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Lizelle Muller

Married on Sep 9, 2017 in Eastern Cape

Every man and woman has a picture of how their life is suppose to be.......A life filled with love, joy, laughter, blessings and a partner to share it all with! A better partner I could not have chosen! God sent me the perfect man. As a little girl, you dream of a beautiful fairytale day feeling like a princess......Golly gumdrops.....I felt that and more!!! THE BEST DAY EVER!!!


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Magical Moments


I have a couple of these moments I will never forget :) When the chapels doors opened and I saw my future husband's face as he saw me. The look of happiness and love! Tears of joy! All the months that we planned the wedding, it all felt unreal to me, as if I was dreaming, but the moment they said "I now pronounce you husband and wife", it was all a reality to me! I actually got married to the man of my dreams!
The permanent smile on my husband's face the whole time I saw him....That was priceless.....and then, my husband has the most amazing voice ever and that moment he got up and put the microphone in place and his cousin and friend took out their guitars, I was like "NO WAYS". He started singing to me "With this ring". I burst into so many happy tears :) (Never in a thousand years did I think he would sing, because the day was just so emotional - Happy). I could carry on and literally talk about the whole day if I could, because to me the whole day just turned out perfect. Everything was just right! I will never forget 1 second of our beautiful day!!! I still struggle to get over the fact that our day is over. Ask my husband lol...I still get emotional......

The Honeymoon


We have not gone on our honeymoon yet, as we have small kiddies that are a little to young (to us lol), so we will be going on the Mediterranean Boat cruise next year end of March. Cannot wait!!!!!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

All I wanted was a natural, elegant and vintage type of look. Everything was exactly how I planned!!! Perfect!!!
Hair - Done by Shag High Voltage, the beautiful and talented Simone Rossier. I just had my hair down with a soft curl.
MakeUp - By Nina de Sousa, very natural with a little smokey eye
Wedding Dress - By the most talented man on this planet, Johan Wolmerans. I showed him pictures of more or less what I wanted, 2 weeks before the time I went for my measurements.....Everytime after that when I put my dress on, it was more beautiful than I ever imagined. Not to busy, with 2 different laces and just so elegant and so ME!!!
Shoes - I wore my cowboy boots. I LOVE my boots. So comfy with a hint of country ;)
Jewelry and Accessories - I did not have many (I dont really like accessories and to much jewelry). I had my watch on that my husband bought for me and I had very small diamond earrings that I bought for myself for the special day.

The Venue

We got married at the beautiful La Colline in Port Elizabeth. They have the chapel and the reception together on the property. Our guests stayed until the last round (12pm) and then thereafter those that wanted to, came to our house for a "after party" where we carried on celebrating until 4am (",)

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I'm overall a very healthy and fit person. I tried to eat healthy and I did a lot of training. I'm a squash player.
I did not do anything different to what I would normally do because of the wedding. I like to be pampered and look good all the time.

Wedding Elements

Décor was elegant and vintage. We had light pink roses, but not a lot as I'm not a flowery person and feel flowers are a waste of money as they die a week later, but that's just my opinion (",).
The main hall was filled with fairy lights and candles (oh so romantic hehe) and we had a spectacular deck with Bedouin tent overlooking a beautiful valley.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Groom wore navy pants and undercoat with white shirt and a "dirty pink" tie and the groomsmen wore the grey/light blue pants and undercoat with white shirt and "dirty pink" tie and they all wore a brown belt and brown shoes. We bought all of it at Woolworths. No hire place had what we wanted so we decided to buy.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids wore "dirty pink" lace dresses up to their knees, with the same color cowboy boots that I had on. Also more like a country type of look that I liked from browsing around over the months before the wedding.

Marriage Officer

Dawie Brits - At Doxa Deo Artuo in Port Elizabeth

My Captured Moments

We used Astrid Cordier photography to capture our wonderful day. She is the most amazing photographer I have ever come across. It took us quite a few months to find the perfect 1. She has a heart of gold and makes a person feel as if she has known you for years. Not 1 moment did we feel uncomfortable or even as if someone was taking photos.

The Wedding Planner

My husband and I planned our whole day. We had a very talented lady, Danika Claassen (they own La Colline), that helped us put it all together on the day.

Wedding Transport

I was taken in a absolute, most stunning Black Aston Martin that my hubby organised for me from a very dear friend of his. adrenaline levels were sky high when I got to the chapel. Awesome!!!!

Food & Cake

The venue, La Colline made our amazing food and we had Party Works make our little wedding cake just for us to cut. Rest of the cake was "melk tertjie" shots in shot glasses that we gave to our guests also as a thank you gift.

Wedding Stationery

We used Papermaster to make our wedding invites and stationary for the wedding

The Reception and Entertainment

I can proudly say that my husband and I are quite good at dancing....especially together (",) So we did not go for dancing lessons.
Sound and lighting we had my husband's cousin do it for us. Hubby has a very talented family that can sing and play any instrument. Ruan sings live and does music for all occasions.