another very close friend Mike Jones, also a chef managed the catering alongside Kirst. We had the most beautiful, healthy and delicious picnic baskets created! Together Mike and Kirst made it breath-taking!

Wedding Transport

2 of our very good friends have been working on a classic old VW Kombi - it's bright yellow! How spring?! They managed to get it ready and running, decorated it beautifully with fresh flowers and carried us gloriously down Kalk Bay Main Road! It was unbelievable! The girls all hitched their skirts and jumped on the back - it was fantastic!

Food & Cake

Kirsty and Mike prepared the food. A production line was arranged at a friends house and it all came together! We had fresh breads, cheeses, pates, chicken wraps, colourful jars salads, homemade hummus, home pickled olives ... just to name some of the contents.

The wedding cake was a gift - delicious salted caramel cheesecake. Unfortunately, Scott can't have sugar so he had one mouthful but our guests loved it!!! It was a lightly frosted cheesecake with fresh flowers on the top. Cupcakes were also served to guests!

Wedding Stationery

Because of our short time frame, we made use of wordpress and created an online invite - Kirsty worded it and made it look beautiful with images and inspirational quotes!

The Reception and Entertainment

Scott's brother Paul DJs at weddings so he had the playlist ready to go. We never took dancing lessons as we wanted an intimate moment, unrehearsed, between the two of us. We danced to Jack Johnson's 'Better Together'. Feeling my husband leading me around the dance floor, holding me close, was just the best!

Wedding Services Used

Sasha West Photography

Sasha West Photography

Cape Town-based photographer who loves to travel, dabble in fashion, and meet new people.