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Magdalena Diedericks

Married on Sep 23, 2017 in Mpumalanga


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Magical Moments


The wedding was one for the history books, the wedding was held on my family farm, the farm has been in the family for more than 3 generations. My Grandmother got married on the same lawn more than 50 years prior to me. It was not only a wedding, it was a weekend affair. Wedding guests already started arriving for the wedding on the Wednesday as some came from as far as Western cape and surrounding areas. The wedding was held on the Saturday the 23rd.
the whole week there was preparations on the go, an excitement in the air. My parents own the farm and from the previous year when the date was set all kinds of changes had to be made at the farm in preparation for the BIG EVENT. It was a push and a shove to get everything done in time. The farm's location is quite off the grid so the caterers, the DJ. the minister, the photographer and the cake lady had to come from wide and far as well,never mind the hair and make-up ladies.
The time that was set for the wedding to take place was 16:00, needless to say I was more than 45 minutes late, never being one for punctuality I kept everyone guessing if I was going to be a run-away bride, a thought that crossed my mind.
I was sure of my decision to walk down the aisle once it came to that but what a step it is to take. When I finally arrived there was a chill in the air, much welcomed by the guests and me as it was hot as hell the days prior to the wedding.
As i stood waiting to walk in my heart sank into my stomach...beating faster than I ever could recall, butterflies in my tummy and wide-eyed I took the steps down towards my handsome groom with my father at my side carefully helping me still as he has helped me with my very first steps. Another memorable moment shared, a step into my new life.
He handed me to my groom and the minister started with his message; short sweet and humorous it was.Full of life lessons and advice. As he spoke I was overwhelmed with the support and love that surrounded me; the people that surrounded me and that were witness to the event were close friends and family,more than a 100 guests.
After the ceremony there was a traditional dance from the farm workers, each one had a unique imprint on my life, beautiful they sang and danced for us to bless us with our life ahead, especially choreographed by Nurse, whom I still refer to as my second mom. Nurse has been with our family from the beginning, she grew up with my mother and has worked for us for more years than I am old. this was so special and unique it brought tears to my eyes to feel so loved by so many. After this we took some photos of the close family, the groomsmen the bridesmaids. After these Photos were taken I felt the first drop on my bare shoulders, as I looked up another droplet fell on my face.My now husband and the photographer both looked at me, all familiar with the unpredictable weather of the area; we knew what was happening. Here we are standing, receiving much needed rain, the first of the summer rains falling on my wedding day. Regardless the three of us, me, my husband and Photographer ventured into the Macadamia orchids. Here he took some amazing photos as it slowly started raining more and more.
I was happy for the rain as the week before my Grandmother passed; the one that got married on the farm before me. This was difficult having a funeral 3 days before my wedding.I was heart sore, many of us were but the rain was a blessing and I used to believe that it was something people said to console you if it did rain, but this isn't true in my case. The rain was a symbol for me, as life ends new life begins.
By the time we were finished taking pictures we were all a bit wet and weary. happy to get out of the rain. We ventured to the reception tent that was set up two days earlier over the HELIPAD( My dad is a part-time pilot when he isn't farming- a life long dream which he endeavored at the age of 46). He made the helipad 2 meters bigger specially for the wedding, as you need a large dance floor for a large party.
Everyone was happy when we walked in. We had the most amazing DJ, I had no stress as I knew HE KNEW what he was doing and needed to do to keep all ages entertained. Some speeches were said, some toast were maid and some electricity went off. THERE IT WAS, THE POWER WENT OUT....Luckily my uncle(from my very large family) has many years of experience quickly found the mistake and restored the power.This being the only glitch of the whole evening. We all went to dish up, after eating a lot of the older people moved to their rooms( accommodation on the farm) the DJ turned it up and we partied into the very early morning hours. What a wedding it was.

The Honeymoon


Yes, we went to Thailand, a wedding gift from my parents. What a memorable holiday. Something so priceless and precious. Memories I will cherish until the end of days.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My dress was purchased at D&G BRIDAL BOUTIQUE, Hair was done by one of my best friends and only hairdresser I trust, make up was done by make up artist, promoted by the boutique where I bought my dress.Shoes were from Mr price. Lingerie from La senza, Jewelry was from my mother, She gave me a beautiful tanzanite 3 months prior to my wedding day. Accessories were my something old( my watch and armband) and a belt that was also purchased at D&G BRIDAL BOUTIQUE.

The Venue

On my parents farm, AFRICA SILKS FARM.There is a lodge on the farm and accommodation was made available for the week of the wedding.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

There was some dieting, sun tanning and I had my nails done a week before hand.

Wedding Elements

We rented two large tents. I had large round tables except for the cake table and the brides table, these were rectangular. I had millions of fairy lights in the reception tent and on the premises. I also had 4 crystal chandeliers.Had a helipad for the dancing and the DJ brought his own stage, lighting sound, etc.I got married under a nomadic tent.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

They groomsmen wore grey pants, white shirts and cross bands with black shoes. Was rented at Mr. Suit hire. The groom wore a silver tie, white shirt, a blue waistcoat and blue pants with black shoes.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

They dresses were specially maid by a tailor. The look was a joined effort from all the bridesmaids.

Marriage Officer

Dominie Fanna Harmse

My Captured Moments

My photographer was Mark from MLM Photography. no photo booth was used.

The Wedding Planner

no, only my wonderful mother and friends

Wedding Transport

Was my mom's car, the whole wedding was on one premises

Food & Cake

Lekkerspitbraai for the food and Anet Bester for the cake

Wedding Stationery

some was printed by 4keepsake in Neslpruit and the rest was done by my mom and me

The Reception and Entertainment

No dance lessons, as Im sure this was obvious.HAHAHA. Sound was done by Casper visser. DJ CHILLEFISH.