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Megan Senekal

Married on Sep 30, 2017 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


This is a tough question, there are moments that do stand out, but in the end our wedding day was perfect. I would change nothing about it.
Only if you have gotten married will you understand the feeling of walking down the isle and he's standing there waiting for you. Nothing in the world beats that feeling. What an out of body, wow, amazing feeling that was. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget that!
Having my dad walk me down the isle was a big moment for me.
The confetti - what a fun and memorable moment. We walked out from signing the register and our guest were waiting, I was able to see everyone's faces and even what they were wearing. I loved that as it gave me a moment to calm my self down, see my loved ones and feel happy with them surrounding me.
Our first dance - we skipped the waiting to open the dance floor and jumped right to it. Our guest had no idea... we walked in after the MC announced us, and then walked around the room (like a traditional wedding) and then BOOM... twirled into dance. It was so much fun!
There are so many more small special moments, these are just a few of my most favourites!

The Honeymoon


My husband surprised me with a trip to my favourite places. We started off in Knysna, looking out onto the ocean. After that we went to Stormsriver. We ended off in the beautiful Wilderness! It was the most amazing time!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My wedding dress was a gorgeous Magda Grove creation. I wanted to feel comfortable,but still be unique. When we started, we did not know what design we were working towards... she let my personality determine that. And how amazing the end result. I LOVE my wedding dress and it was very comfortable. I wore Lulu by Imaani, Bridal Shoes. (Every bride deserves her Cinderella slippers). My make-up was soft and natural done by Skin Ethics. One of my close friends did my hair, we also had no end look in mind. We went with a feeling and it turned out to suit and look perfect. Soft curl up-do with a braid running around the back of my hair. My jewellery was also a by chance... my mom was waiting for me in the mall's parking lot... after a day of searching for jewellery and finding nothing, on my run out the mall I quickly popped into Accessorize and found something. And it rounded off my look.perfectly. I wanted to to look like a bride, but be unique and myself. Confront meets Cinderella Bride... and I managed to pull that off. I wouldn't change a thing about how I looked.

The Venue

We tied the knot in Robertson, Western Cape. Our venue was on the spectacular wine farm Du Von. Most of our guest stayed over in Robertson for the weekend. It is a beautiful wine valley!

My Bridal Beauty Regime

As a teacher, I don't get much me time. My make-up artist worked out a package for me so I had some waxing, brows etc.. done before hand. I tried to eat healthy and watch my weight, but I am comfortable with the way I look, so it did not control my life. In the end my husband wanted to marry me, and not a changed me... so no major changes!

Wedding Elements

Tannie An'tjie from Blommeprag is a gem! I had an idea of what I liked and I wanted noting over the top. We met before hand and I gave her pictures of flowers (predominantly white) and I also wanted a grey/blue feeling. I gave her free range and the end result was more than we could have imaged.
We had long tables with white tiffany chairs. The venue was an big open space with soft white draping. I wanted people to feel as if they could have fun!
The table runners where grey and each table had a different flower arrangement and style to it. (LOVED that)
Here and there was hints of light pink and rose gold vases. In the middle of the dance floor hung big ring with greenery draped around it.
Some fairy lights set the mood and we had candles on the tables as well. When I saw the end result, I found it hard to believe that it was actually my wedding! Everything was perfect and gorgeous! .

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom and groomsmen wore dark blue suits from Mr Suit hire. My husband has a good eye and he sorted the look out himself. As a gift he gave them taupe belts and shoes. The groom wore a white collar shirt and a waist coat in the same colour as the suits and a blue tie with gold spots on. The pocket square was also the same colour. The groomsmen also wore white collar shirts and light blue ties and matching pocket squares. Very handsome blokes!

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I had two bridesmaids, my older sister and my sister in law. I wanted them to feel comfortable. The blue look was what I was going for, I love how soft it is. We did research and looked at ideas and decided they would wear blue skirts. (The tops came later)
We went to a material store one morning and found their material. They each wore a different shade of blue. (I was even able to get ribbon in the same colours for my party favours.)
We had the skirts made at a friend of my sisters and the search for tops was on! And of course when your looking for something you cannot find it. My sister in law and I were in Mr Price on day and she saw a off-white lace body suit... just to see she tried it on... and so lace body suits from Mr Price for only R99.99 it was. It ended up working out perfect and they looked gorgeous. They could wear their own jewellery and shoes. They chose taupe/nude shoes and pearl earrings. (Not one of them is the jewellery type really). The best and most beautiful bridesmaids ever!

Wedding Services Used